60th Birthday Wishes, Happy 60th Birthday

Birthdays hold a different place in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter whether we are turning 6 or 60, the happiness we have on birthdays is irreplaceable. Well, if you know someone who is hitting 60 this year, don’t forget to send them the best wishes. Don’t worry, as there is no need for you to pen down the things as we present a curated list with the best 60th birthday wishes that can make it easier for you. Let’s explore!

My dear one, you are the best and most beautiful person I know. Don’t worry if wrinkles surround you because these, too, have a slight right on you. LOL! Happy birthday dear!

Happy birthday dear hope this 60th year of life will be the memorable and the best one for you!

Happy 60th Birthday wishes

Congratulations on turning 60 today hope you will have an abundance of happiness in your life!

Reaching the 60th year of life is like achieving a milestone, and congratulations, you have successfully reached here. I hope likewise you have your 100th birthday. Congratulations on turning 60!

My dear one, you are special to me and will always be, no matter how old you turn. So it’s your 60th birthday. Be ready for 60 punches from my side. LOL! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to the purest soul and the person who has all the qualities of a gentleman. Be the same always, and once again, congratulations on putting 60 bottles down!

You are someone who deserves all the happiness of this world. I hope the 60th year of your life will bring all the joy you have been waiting for a long time. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear, I wish you the best in the upcoming year of your life.

Happy birthday, dear, I wish you will achieve everything you always seek. Stay blessed always!

60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

My dear mum, congratulations on turning 60 and you won’t believe it, I haven’t seen anyone so much beautiful as you. I love you. Happy birthday!

The most significant gift from God I received is you, my dear mum. I hope you will be with me till my last breath. Congratulations on turning 60!

Mums are always special, and mine is super special for me. I hope like this birthday we will celebrate many more birthdays together. Happy 60th birthday, my dear mum!

For me, you are my everything, and I cannot even think of living a single day without you. I love you a lot, mum. Congratulations on turning 60. You are the best!

I love when people call me by your name. Thank you for being the best human being. Happy 60th birthday, my dear mum!

My mum is a magician because, in her presence, all my problems go in vain. I Love you a lot. Happy 60th birthday, my dear mum!

60th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dear dad, you are not only the best companion but the best mentor one can ever have. I love you a lot. Happy 60th birthday, stay blessed always!

Today my role model is turning 60, which reminds me of all the best experiences you had in life. I love you, dad, a lot. Happy birthday!

My dad has been my superhero since my childhood and will always be. Today my superhero is turning 60, and I am so happy with that. Happy 60th Birthday, dear father!

For me, the best person in this world is you and will always be. No one can replace you in my life. Happy 60th Birthday, dear father!

Happy birthday to one of the purest souls I am living with. I love you a lot, dad. Happy birthday!

The biggest blessing of my life is you, dad, and without you, I am nothing. Congratulations on turning 60, and I hope you will have the best health in the upcoming years!

60th Birthday Wishes & Greetings for Love or Spouse

My dear love, all these years with you are the best years of my life, and I hope we will live some more years like this together. Today you turned 60, which means you will look older. LOL! Happy Birthday, love!

Love can make you feel blessed just in a while, and my dear one makes me feel loved all day. I love you a lot, my partner. Congratulations on turning 60 today!

It’s been 30 years since we have known each other, and trust me, these are the best years of my life. I love you a lot, love. Congratulations on turning 60!

My love is turning 60 today, which means finally we reach the age where we can explore the world without any trouble. Be ready, love. Happiest birthday!

Life is a roller coaster ride, but with you, this roller coaster ride is pleasurable. Thank you for making my life heaven. Happy Birthday my love!

My dear love, you have no clue how much I love you, and I will not tell you either. But trust me, I love you in your 60s too. LOL! Happy birthday!

60th Birthday Wishes for Friend, Your Best Buddy

My friend, a year full of adventure is waiting for you because the 60th year will make you feel the same as you felt in your 16. Happy birthday!

Happiest birthday, dear, and be ready to explore the best year of your life where you have the time to explore all the good places without having any thought about work and other stuff. Stay blessed!

Life is so messy in the initial years, but finally, you reach the age where this messiness will not let you suffer more. Happy 60th birthday, dear!

You are the best person I have ever met who wishes happiness for everyone, and I hope likewise you will have all the happiness of your life. Happy birthday!

My dear friend, all these years with you are mesmerizing and will be in my heart forever. I have no clue about my last breath, but I am sure you will rock the 60th year of your life. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to a friend, additional parent, most annoying creature but my life savior always. I love you a lot.

60th Birthday Wishes & Messages for Brother & Sister

My dear brother/sister, you always hold an important place in my life, and this place will never get interchange with anyone. Congratulations on turning 60!

I am waiting for the day when we will meet because it’s been so long since we spent some good time and gossip about the stuff we have been holding for a long time. Your 60th year gives you the chance to be free and listen to everything I am saying. Happy 60th birthday, my bro/sis!

My brother/sister is my life and will always be. No matter you turned 60 today, but for me, still, you are my little one. Happy birthday!

Brothers/sisters always hold a special place in life, and you are among those who always sit at the top of my priority list and don’t worry will always be no matter how old you grow. Happy 60th birthday, dear!

Turning 60 may make you feel annoyed, but don’t worry because you are still my little kiddo for me. Happy 60th birthday dear

We hope now you know how to make your ones feel special. Please don’t be late to wish them. Be ready with the best wish as soon as the clock hits 12.00 am. For more such wishes, please do look at our birthday wishes & messages collection and choose the best one!