Merry Christmas Wishes & Messages for Loved Ones

Are you missing your friends and family on the occasion of Christmas? Everybody wants to spend time with their loved ones in winter vacations and celebrate Xmas together. Christmas is all about creating fond memories and sharing love with each other. And if you are searching for niche Christmas wishes and messages for your loved ones then we have written a few heartwarming lines. Take a look and pick the one which you can alter and send to your loved ones.

You all are like lights to my Christmas tree, and we all know the Christmas tree is incomplete without sparkling lights. Thank you for being so awesome. Merry Christmas, my dear ones!

Christmas is incomplete if you guys were not here with me. I love you guys. Merry Christmas!

I always wanted to celebrate Christmas with my loved ones, and thankfully my loved ones are around me. Merry Christmas to all!

merry christmas dear

I can’t express my happiness in words, but on Christmas, I want to thank you all for enlightening my life with all the happiness. Merry Christmas, my dear ones!

Christmas wishes for loved ones

I was not aware of the importance of loved ones when I was a kid. But right now, I know they are like dessert, which is mandatory after every meal. Thank you for always being my dessert. Merry Christmas!

Without Cherry, the icing on the cake is incomplete, same without you all. Stay in my life forever like this only. Merry Christmas, my loved ones!

If I start exploring what I earned in this lifetime, I can always count on you guys. Thank you for everything. Your presence makes my Christmas more memorable. Merry Christmas!

wishing merry chrristmas lovely friends

Having a loved one who is always there up and down is a blessing, and thankfully I have you. Likewise, my Christmas is incomplete without you. Merry Christmas!

You all are those spices in my life that are really very important for making a dish worth tasting. Thank you for all the happiness you bring to my life. Merry Christmas, my friends!

Christmas is an occasion to celebrate with everyone you know, and thankfully, my ones are around me. Merry Christmas!

My life is a happy place because you guys are in it. Thank you for making my Christmas Eve happy one too. Merry Christmas, my dear ones!

Your loved ones annoy you but stay with you in every situation. Thankfully on Christmas, I have you all. Merry Christmas!

happy christmas eve

I know I am not a perfect child, but thankfully Santa blessed me with the perfect family. Thank you for everything, my ones. Merry Christmas!

I am always at a loss of words when it comes to explaining your importance in my life. But on Christmas, I want to say you are the reason behind my happiness. Merry Christmas!

have fun on christmas

The enjoyment you can have singing a Jingle Bell song with a family is unbeatable, and you can’t get it alone. Thank you for singing it out with me. Merry Christmas, my loved ones!

A cake is incomplete without icing, and a dish is incomplete without a proper blend of spices, so my Christmas is incomplete without you all. Thank you for staying with me. Merry Christmas!

I am among the blessed people because I always have my loved ones around. On this Christmas Eve, I can’t ask for more because I have you all. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is an occasion for sharing happiness with everyone around, and having loved ones is Cherry on top. Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas!

lines to write in christmas card

To the best people out there, thank you for everything and sparkling my life with your sparkle. Merry Christmas, my dear ones!

You are not only a loved one, but you are the reason for my happiness. Stay with me to my last breath. Merry Christmas!

I always want to celebrate my Christmas Eve with you. Just stay with me forever. Merry Christmas!

Forever is a big thing to ask. But I want you to be with me every Christmas Eve till my last breath. Promise me. Merry Christmas, my one!

christmas text messages for loved ones

Your presence makes my heart skip a beat every time. Thank you for being the reason behind it. Without you, my Christmas is incomplete. Merry Christmas!

My dear love, I know I annoy you a lot, but this is my birthright, and I will not leave it at all. On this Christmas Eve, I promise you that I will annoy you more in the upcoming year. Merry Christmas, my dear love!

Christmas is an occasion to celebrate with all enthusiasm. Just stay with me so that I can enjoy it more. Merry Christmas!

christmas sms for loved ones

Having a partner like you is the biggest blessing, and on this day, we met for the first time. This calls for a double celebration for me. Merry Christmas, and thank you for being with me!

Merry Christmas to one of the best people in my life without whom I can’t even think of spending a single second. Thank you for being an amazing partner!

Merry Christmas, my dear one. Without you, I cannot expect happiness to knock on my door. I wish you an amazing year ahead!

My dear partner, thank you for tolerating all my tantrums and treating me like your queen. Today is Christmas, so I want to ask for more and want to promise that you will keep me like this only always. Merry Christmas!

christmas messages for loved ones

Christmas is among those occasions which always help you to say sorry for the sin you have done in the previous year. If I hurt any one of you, just forgive me, and let’s start fresh. You are important to me. Merry Christmas!

Life is so beautiful, and it becomes a wonderful place to live when you have the best people around. My loved ones surrounded me every up and down, so they are surrounding me on this Christmas Eve. Thank you for being here. Merry Christmas!

We always ask for presents from Santa, and I want to ask for one more gift today that just keeps my loved ones safe and happy always. You all are important to me. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is not only an occasion of celebration, but it is the occasion to cherish all the memories we had in the past year and forgive all the sins we have committed. Merry Christmas to all!

christmas greetings for loved ones

Merry Christmas, my dear ones, because without you, I cannot even think of spending a single day, so I can’t think of spending Christmas Eve alone. Thank you for sparkling my life. Merry Christmas!

Being a stubborn kid, you know I always ask for the best, and today I pray to Santa to bless my loved ones with the best always. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is not only an occasion of happiness, but it is the occasion to share happiness with others. Merry Christmas to all!

I am a blessed child because my loved ones are around, and I wish everyone would have their loved ones around every day like this Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to all!

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