Coronavirus Lockdown: How to Celebrate Birthdays At Home

Celebrating birthdays during quarantine is difficult, but if you put in some efforts then you can still make yours or loved one’s birthday special. Whether it’s your birthday or others, there are innumerable ways to celebrate it at home without going against the social distancing measure against COVID-19. It might not be possible to wish happy birthday personally, but birthdays can be celebrated by being a bit creative.

No need to be sad because you are missing hugs and kisses on your birthday. We have some great ideas that will cheer you up and make your birthday during Corona lockdown amazing.

For a special celebration of your birthday, You can make delicious birthday cakes and a variety of food at home. You can not meet your family and friends on their birthday but can send personalized greetings to them to make them feel special. Even you don’t need to leave your house for purchasing cards. Send greetings through social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So you no need to worry about breaking rules of social distancing.

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birthday celebration ideas in corona

Here are ten ideas to celebrate birthdays in Corona lockdown

  1. Throw a party over a video call with your friends and family. Use free video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video, etc.
  2. Prepare digital birthday greeting cards or ecards and email them to wish happy birthday to your loved ones.
  3. Blow colorful balloons and write cool happy birthday wishes on them and tie them in your balcony. This way you can wish happy birthday to your friends and neighbors who can see your balcony from their home.
  4. Throw a balcony dance party. You can also celebrate on the terrace and sing birthday songs with your neighbors.
  5. Play online card games, betting games, multiplayer games, etc. with your friends and have fun on your birthday.birthday cake ideas in corona lockdown
  6. Set a tent in your backyard and have a camp out birthday party at home.
  7. Make a short film of friends, family, and relatives singing happy birthday songs and share it with the person whose birthday it is.
  8. Make favorite food and cake for the birthday person and treat them like a king in the comforts of their home.
  9. You can also have a virtual dinner party. Social interaction through digital medium will also help cheer up someone feeling lonely on their birthday.
  10. Surprise them with a room full of balloons and chocolates.
  11. Have a Netflix party with your friends. Netflix lets you and your friends can watch a movie or TV series together. The video gets synchronized on all devices and a chat room is created to share your views about the movie you are watching.

Here are some more ideas that could help you cope up with loneliness and fight against boredness during Corona lockdown.birthday celebrations corona

  1. Sleep for the whole day and give your mind some rest from the hectic daily life. Take a look at some fun facts on sleep in your free time
  2. Lay down on your bed and watch your ceiling fan. This activity might seem stupid but it is kind of a mindful meditation exercise. Check out the app HeadSpace for mindful meditation guide on your fingertips
  3. Make your old relatives a call, whom you haven’t talked to
  4. Make a video call to your friends and exhaust their internet data pack
  5. Listen to good music on speakers. Download free music streaming apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, Gaana, JioSaavan, etc
  6. Play your favorite childhood indoor games like Ludo, Snake, and Ladders, Carom, Card games, Stone Paper Scissors, etc. You can also play these games online with your friends
  7. Spend time connecting with your family members or the people you are living with
  8. Become a pro dancer and singer.
  9. Make a list of best movies and tv shows you always wanted to watch but couldn’t due to lack of time. So, plop down on your couch and start a binge-watch on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Sling Tv, Amazon Prime, etc.
  10. Learn a foreign language on Duolingo and wish happy birthday to your friends in other languages.
  11. Watch old photos from album
  12. Find PlayStation and play on it with your buddies
  13. Share funny images and birthday memes to your friends and relatives
  14. Take a virtual trip to other countries and places through the internet
  15. Clean and reorganize your wardrobe
  16. Do gardening and take care of your indoor plants. Take a look at this guide for indoor plants at home.
  17. Watch Ted Talks and motivate your self
  18. Take part in household work with your mother
  19. Annoy your, partner, during work from home.
  20. Talk to your neighbor from the balcony or terrace
  21. Learn how to do makeup with your opposite hand
  22. Cut your own hair and sport the look you always wanted
  23. Dance till you get exhausted, then rest and then dance again
  24. Call your high school friends
  25. Do wall painting with what you have in your house
  26. Start your own small Youtube show with your action figures
  27. Stitch a shirt for yourself
  28. Learn to write with both of your hands
  29. Sing loudly and annoy the hell out of your neighbors
  30. Cook something odd for yourself, which you will definitely taste weird
  31. Write the craziest poem for your sweetheart
  32. Sketch as bad as you can and then put it as your profile picture
  33. Ask weird questions to everyone on social media
  34. Try every sticker, effect on camera apps
  35. Try to wear most of your closet
  36. Do hairstyles of your dog

Some serious goals and things that you can do during your time at home in COVId-19 lockdown

celebrate birthday in corona lockdown

  1. Set your goal to become fit and create a fitness plan
  2. Try to cook new international dishes
  3. Make healthy drinks
  4. Cook different types of salad
  5. Read good novels and books
  6. Clean your house
  7. Try painting and sketching
  8. Get creative and learn origami
  9. Write interesting blogs or articles to improve your vocab and writing skills

So, how do these “birthday celebration ideas during quarantine” look to you? if you have any more ideas to celebrate birthdays during Coronavirus lockdown then let us know in the comments. You can also find cool birthday wishes and Happy Quarantine Birthday images to send to your loved ones.

Also, Stay Home, Stay Safe from Corona. For official and credible information on Coronavirus and for Coronavirus stats visit: Coronavirus Stats