Birthday Wishes For Mom, Happy Birthday Mother, Mummy

Our whole lives are interlinked with lots of relationships and filled with people whom we love and care about. Some of those people are extra special and the strongest relationship that everyone has is with their mother.

Mothers are a very important part of everyone’s life as they are the ones who spent nine months carrying us in their womb. So, celebrating your Mom’s birthday is a must. To express your love you should use some beautiful words and for that, you can find here birthday wishes for mother. Use these lovely quotes to wish your mom birthday and make her feel appreciated and special. You can also find here some nice birthday gift ideas for your mother.

Mom, you hold a very special place in my heart. You dedicated your whole life to my happiness and success. You are such a great gift to me from God…happy birthday dearest mom.

I’m the luckiest person to have a mom like u. Happy birthday mom

You are the moon and the world to me. You always protect, love, care me. You are one in a kind.. happy birthday to you mummy.

Happy Birthday

You are my inspiration mom, you deserve so much on your special day. May your birthday be filled with delight this year.

You are a strong, beautiful, courageous and wise lady. You are the type of woman that people admire. I wish you the very best on your birthday day.

I love you so much mummy, that I can’t even express it. Whenever I need your help you gave m support and when I was alone you always come and walked with me..thank you, mom, for being there for me..happy birthday pretty woman.

Mom, you are my first friend. No one else can ever take your place. Wish you a very happy birthday with lots of love.

Mom, you are the best creation of God. You scold me but more than that you love me…so love you so much mom..have a wonderful birthday.

happy birthday mother

You are my cheerleader, you are the shoulder to cry on, you are my best friend, no one understands me better than you, no one loves me more than you. Happy birthday to my fabulous mom.

You gave me life, your love is unconditional, you have sacrificed so much for me that I sometimes think I will not be able to give you back everything you have done… happy birthday dear mother.

I love you, mom. You were always there with me in both good and bad times. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that God fills you with lots of blessings.

Happy birthday, Mom, you inspire me to become a better person each day. You are the super mom. You make all my problems, magically disappear.

You are not just a mother but also a guide, companion, friend, role model. I can’t be a person even half a person as you are.

In my happiest memories, you are always with me because you have always looked for my welfare.

happy birthday maa

On the day of your birthday, my desire is that God bless you mom with health and many more years of life to continue to enjoy your company.

You are like an angel that God sent from heaven to look after us. I love you so much, mom. God bless you. Happy birthday, mom.

Dear mom, like a nurse you take care of us. Like a map, you guide us the way. Like no one else, you love me…

Thank you, mom, for being there for me in my happiness and pain. Thank you for holding hands through the most difficult times in my life.

Dear mom, you stayed up all night, being tired and hungry, all so we would have a smile on our face…love you mom.. have a wonderful birthday.

birthday mom

Each time you were there to remind me of my Worth as a human being… I love you, mom, to the moon and back… happy birthday.

There were times when I was being such a horrible daughter to you. Still, you loved me anyway and for that, I am so grateful. Happy birthday, mummy.

I appreciate how you always worked so hard to show your love for us in the most selfless way.. Thank you, mommy, and happy birthday.

Dear mom, I love you and cherish you more than life itself…happy birthday gorgeous mom.

Happy birthday, Mom, I tried to be like you. I tried hard but I failed.. Nobody can be like you. Not even i….love you, mom.

happy bithday Mommy!

Thank you, mom, for being my no. One support system when I need you most. You are so special to me.. so is your birthday..happy birthday mom.

Dear mother, whatever I am today or have achieved in my life is because of your guidance and strong support…you are the best mom in the world..happy birthday

Mom, there is nothing compared to what you gave to me. You are my life. Happy Birthday, Mom.

You gave me this gift of life, Thank you mom, Happy Birthday

You are the strongest person who inspires me to become stronger, Thank you for all the support and love, Happy Birthday Mom.

When I have your blessings and love with me, there is nothing that I cannot conquer. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Happy Birthday Ma, You are my world and you are my life.

birthday wish mom

There is no one other better than you my sweet mother, Happy birthday Mom.

You gave me values, you gave me the courage and you are my inspiration. Thank you for everything Mom, Happy Birthday.

There are not many moments in your life you enjoyed, you always find happiness in your kids, today is your day, Happy Birthday Mom, Enjoy.

You are god’s best gift, a child can get. I wish your birthday is best too Mom. Happy Birthday.

My favorite place in this world is my home, where my mom is. My favorite person in the world is you. I wish to give you all the happiness ever possible. Happy birthday, Mom.

Mom, you teach me how to become a kind person in life. I am what I am now, is because of you. Thanks, Mom. Happy Birthday.

Be a strong person, be a respectful one that is one thing you always taught me. And that is what I have become, happy birthday mom.

Being your child is a blessing, you were always there for me. Thank you, mom, happy birthday.

Mom, I miss you when you are not here. Anyone in my life, I came close to is not as supportive and loving as you are. You are the best person in my life. Happy Birthday, Mom.

I always think, being a mother is a responsible job, but never I thought how much you have given up because of your children. Today let us celebrate your birthday in the most amazing way. Happy Birthday.

A child’s world is a mother and you are mine. I wish every day of your life would be as great as today. Happy Birthday, Mom.

The only person, who always see good in me regardless of my mistakes is your mom. You have always been there for me. The support and love you gave me are unbeatable. Love you, Mom. Happy Birthday.

The most precious thing to me in the world is your love for me. Happy Birthday, Mom. Love you always.

Today is a reminder for you to live your life fully and enjoy the days. You have given up too much for your family, your children. Now, it is time for you to leave the responsibilities of yours and have fun. Have a healthy and peaceful life ahead Mom. Happy Birthday my dear mother.

The place you have in my heart, there is no other person who can be in that place but you. I am so lucky to have you as my mother and my strongest supporter. Today is your day and we will celebrate it and you are going to remember it till your next one. Happy Birthday, Mom. Love u.

Today is your birthday, and I promise that I will be a firm and strong person, as you always wanted me to be. Enjoy a beautiful birthday Mom.

Birthdays are a reminder of how many good memories we have and we have a lot of those memories with you. We wish that we all continue creating such amazing and beautiful memories with our beautiful and amazing mom. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Once again on today, I want to tell you that all you had done for me, I appreciate that and I love you. Thank you, Mom. Happy Birthday.

I wish that this year your birthday will be all with craziness, happiness, and celebration. You are an amazing person and a wonderful mother. Thank you, Mom. Have a blast on your birthday. Happy Birthday.

There is not enough appreciation in the world for mothers. You handle our mood, our temper our likes and dislike. You stand with us when nobody does. You are the strongest human ever created by god. I am blessed to have a mother like you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom, On your birthday, I want to thank you for the good looks, brilliant sense of humor, and all the love you gave me.

Mom, Wishing you a birthday as bright as your smile, as sweet as your love, as fun as your spirit, and as wonderful as you.

You’re the only person who understands my deepest fears. And the only one who knows how to make me smile again after facing them. Mommy, I love you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my favorite person. If we weren’t already related, I’d choose you as a friend.

Wishing you all the love, health, and happiness that you deserve. I hope everything is best for your special day.

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. So Happy my god, my mother. Happy Birthday, Mother.

It’s time to shine as it’s your birthday. Happy birthday mom.

Mothers are the angels God send to us. Happy birthday to my angel.

For me, the best place in the world is my home. Because there I spend time with my mom. Have a wonderful birthday mom.

I believe in myself because of you. You make everything easy for me. Happy Birthday, mummy.

Mother is someone with all the love to give to her child; I am so blessed to find you as my mother. Happy Birthday, Mom.

You are my guiding soul; you have been always there for me. Happy birthday, Mom.

You are my life support, my philosopher, my friend, and my guide. Happy birthday my sweetest mom.

Like diamonds are rare, you are rare and god found you for me to give the love of a lifetime. I am so happy that I have been your child. I know my mistakes sometimes put you to the thought to give me up, just kidding. I know that you love me mom and I love you too. Happy Birthday, today as we will celebrate your birthday, we wish you all the happiness in the world. May your next year will be with health, peace, and happiness.

I wish you a great and grand birthday Mom. May all of your days you will be happy as you are today. Have a beautiful year ahead.

It is so sad that you are not with us on your birthday. We all miss you, mom. But we know your blessings are always with us and you will be looking down on us, so I promise I won’t do any stupid thing. Happy birthday, Mom. Miss you.

Even though you never liked to celebrate your birthday, but this is a special day for a special person in our life. Today is your day and you will have all happiness in the world without any responsibilities. Happy Birthday.

Let’s make your birthday magnificent as you are mom. Lovely wishes for your birthday.

All your life you were burdened with full of responsibilities. Today is your cheat day. Leave every worry behind and let’s celebrate a special birthday of our special mom. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Happy birthday dear mom. May this year of yours fill with amazing surprises, great health and beautiful moments.

Advance happy birthday to most cool mom ever. You are an amazing person and a strong human being. May this birthday bring you all the love and happiness!

The biggest blessing in my life is you mother. You know me better than myself. Always cares for me, always protected me and bring me up as a gentleman. You are a gift for me from above. Happy birthday, mom.

Every mother deserves a celebration of her life. So, on your birthday we are going to celebrate this day magnificently and make this special day of yours a super special one. I love you mom so much and I wish that you have an amazing year ahead. Happy Birthday, Mom.

All of the good advice you have given to me, put me on a better path and you always stood by my side instead of circumstances. I hope that this day of your’s will be as good and celebrated for you as you have celebrated our birthdays. Thank you Maa, Happy Birthday my dearest mother. Wish a ton of blessings for good health and happiness.

Happy Birthday, Mom, your life has always been a guided route for me. Your love is always there for me. I treasure our relationship always. Your love and warmth have become a great support for me in my messed up life. Thank you for being you mom.

Mom today is that day to thank you for being the awesome person as you are. I have been nothing without you if you were not there. Happy birthday, Mom!

I will be so jealous if you were not my mom and someone else. You are such an amazing loving person that no one can be as good as are you. Mom my wish is that you keep getting younger at heart with every year. Happy Birthday, mummy!

Moms scold you and love you at the same time. There is love in their scolding. Your words have made me the man I am today. You are my guiding light mom. Thank you for making me learn all the valuable and important things in life. Happy Birthday, mother!

You are my role model and inspiration for life. May God bless you great health and a life full of happiness, happy birthday to the sweetest mother! Love you.

I hope that all of your dreams become true and you lead an inspirational life for us as always. You are such a dedicated person, who has given up all her luxuries for us. You have shown us an example of how to become a hard-working and dedicated person. This day we are going to celebrate your birthday and you will leave all the work behind and have a wonderful party. Happy Birthday, Mom!

I pray to God every day for your healthy and peaceful life. May this special day in your life bring fun and joy to you! Happy birthday, mummy!

My mom is the nicest, sweetest person I know. I wish you all the best for your birthday, today. You are the best mother in the world. Please forgive all of my mistakes, the bond we share is the strongest, I have with any person. Wish you a very joyful happy birthday.

Dear Mother, you are my role model and I believe that the hardships you endured to provide all the facilities, love and care have made me a better person. I love you very much Mom. Happy Birthday to the woman whom I most admire.

You have provided me so much love and care that I feel loved and emotionally stable. I love you for the support you provided me at each step of life. Happy Birthday, Mother. I love you a lot even if I never show it.

On the occasion of your birthday, I want to spend some quality time with you. Dear Mom, you have always been busy in taking care of children and this year I want you to make your birthday special. So, accept this small gift of mine and enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

Dear Mom, your arms are the best place for me to cry. Happy birthday, dear mother.

Happy birthday to you mom, all my life problems have just one solution, a hug from you.

Happy birthday, mummy, there is nothing as powerful as a hug from you.

Mom, you are a woman like no other. You gave me like life, taught me, dressed me, fought for me, scolded me, hug me, kiss me, but most importantly loved me unconditionally. Have a wonderful birthday.

Dear mother, thank you for holding my hands and my heart for a lifetime. Happy birthday to you.

Hey mom, I just wanted to tell you that I can’t imagine my life without you because I love you so much. Happy birthday.

Dear Mom, I wanted you to know what you mean to me. You are a shooting star who pass through my life only once. I love you so much that I want to be with you forever. Happy birthday Mother.

Mom, you know my feelings, my pain, my joy. You stood always by my side. For me, you are a definition of god. Happy birthday, mom.

On this special day, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. In this egoistic world, you take care of me. In this selfish world, you only think about me. Have a great day Mother.

Dear mom, I had never seen God but I see you every time hiding your sorrows behind a smile to keep us happy and protected. Happy birthday, Mom.

A mother works very hard and sustains a lot of pain and hardships to ensure that their children are safe. They provide love, care, knowledge, and the environment which lets a child grow into a responsible person. You can buy any gift you want because your mother will always be satisfied and happy just by knowing that you love her a lot. I hope you find these birthday wishes and quotes for mother useful.