Happy Birthday Beautiful, Birthday Wishes for Beautiful Lady

Every girl or woman is beautiful in this whole world. But there are few girls/women in your life, who are really very close to your heart. She could be your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, daughter, or friend. They deserve to feel amazing and special not only on their special day but every single time of their life.

Is it the birthday of your special lady? Do you want to make her feel special? So nothing to worry about it. Express your love or feelings to your favorite women through a birthday message, greeting card, or a gift. You could also convey your feeling through beautiful quotes to add excitement and happiness to them.

We are here with beautiful birthday wishes, messages, and quotes for your beautiful girl/ lady/ woman to help you out in expressing your feelings. Check our happy birthday beautiful girl wishes collection.

My beloved wife, since the day you came into my life, my life has become more beautiful and more happening. It’s your first birthday after our marriage so I have planned an exciting surprise for you in the evening, be ready. Happy birthday, you are beautiful.

This day is incredibly special to me as on this day, my better half, my wife was born. I am grateful to God for every beautiful moment spent with you, beauty. Happy birthday, keep glowing and growing.

happy birthday beautiful girl

It’s been more than fifteen years since we both got married and I can see you becoming more beautiful with your every birthday. Happy birthday my dearest wife. I hope for everlasting joys and laughter with you.

Wishing a very happy birthday to my praise-worthy, beautiful wife. You complete me.

Before meeting you, I have never known such a gorgeous girl as you are. Happy birthday to my love. You make me content and happy. I wish for infinite years of togetherness with you.

Baby, how did I get this lucky that I got a girlfriend like you. Everything about you is as beautiful as your face. Happiest birthday to my lady love. Stay happy, stay beautiful.

happy birthday beautiful friend

Nothing lasts forever but my love and care for you is immortal. It doesn’t feel that you are different from me, you’ve become a part of me now and I can’t manage to live without this part of mine. Happy birthday to my gorgeous bae.

To my beautiful and sexy partner, I can’t explain how much I love you. Be dressed up in the evening, we are going to celebrate your birthday in the most amazing way ever. Happy birthday!

After your mother, you are the most beautiful woman in my life. I love to see how beautifully you have grown up, not just externally but internally also. Wishing a very happy birthday to my daughter who’s beautiful inside and out.

happy birthday beautiful

A father loves her daughter the most. For him, she is like a princess and he tries his best to give her a princess like treatment. Dear daughter, you matter to me more than you can imagine. Happy birthday, may you live a life as beautiful as you are.

Although you have grown big enough to fit into my lap but you can never grow enough to fit into my heart. You make my world so pleasant. Happy 18th birthday to my extremely gorgeous daughter.

Your beautiful smile is all that I want to see after a hectic day. Happy birthday my daughter.

Girl, you have been so cruel to me since the day you have friend-zoned me, and getting friend-zoned by a beautiful girl like you kills my heart. Happy birthday to my beautiful friend.

happy birthday beautiful wishes

You’ve grown a year older, which means more wisdom and more intelligence. Happy birthday to you, sexy. Thanks for being such a supportive friend so far.

The day when we both got admitted to the same section, I never knew that we will end up developing such an unbreakable bond. Happy birthday. Stay gorgeous, stay blessed.

To my beautiful friend, you are important to me and I am always there for you. Happiest birthday.

Mom, throughout the year you look after the whole family without taking any rest even for a single day. You try your level best to fulfill all our needs and wishes. Happiest birthday to the world’s most beautiful and loving mom.

Words can’t ever do justice to what you have done for me so far, mom. In my joys and sorrows, you are the first person that comes into my mind. A very happy birthday to my gorgeous mother. I will stand by all your expectations from me.

It is rightly said that a mother’s love is the purest and selfless of all. When I look at your never-ending efforts just to make me happy, I feel so blessed to have you as my mother. Wishing a beautiful birthday to my beautiful mom.

happy birthday beautiful lady

Dear mom, you have taught us many good things in our lives and we are thankful to you for raising us with such goods morals and principles. Happy birthday, love from (names) to our beautiful mom.

Having an elder sister is like knowing that there is always someone to guide you towards the right direction when things go wrong. Happy birthday, beautiful. I love you.

I know how desperately you wanted to hear this from me and today finally on your big day, I’m going to say that you are overwhelmingly gorgeous, sister. Happy birthday, be happy always.

The relationship of a brother with her sister is like Tom and Jerry, they both keep fighting with each other but can’t live without each other. Kudos to such a beautiful bond and yes, happy birthday my gorgeous sister.

Sister, you are an inspiration to me. You inspire me to work hard towards the acquirement of my goals in life. I wish to become as hard-working as you are. Happy birthday to you beautiful.

happy birthday beautiful sister

You are the biggest inspiration in my life. I don’t know where I would be in your absence. My life would not be the same as it is now without you in there. Wish you all the best for your future and a happy birthday.