Are Birthday Celebrations Overrated? What Do you Think?

Do you feel that celebrating birthdays is an overrated custom?

Well, some people like celebrating birthdays and some not. Here is our take on why some people might find birthday celebrations overrated.

1.  You don’t need to have a grand celebration to prove you are significant and loved

Your Birthday is like just another day (1)Birthday is just like another normal day

Sometimes it feels like celebrating your birthday is just to make you believe that you are an important person and loved by many people. But who is to say you need to validate your existence by having a birthday par

2. Birthday parties are overrated because lots of money is spent

not-sure-if-birthdays-are-incredible-waste-of-money-or-incredible-waste-of-time (1)Not sure if birthdays are an incredible waste of money or an incredible waste of time

You might not like having a birthday party because you have to spend a lot of money and sometimes it gives you not much joy in return. You have to spend money on useless stuff and some freeloaders are always there to enjoy at your expense. If you are tight on a budget or maybe you are saving for a big purchase then I can understand your dislike for birthday celebrations.

3. Birthdays make you realize that you are slowly getting old

You are getting old happy Birthday (1)You are getting old, happy Birthday

When we are kids we get excited on our birthday and everyone wants to grow up fast. Then you cross 25 and you realize that time is flying by so fast. It feels like birthdays are celebrated to remind you how old you have become.

4. Some people find the birthday’s overrated because Facebook birthday wishes are just boring

brace yourself, disingenuous facebook birthday wishes are comingBrace yourself, disingenuous facebook birthday wishes are coming

5. People don’t fulfill promises made for your birthday

Promises are just lies that procrastinatePromises are just lies that procrastinate

Another big reason is that sometimes you get disappointed when people don’t follow up on their promises. Like some parents say to their child “You will get a new bike next birthday” and then you get a toy bike

6. It just feels like an excuse to have a partyBirthday is another excuse to party

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Some other reasons which can make you feel that birthdays are overhyped

7. You hate surprise partiesHate surprise birthday parties

8. You are a lone wolf or somewhat introverted

You find parties boring and you like to spend quality time alone. I had a few friends who would spend their day with their girlfriend or pet dog rather than partying with friends.

9. You hate being surrounded by relatives who just want you to know about your grades or your love life.

It's none of your businessOr maybe your friends are looking for a way to empty your wallet

10. You don’t like fake smiles and formal birthday wishes

Fake smile on birthday, pretend to be happyA fake smile on birthday, pretend to be happy

11. You dislike eating anything sweet like cake or chocolates (uncommon but still there are some people who hate anything that tastes sweet)
birthday cake is overrated

When we are children we love celebrating birthdays but as we grow up our tastes change and ways of celebrating birthdays will differ from person to person.

If you feel that birthday celebrations are not for you then don’t celebrate birthdays the traditional way. Do something unconventional on your birthday and have fun while doing it.

Wishing someone happy birthday or celebrating birthdays is a means to congratulate the person for successfully surviving one more year and to give him/her a reason to live one more year with zeal.

If you have something more to say about birthday celebrations please leave a comment and I would love to know how you celebrate your birthday.

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