Birthday Party Games For Kids, Fun Games For Bday

Is it your kid’s birthday and you are looking for a good game to entertain your kid as well his/her friends. If you don’t want to spend money and make your kid jump with joy then try one of these birthday games. Here we have compiled a short list of birthday party games that require little to no extra items or supplies.

1. Balloon Burst

Burst ballon game for birthday partyIt’s a simple and entertaining game. As children like to burst balloons, and this game includes fun challenges to do. All you need to play this game is Balloon and paper chits

How to play

Adults are needed to set up this game.

  1. You need to create small paper chits with different fun challenges written on them.
  2. Insert one chit in each balloon and inflate the balloons. The challenges can be like
    • Dance on a funny song
    • Act like a chicken
    • Make a funny face and quack like a duck
    • Sing a song or tell a joke
  3. Try to find other creative challenges
  4. Now once the balloons are inflated you would need music to play.
  5. The kids would pick one balloon and bump it in the air. Each kid will take turns and keep tossing the balloon in the air until the music is stopped.
  6. The last one to touch the balloon will burst the balloon and open the paper chit inside it. So, the last kid has to perform the challenge written in it.

It’s a funny game and will make your kids laugh.

2. Bubble wrap race

Bubble wrap race birthday gameIt’s a fun game for little kids and I think most of us have enjoyed popping bubbles when we were children and it’s time you introduce your kid to this fun activity. You need some sheets of bubble wrap and place to play

How to play

Spread a bubble wrap sheet on the floor. Now, each kid will walk on the bubble wrap sheet from one end to another, and the kid who pops the least number of bubbles will win the game. Or the kid who makes the least noise while crossing the bubble wrap sheet will be the winner.

3. Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon Toss birthday gameThere are lots of fun games to play at birthday parties. A water balloon game is one of them to play with your friends and family. Water balloon toss is a favorite of kids and youth also enjoys them.

here is how we play water balloon toss

  • Form a close circle of players to play this game.
  • Get balloons full of water which can burst out anytime.
  • Toss the balloon to the next person standing.
  • With each toss move further from the center.
  • If a water balloon bursts out with a player, he/she is evicted from the game and then gets a new balloon.
  • The last one standing with a water balloon in the hand wins.

4. Capture the Flag

CAPTURE THE FLAG birthday gameIt is one of the favorite games of kids, youth, and adults. It gives you a mix of fun and fast-paced thrill. It is an outdoor game that can be played with two or four teams of any size. This game depends on the cunningness of the player. The bigger the size of the teams and the number of team members will regulate the length of the game.

To play this game you should be in an open area like the backyard of the house, the bigger the area the more fun you will have playing this game. Obstacles will make this game more fun to play. Materials like old t-shirts, bandanas will be needed to make flags. All the flags should be similar in size and bright in color.

Here is how you play Capture the Flag

  • Divide all the players into teams and make a mix balanced team with age and fitness.
  • Playing areas must be divided into equal territories, using landmarks, cones, or chalk.
  • Place a flag in each of the territories, the home team cannot change its place once it is placed.
  • Start the game, in which all players/teams will try to capture the flag of the opposing team.
  • Teams will strategize for capturing the flag of others and defending our own.
  • The home team will not guard the flag too close, for that make a rule of minimum distance to disallow the home team to be near the flag.
  • When a player is captured by the opposing team, he/she has to do a task as per the wish of the home team, like pushups, jumping jacks, and other things before getting back to his/her home team. In other versions, the captured player is sent to a jail which can be freed only if the member of his/her team tag him/her.
  • Have a strategic plan for all of this in your head and make sure everyone on the team goes according to it.
  • Your team will lose the game if it is captured by the enemy and they returned to their homeland.
  • The game will end, when there is only one team standing with its flag in its territory, and grabbed all the other flags from opposing teams.
  • It can be a bigger game if you play it multiple times with the total of a majority to determine the winner.
  • Have fun with this amazing blood-rushing exciting game to play on your birthday. We wish you a wonderful birthday!

5. Partners in Pen

It is a game that is popular in adults as well as kids. One of the easiest games to play at a birthday party with your friends. To play this game you must have 4 people, a pen, paper, and a few objects or you make cards on an object’s name. There must be a time limit to draw the object.

This is how you play this game and have a fun evening

  • Players must be divided into a team of two, the more the teams, the more fun you will have playing and watching.
  • Each pair gets a pen and paper and an object in a bag (or card on with an object’s name).
  • One team will play at a time, both players will sit with their backs together.
  • Player 1 gets the bag with an object/card with the object’s name.
  • Player 2 will get a pen and paper as he/she will try to draw the object.
  • Player 1 will describe the object and player 2 will try to draw it. Others will watch how they do it.
  • The team who gets the most correct answers in the time limit allowed will win the game.

6. Plastic Wrap Game

This game is very fun as it involves unwrapping gifts from saran wrap.

7. Opposites

A fun game for which you don’t need anything to play.

8. Candy in a balloon or Pinata

9. Cross the Lava River

10. Animal Party Game

11. Hot Potato

12. Musical chair

13. Red Rover

14. What’s In the Bag?

15. Simon Says

16. Boomer-Whitz

17. Dress-Up Relay Race

18. Steal the Bacon

19. Three-legged race

20. Hurdle race

21. Treasure hunt

22. Button-Button

23. Charades

24. Tug of War

25. Fruit Basket

26. Marco Polo

27. Obstacle Course

28. Passing the parcel

29. Egg or Lemon Spoon race

I hope you enjoyed this post and found a good birthday game for your kid. I will keep updating this list whenever I find any new kids’ party game.  You can also find birthday greetings and messages as well.