Funny Birthday Wishes for Men & Male Friends

Men are the most fun loving creatures on Earth. Take them out of their consoling zone, and they become the most indecisive ones. When it’s a matter of birthdays, it’s the preferable way to wish them funnily. If the person is your near and dear one, sending something personalised to their door is better. They can be your father, husband, brother, friend, colleagues or any relative.

With a bunch of the funniest or somewhat ironic wishes, you can humorously wish a person. In this article, we will mention some of the most fun birthday wishes to wish a person. Choose according to the person’s personality, and you can surprise him with personalised, funny birthday wishes or messages.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Father

Your father is the most important man in your life, so you have the responsibility to wish him uniquely. If he is a fun-loving person, you can take the help of funny birthday wishes for dad.

Happy birthday my old friend! Don’t try to count the candles anymore because you have come a long way.

Dad, you are young enough to be cool by age 60! Thank you for being such a great dad!

Don’t worry about your age; you can still enjoy your party; Happy Birthday, dad.

You are lucky enough to have me as your kid; jokes apart hehe; Happy birthday, my dad.

Thankful for tolerating my embarrassing moments; happy birthday dad!

Happy birthday to the Dad of an annoying princess! I wish you a wonderful life in the future!

Congratulations, you have come through enough paths! And turned out as a perfect man with grey hair and wrinkles!

Congratulations, you came a long path, but now you have to control your junk food habits. Happy birthday, dad.

happy birthday to grumpy and wonderful guy

Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband

Husbands are usually the funniest guys on this planet, and it’s their birthday, and you must come up with a funny wish to wish them. So make sure to wish the ideal birthday greetings to your husband! Make sure to wish him the best on his special day!

Happy birthday! Even if you are grumpy, you will be the most wonderful husband ever!

You promise to love me every day and make my life more beautiful and happy! But now you are doing nothing but irritating me. Happy birthday my annoying husband!

It’s like two old married people celebrating their special day. Happy birthday dear husband!

Should I find a wife for you, or am I enough irritating for you? Happy birthday, dear husband!

I love to enjoy your horrible taste of food; happy birthday, my horrible husband!

A woman can’t survive in a marriage without telling a lie and don’t worry; I will continue it forever; happy birthday, my darling husband!

This kind of marriage reminds you of a poker game. Your birthday is like a gift from my husband!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

Your brother is the one who stood by you in your worst times. And hence he deserves the best wishes to relish his day. This article brings some of the funniest wishes to wish your brother in a unique and lovely way.

Thanks me for tolerating your unfunny jokes. Happy birthday, brother!

I have an excuse to celebrate your birthday because I have tried to tolerate you, but you know how much I love You! Happy birthday!

Dear bro, happy birthday to you; please give me some peace and stop your annoying music!

I wish I could forget your birthday as you do, but you know I’m not that bad. Happy birthday my silly brother.

It’s too funny to come across those funny childhood pictures of you; Happy birthday, brother!

Don’t blame me for enjoying your birthday, as you are the only person I love to annoy! Happy birthday!

I’m the only reason for your success today; don’t forget to thank me, he he. Happy birthday, my brothers!

Why have you never had a child of your own? You are old enough to celebrate your birthday party. Happy birthday, brother!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends

Birthdays always happen unexpectedly; you never know when your friend’s birthday is coming, so be ready with these hilarious birthday wishes. All these birthday wishes are exclusive for celebrating friends’ birthdays according to their personality type! The best thing to do is get out of your shell, think out of the box, and make people happy.

Wish me luck for your birthday party; if you are getting the birthday, you are surely getting me the best gift too; happy birthday, bestie!

Happy birthday to the most annoying friend of mine; you trouble me enough to plan my birthday party perfect for you! Happy birthday!

It’s your birthday; all your friends will give you the birthday blush, so be ready for the embarrassing surprise. Wish you a great birthday!

It’s your birthday, celebrate with me at this party! I promise to help you in discarding the birthday hangover, he he. Happy birthday!

Thanks me for owning mine and your life too, happy birthday my friend!

Always be thankful for making your life entertaining enough every day; happy birthday, my friend!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Colleagues

Colleagues are usually busy cruising; hence, they mostly look for the best way to wish their colleagues a perfect birthday message. So take the burden off your own, and find the perfect wording to wish your colleagues a happy birthday in a funny way.

Can you pardon me for forgetting your birthday last year? Happy Birthday dear

Little Work hard and lots of break! And that’s your job; happy birthday, my dear colleague.

It’s nice to recall your birthday and you are thinking about giving me a gift; happy birthday!

It’s your duty to giveme a treat; happy birthday to the best colleague!

The biggest workplace problem is the extra break you always take; happy birthday, (name).

Happy Birthday to the hilarious colleague in the department, happy birthday!

You should thank God for having me as your colleague who always saves you from danger! Happiest birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to the colleague who never misses a chance to make fun of me! Happy birthday!

Enjoy your birthday drink else you will have a speech impediment tomorrow; happy birthday, dear colleague!

Happy birthday to my colleague who spends enough time with me; He he; happy birthday to you, my dearest colleague!

Short Funny Birthday Wishes for Men

Although there are great funny birthday wishes for friends and above, they are inappropriate to wish your near and dear man. So we came up with these short birthday wishes, which are exclusively appropriate for the birthday man!

Happy birthday to the most annoying man in my life.

I wish God would give me enough potential to tolerate your annoying habits; happy birthday!

You dont have to tell anything about your age, I can see the candles in the cake. Happy birthday to the old man!

You have given us enough tension now enjoy your birthday; Happy birthday to the best party leader in the world.

Happy birthday you dear man who is very annoying but still reliable.

Happy birthday dear guy who will bother me enough to kid about my birthday party.

I cannot tolerate your lousy habit of horrible dressing sense; happy birthday, dear man.

Thanks for the special birthday gift. I used it at your birthday party and appreciated it a lot, he he; happy birthday my man!

Funny Birthday Quotes for Men

Birthdays are the best time to laugh. Take advantage of this great spirit and make the most of these funny quotes that perfectly fit your man.

Happy birthday to the most annoying guy in my life.

Happy birthday to me; you are too annoying for me to wish a great birthday to you; happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to the most comprehensive man in the world who can tell me about all the hope, money and messed up things. Happy birthday to you!

I cannot resists myself to laugh after seeing your horrible dressing style; Happy Birthday to the dear man!

Happy Birthday to the guy who would not bother to wish me my birthday, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the most irritating man in the world who spends most of the time irritating me!

Happy birthday to the man who never gets bored of annoying me.

We have written funny birthday wishes in this article. Please find one or more wishes that will be suitable for your man. Happy birthday to the luckiest man; enjoy the birthday party!