30th Birthday Wishes, Happy 30th Birthday Messages & Quotes

Is one of your friends or loved ones is turning 30 soon? All birthdays are special but a 30th birthday is a milestone and should be celebrated as such. A 30th birthday is sometimes also referred to as a pearl birth anniversary. Here, we collected a few 30th birthday wishes & messages for you to share with your buddy or a family memeber.

Finally, you can explain the feeling of turning 30. Happy birthday dear!

You turned 30 today, and I can’t believe it. You still appear quite younger, darling. Happy Birthday my dear!

Happy 30th Birthday Dear

Having friends that belong to the same age group with the same level of mentality is a blessing. You had the same level of mental ability but not the same group. So you have turned 30 today, and we have a match with the same too. Happy birthday dear!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing person in my life who has turned 30 today and marks the starting of a new decade!

Finally, you turned 30 today and see the changes that will fascinate you more and more day by day. Happy birthday dear!

You are a blessing of God for me, and on your 30th birthday, I wish I will be able to celebrate your 100th birthday with you. Happy birthday dear!

Crossing decades with you is a blessing, and finally, I have crossed three decades with you. Happy 30th birthday, dear!

wishing you 30th birthday

You are an annoying sibling but still hold a major portion of my heart. Being younger when you are stubborn, but still, I love it. Be mature now because you have turned 30 today. Happy birthday dear!

If someone asks me about the oldest treasure I have, I will point towards you and say that he is 30 years old now and the biggest Treasure I have for life. Happy birthday dear!

There is nothing more I can ask from God after having you. He gives me a chance to celebrate your 30th birthday with you, which is enough for me. Happy Birthday, dear!

You are an important part of my life, and so the things related to you. You have turned 30 today, and it is a milestone we have achieved. Happy birthday dear!

30th birthday wishes

You are someone who is brightness in the dark for me. No matter how old you grow today, you are 30, and soon you will be 50, but for me, you are a very important part of my life. Happy birthday dear!

You have no idea about your importance in my life, and you will hold the same face forever. This year by turning 30, you give me a reason to celebrate it with a grand party. Happy birthday dear!

Finally, you are 30 years old and be ready to get married to someone because I want to dance & attend your wedding. Happy birthday dear!

You are one of those people in my life whom I cannot replace with anyone. It’s been 12 years now since we are together, and today you have turned 30. I hope we will have 50+ years of togetherness. Happy birthday dear

30th Birthday Card Messages

Happy birthday to one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I hope all the decades of your life will fast like these three you have passed. Happy birthday dear!

wishing 30th birthday celebration

Happy birthday, dear. I hope you will have each and everything you dreamt of and want that it must belong to you. You have turned 30 today, and I am eagerly waiting for your marriage. Get married soon, dear. Happy birthday once again!

Happy Birthday to the one I met accidentally but became one of the most important people in my life. Today you have turned 30, and I can’t believe it’s been four years since we are together. Happy birthday once again, dear!

You have no idea what you mean to me, and growing old with you is the blessing I have. You have changed my life completely in the past two years, and today you turned 30 which let me realize you are someone who can handle me always. Happy 30th birthday, dear!

Happy 30th Birthday to you

From the day you have entered my life, it turned out to be a place where I love to visit regularly. Today you have turned 30, and we have completed eight years of togetherness simultaneously. Happy Birthday my lifeline!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes Funny

Finally, you are taking a Step Closer to your old age. Happy 30th birthday, my dear friend!

Happy 30th Birthday pet lover

30 bottles down and many more to come. I hope on your every birthday I will be able to beat you with the same bottles. Happy birthday my dear friend!

A girl never disclose her age, but I will tell everyone today that you have turned 30. Happy Birthday my dear!

Having a partner in crime is a blessing, and my partner in crime turned 30 today. You are taking a step towards your old age but no issues. I still look younger than you. Happy Birthday my dear!

30th birthday quotes

So, my little sister turned 30 today but behaves like she is 50 years old. You are following the same footprints as Mumma. But I will not accept the torture you do with me. Happy Birthday my little sister!

So today, you have turned 30, and now you need to tie a knot with someone with whom we can celebrate your birthday next year for sure. Happy birthday dear!

30th Birthday Wishes for Him

To the most amazing husband out there who have turned 30 today, Happy Birthday, my love, and be ready to cross the more decades with me!

30th birthday quotes love

Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life and the one who gave me a reason to organize a grand party because, finally, he turned 30 years old today.

I hope I will have you as my son in my life. You turned 30 today, and I cannot believe it because, for me, you are still three years old. Happy birthday my dear son!

As a parent, I have not imagined saying this, but yes, my son is the most handsome man I have ever seen. Today you turned 30 and still look like 25. Happy birthday my dear son!

You are growing older day by day, and finally, you have turned 30 today. But the looks you hold do not let you appear so. You still look the same as when I met you eight years ago. Happy birthday my dear friend!

30th Birthday Wishes for Her

Finally, you have crossed the three decades and many more to come, my lady love. Stay blessed and happy always. Happy birthday my love!

30th birthday messages

My little girl is turning 30 today, and I have not expected you to grow so fast. It’s about only yesterday for me when you were only 5 years old. Happy Birthday my little sister!

Happy 30th birthday, Mumma! I wish you an abundance of happiness and luck in the upcoming year of life. I hope you will remain with me forever and ever.

Having a friend like you is a blessing, and there is no doubt female friends are Treasures to found. You have turned 30 today, and I wish you an abundance of success and happiness in your life. Happy birthday my dear friend!

30th birthday greetings dear

I know asking a girl’s age appears to be a sin, but I will tell everyone today that you have turned 30, although you look like 16. Happy birthday my dear friend!

When the husband turns 30, it is quite normal, but when the wife turns 30, it is a matter of celebration. Finally, I have a chance to celebrate it. Happy Birthday my wife!

We hope these birthday quotes helped you celebrate your 30th birthday in style. For more do visit our collection of happy birthday wishes & messages.