50th Birthday Slogans & One Liners

Is your near and dear one’s 50th birthday knocking at the door, and you want to make it memorable? Do you like to wish your loved one their 50th birthday with a special massage? Then always remember that the 50th birthday is different from other birthdays. If you want to surprise them, never forget to add unique wishes or slogans with the gifts because wishes can boost anyone’s mood anytime.

As they already spend half their life span and no one can escape it, the 50th birthday is the milestone. Everyone loves to hear some good wishes from the closest people in their life, and when a person turns 50, it becomes even more special. They have already lived half-century and need to celebrate it uniquely. We bring you some best birthday wishes or slogans for your loved ones, so read this out to get ideas about how to make your loved ones’ 50th birthday a memorable event in their life.

Inspiring 50th Birthday Slogans

The 50th birthday is very special for everyone. It indicates some fantastic years of accomplishments by the person who turns 50. Hence appreciate these accomplishments with some beautiful & inspirational slogans. Mention some monumental moments or achievements of your loved one.

You have seen your loved ones through thick and thin, and still, we love you. Happy Birthday to you.

My life, My love, My everything…It is also because of you. Happy birthday, dear.

Happy birthday to the most inspiring man I know. May many more birthdays come with lots of happiness.

Let’s see what wonders you can do in your 50th year too! Happy birthday, my dear!

Every step of yours is a step for humanity. You will surely bring a revolution in your 50th year too, my dear!

You have spent your early years teaching us how to grow nicely. Now, continue doing so in your 50th year! Happy birthday!

Continue creating ripples of love in your soul with this 50th birthday gift! Happy birthday! I love you.

Your 50th birthday cake is a symbol of happiness and unity. You will indeed create many folds of happiness in your 50th year too! Happy birthday!

May you reach your 50th year with so much happiness around you. All the best, my dear!

Funny 50th Birthday Slogans or Wishes

The 50th Birthday is one of the most important birthdays for anyone. It is an initiative party for the person to begin another set of life. To grab the attention of others, you can also make your loved one’s birthday on a funny note. Try to send some funny birthday wishes or birthday slogans to the near and dear ones on their 50th birthday to make it memorable for them.

Don’t Get Mad; it’s your 50th birthday.

God has been unfair to you, and you must repent for your life.

Congratulations on your life; you made it to your golden jubilee. No more loss of patience, hope, and wait in today’s world. What a pity!

You are getting old but not wise.

I hope your mid-life crisis doesn’t end up like an old FLOPPY DISK.

Ding-Dong! 50th birthday, Calling!

Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey 50th birthday?

Can You Hear the Sound of 50 birthdays? Yeah, It’s YOUR Birthday!

It’s 50 birthdays; who will celebrate it with you? Huh? Ha Ha!

Everybody gets older, but few mature with age — Happy birthday, you are getting old, you’re getting better.

50th Birthday Modern Slogans

Different people prefer different styles of celebrating their birthdays. Some people love to plan something unique, while others like doing things funnily. So, to keep the birthday mood elevated, one can also send special modern wishes or slogans on their 50th.

Congrats! You just earned yourself another toe!

Congratulations! You have reached half the age of a corpse!

Happy 50th birthday, my lovable friend. May you live long, and see you on the other side.

With fifty granite styles, you are with a new splendor.

Happy 50th! Happy days are here; you’re on your own!

Heartiest congratulations on reaching the pinnacle of maturity; you’ve got plenty of years to grow old; please don’t grow too old!

Turning 50 is a big step in life’s book. Enjoy your 50th birthday!

Fifty is an odd number, so you’ll have cupcakes for your birthday!

Fifty is the new twenty. Happy 50th birthday!

Stop acting like you’re 20; you’re 50 years old!

5oth Birthday Slogans for Social Media

Today, social media is extremely popular, and hence it’s very imperative to use social media when it comes to 50th birthday parties; you cannot ignore it. Give a shoutout to your dear ones on their special day and uniquely surprise them. We’ve listed some funny slogans and wishes you can use on your social media accounts to make them feel happier and more proud of you.

Life’s a party; celebrate your birthday!

You’re in for a great time; Happy 50th birthday!

I Hope your special day turns out to be a memorable one! Happy birthday!

You’re halfway toward retirement, so no more moaning. Happy birthday!

Happy 50th! Shake your hips, and don’t be shy!

Cheers! As you reach your 50th, you’re bound to have a second pint!

Happy 50th! Have an excellent remainder!

As of yesterday, you’re officially an older person! Happy birthday!

Happy 50th! You people are no longer teenagers. Stop spending ages on social media, save it for your grandsons!

50 years old? You should never be working. Take a year-long vacation; you deserve it!

Most Loved 50th birthday wishes for Her

This event is unique because you express your love and emotions for someone who has enriched your life with much support and understanding. It is to be celebrated her 50th birthday with memorable and unique moments. So, always wish her special and kind words to make her day even more unique and make her realize that she is loved and cuddled by everyone around her.

God may bless this world, but as long as I live, you will remain my queen. Happy birthday, dear!

You have kept everyone around you smiling; I hope many more smiles will come your way. Happy birthday, my sunshine!

Your half-century has started. And God will shower happiness upon you and your loved ones in your half-century. Happy birthday to you!

Happy 50th year to the lady who always smiles with her heart; You are a wonderful lady. Wishing you a pleased 50th birthday, dear!

I hope you get what you want this coming year. And getting what you want means more happiness! Happy birthday to my loved one!

The man who’s always there for a girl like me is the boss of my life and certainly the best husband in the world! Happy birthday, dear!

I will never forget this day, for you have graced me with your presence. Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

May all the good wishes by people bless you with happiness and success this 50th year! Happy birthday, my love!

I Hope you can spend more than 50 years in health and wealth! Happy birthday, my dear!

May you be able to shatter all your troubles and attain great joy and happiness! Happy birthday, dear!

50th Birthday Wishes for Him

The man of your life needs to make this day special. Men always strive to look their best in front of everyone and want to enjoy moments before they turn into old age. Everyone in your life wants to celebrate your birthday and make it more exciting and memorable. Still, you never want that your dad, husband, or brother should ever compromise on anything just because of the party. Add 50th birthday sayings or quotes to highlight the party and make the gift more special.

It is the twenty-first century, and still, you have tasted the best moments through your 50s. Happy birthday, dear!

Age is just a number, my dear, but you have been able to prove this again in your 50s. Happy birthday, my dear!

I Hope you have enough courage to play all the sports you love in your 50s! Happy birthday, dear!

You have already broken records in many sports events; now break all records again in your 50s! Happy birthday, my dear!

Your 50th-year celebration need not be a big bash, but you will surely enjoy every moment! Happy birthday, dear!

May the moments of this 50th year become indelibly stamped in your heart. Happy birthday, my dear!

Wonderful messages from a lovely person dear to my heart! Happy birthday to the dancing king!

Every birthday of yours is another reminder of your grace and beauty. I wish you great happiness in your 50s! Happy birthday, my dear!

May you continue walking on the path of happiness in your 50s! Happy birthday, dear!

Yours is a life of many disciplines, and you have proved this in the 50s! Happy birthday, my dear!

We hope you like it and can use these birthday slogans and wishes during this special celebration. We hope you can find the ideal words for your loved one. Make their night more beautiful with these words of love for them.