What is a Golden Birthday? Meaning & Golden Birthday Ideas

Every Birthday is important. Every year a person has new hope, new ideas and some other plans to fulfil. But like every Birthday, some birthdays are really very special. Here we are discussing “golden birthday”.

You might have heard about it or asked any of your friends about the same. If you are someone who is unaware of golden Birthday, you are on the right page. In this context, we are exploring golden Birthday in detail so that next time if any of your friends are having their golden Birthday, you can celebrate it with more fun and make it special for them!Happy Golden Birthday

What is a Golden Birthday?

Golden birthday refers to that Birthday when your age is the same as your birth date. For Example, if you are turning 15 on 15 April, then this is your golden Birthday. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and every person is excited about it. Some miss out on their childhood, and some have an encounter with it in their adulthood only. But do not forget because double, triple options are also there for you.

Why is it called Golden Birthday?

The Golden birthday is among the most special birthdays of a lifetime as per the tradition. Some consider it a lucky birthday and hope that it will bring prosperity to their life.

Who created golden Birthday?

Golden Birthday was created by Joan Bramsch in the 1950s. He was a mid-western author and celebrated children’s Birthdays as golden Birthdays. From there this tradition is continued till yet and will continue in future as well. The best part is everyone once in a lifetime have encountered with golden Birthday, and they are always ready to celebrate it with fun and enthusiasm.

But unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have it in their adulthood. Some people have it at a young age or in childhood only. For Example, people have a Birthday on the 1st to 5th of any month.

Why do people celebrate golden Birthday with a lot of enthusiasm?

The major reason behind celebrating golden Birthday with a lot of enthusiasm is because it indicates the age they have achieved and the milestones they have set up. It is also a symbol of wisdom that comes with it.

Thanks to social media that right now, people are more aware of it and celebrate the same. At an early age, even after its introduction, no one was ready to celebrate it and consider it as a normal birthday. But right now, the scenario is entirely different. People happily celebrate it and discover some new things to do as well on their golden Birthday!

Does a golden birthday only happen once?

Well, golden Birthday only takes place once in a lifetime. But individuals have an opportunity to celebrate a double golden birthday, triple golden Birthday and so on.

Double golden Birthday refers to the year when you turn double of your birthdate. For Example, you have turned 28 on 14th July.
A triple golden Birthday is as same as a double golden Birthday when you turn three times your birthdate. For Example, you have turned 30 on 10th July.

How to do a golden birthday celebration?

When you are looking out to create a golden birthday celebration, it entirely depends on your family traditions. Sometimes the families are not in favour of celebrating golden Birthday, and they just drop it whereas sometimes the families are very happy with it. Along with that, the gender of the person has a major impact on it.

What is the golden year age?

The golden year age is the same as the birthdate. For Example, a person has turned 16 on 16th November.

Golden birthday ideas

celebrate your golden birthday

If you know someone whose golden Birthday is coming, don’t forget to surprise them. Here we are sharing some ideas which you can consider:-

Decorate the surroundings as per the choice of the individual

Decoration has a major impact on a person’s mood. Be sure to plant each and everything in the surroundings as per their choice. If the decoration is not according to their mood or not soothing to their eyes, it will ruin their mood.

Get the same number of gifts as their age

If you have no restriction over budget, then getting the same number of gifts as their age will be a surprising thing for them. For Example, if your ones are turning 15, then get 15 gifts available and make sure these are different. Place them in the surroundings very attentively and let them search for them. This will be fun, and they will love to find them.

Have a conversation with them before there is golden Birthday to know their expectation

If you are very close to your one, make sure to have a conversation with them before their Birthday. This will help you to know whether they have any expectations from their golden Birthday or not. Some people are so introverted that they don’t want to celebrate their Birthday with anyone. For them, the gathering with very close people is enough.

Get their close ones available at a place

Lastly, get there ones available at the place as well. Some people are so homesick that they don’t want to celebrate their Birthday without their family or vice-versa.

Also, ask them whether they are ready to celebrate their Birthday with your family or not. If they are not that much close to their families, you can simply drop the idea and get your friends available at the place.

Things to know about golden Birthday

Certain things are there which you should know about golden Birthday for better understanding. These are:-

There is no need to turn 50 to celebrate golden Birthday

If you are waiting for your 50th Birthday to celebrate your golden Birthday, unfortunately, you are just wasting your time. As we have already mentioned, it is on the day when your birth date and age is the same. For Example, if you have a birthday on 28 and when you turn 28, that will be your golden Birthday.

Gift creates a big role on golden Birthday

Gifts do create a big role in a golden Birthday, but it is also important that one should remember it. Some individuals just forget about their golden Birthday and just celebrate it as their regular day. It is the responsibility of friends and family to make them remember if they have forgotten it.

Some other names are also there for golden Birthday

Golden birthdays are famous with some other names as well like lucky Birthday, champagne birthday, super Happy Birthday, and so on. It is just the perspective of a person, how they call it.

Golden birthdays are getting popular day by day

No doubt with present generation everyday matters. They are more curious to know about all these things, and this is the reason golden birthdays are getting popular day by day. People celebrate them with a lot of fun and enthusiasm.

Golden Birthday is not once in a lifetime event

You came to know about golden Birthday when it has been passed and feeling like you will not be able to celebrate it, then don’t worry. Fortunately, you can celebrate double golden Birthdays or triple golden Birthdays and so on.

Golden birthday is special, and everyone loves to celebrate it. Make sure to wish your ones and make their day memorable. No matter whether it is a golden birthday or any other, it is special. Just put some effort and make your ones feel happy and loved too.

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