Edible Birthday Candles To Eat With Yummy Birthday Cake

Whether you are a kid or an adult we all like to eat delicious birthday cake in different flavors. Sometimes that yummy birthday cake gets spoiled because of the melting wax of birthday candles. A cake spoiled with paraffin wax of candles is not good for our taste and health. Or maybe your kid tried to eat one of the birthday candles. So, have you ever asked any of these questions?

Are birthday candles edible? Can you eat birthday cake with melted wax on it?

edible birthday candles with cakeWax is non-poisonous but eating wax melted on the cake is not safe. So, never eat your birthday cake with wax on it. However, there is another way you can enjoy your cake and that is edible birthday candles. There are many companies and brands which are selling edible birthday candles and if you want you can also make your own eatable birthday candle.

Making your own edible birthday candle at home

#1. For this, you need a couple of candle molds, white and dark chocolate, candle wicks, food color, paintbrush, and nuts if you want to make it extra tasty.

#2. Take the candle molds and make a hole at the top to insert the candlewick.

#3. Make a mixture of melted white and dark chocolate.

melted white and dark chocolate

#4. Pick a  few nuts that you or your kid likes to eat. So, let’s take cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, pistachio, and grind them in very small pieces with the help of a mixer grinder.

#5. Now add those nuts into the mixture of white and dark chocolate.nuts to mix in edible candles for birthday

#6. Now fill all the molds with this mixture and place candle wicks of an inch in length at the top of each mold through the hole we did earlier.

#7. Place the mold in the freezer for around 60 minutes. Then take the molds out and check if the candles are solid. Now take each candle out of the mold slowly.

#8. Now take the paintbrush, mix those food colors in water or milk, and paint those candles in different colors.

Here are some designs that you can make on your edible candles.birthday candle designs

So, now you have edible birthday candles that your kids can eat along with appetizing birthday cake.

Places where you can buy Edible Birthday Candles

If you don’t have time or desire to make your own edible birthday candles then you can also buy online from these websites.

Source: TheGrommet.com

You can shop for Edible Chocolate Candles from TheGrommet. These candles are made up of milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, and natural vanilla extract. Although you have to remove the candle wicks before eating as the wick is not edible.

eatable birthday candles
Source: LetThemEatCandles.com

Or you can shop for eatable birthday candles at LetThemEatCandles which are in dark chocolate flavor with stars on them.