How To Say Happy Birthday in Latin, Bday Wishes in Latin

Birthday always takes a special place in one’s life. It is high time when we enter a new phase of life. And, to celebrate that, people throw parties joyfully and heartily. If you are going to celebrate a birthday party and want to know about Latin birthdays, then you have come to the perfect place because this article will list some of the best Latin birthday ideas you would love to try out on your birthday.

Birthday is a very big event in our life. Each year a person goes on a journey from one year to another. So, it is the chance for them to reflect on the significant memories of each year by going through old pictures and family albums.

Latin is a language that talks about love and romance; therefore, if you want to get someone’s attention, then you must go for Latin birthday ideas. It is spoken worldwide, so anyone who hears it can easily understand it. 

So let’s read the article and learn more about impressive Latin birthday ideas and Latin birthday phrases with a birthday song.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Latin

happy birthday in Latin

1. Felix Natalis– Happy Birthday

Here Felix refers to Happy, and Natalis refers to Birthday. So, when you greet someone with these words, it means you wish them a Happy birthday.

2. Beatus Natali’s mi– Happy Birthday, my dear

It refers to when you wish your near and dear one. It can be said anywhere, whether in a family gathering or outside.

3. “Felix dies, Natalis Tibi!”– Happy Birthday to you.

It is another famous birthday greet that you can greet anyone on their birthday.

4. Felix sit natalis dies!- Happy birthday

This phrase also means happy birthday. It is the original Latin birthday wish phrase that you can greet anyone by wishing happy birthday.

5. Habeas felicitatem in die natus es!– May you have happiness on the day you were born!

It is also a kind of happiness that you wish someone on their birthday. You can express your unique feelings by having the Latin birthday wishes in their original form.

6. Natalis laetus!– Happy Birthday

You can also wish your Latin friend a happy birthday with this phrase.

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Birthday Wish Song in Latin

You can sing beautiful Latin songs to make your birthday memorable. So, here are some of the most famous Latin birthday songs for you that you can play on your birthday night to make your friend feel special and loved.

natalis beati,
natalis beati,
natalis beati tibi

English version

happy birthday,
happy birthday,
happy birthday to you.

Gratulamor tibi,
gratulamor tibi,
gratulamor care (insert name),
gratulamor tibi!

English version

I congratulate you,
I congratulate you,
I congratulate you (insert name),
I congratulate you!

It is a common way to wish someone their birthday in Latin. “Felix nox natalis es“- May God is with [insert name] on his birthday!

Birthday Related Phrases and Terms in Latin

If you are going to a Latin birthday theme party or wish someone a happy birthday in Latin, then some of the best phrases and terms are listed below.

gratulamor tibi!I congratulate you!
Carissime!My dearest!
bonum vobisBest wishes!/ Good for you
Natalis placentaBirthday cake
Candelae Candles
transeat hic sine nube diesmay this day pass without a cloud
Sortem amoris et beneficiiLots of love and blessings
Habere beatam et longam vitamHave a happy and long life
Habere memorabile diemHave a memorable day
Natalis, multos celebrande per annos, candidior semper candidiorque veniI have come to celebrate many birthdays over the years, always whiter and whiter
Estne aliquid speciale consilium ad diem natalem tuum?Is there any unique plan for your birthday?
Quomodo ergo natalem tuum celebramus?How are you going to celebrate your birthday?

Traditional Birthday Celebration in Latin

Romans are the first who celebrates birthdays for ordinary men differently. They try to feel the life cycle and celebrate it every year. Even they are the first to recognize national holidays for some famous people’s birthdays.

They honor their birth dates which fall on different months, with a special celebration. Those birthday celebrations are mostly called calendars. They are one of the oldest forms written by the Romans and were usually made on lead tablets.

They also wrote the names of priests, centurions, generals, and other essential persons in the calendar. We can see many postcards, letters, and calendars in museums, giving us a brief idea about the celebration of birthdays by Romans. So, every year on that person’s birth date, the Romans celebrated their birthdays.

50th Birthday

The 50th birthday is unique among all other birthdays because of its age. So, it should be celebrated exclusively. Roman people made a special cake with flour, olive oil, cheese, and sugar. Then cut the cake with joy and happiness in the heart. 

They treated the birthday person with gifts and birthday cake. But in the very early times, they celebrated a birthday only for men, and later in the 12th century; they also started to plan a birthday celebration for women.

Ancient Ways

Roman people celebrate their birthdays in ancient times in their traditional ways. They arrange flowers, wine, cake, and candles to decorate where the birthday person usually lives. They make a wish for the birthday person and then blow out the candles. Then they cut the birthday cake and celebrate it. 

They even play music, dance and sing songs for the birthday person. They even sing happy birthday in Latin Felix NOx Natalis es. From ancient times they have taken birthdays as a big celebration in their lives. 

Celebrate with family

The Latin people first celebrate their birthdays with Family members. They have a tradition of arranging a party with cake, wine, and food to celebrate birthdays. They have a tradition of gift-giving ceremonies at birthday parties.

There are many gifting options, from jewelry to clothes and flowers. Gifts or presents are a token of love and affection for the birthday person. They feel exceptional after getting their desired gift from their loved one.

Public Birthday Celebration

The Latin people also celebrate publically with friends and close ones. They have special celebrations for the birthday of someone they love. They organize a big party with music, dance, and food on the birthday of their loved one. They also arrange a birthday celebration at the birthday person’s favorite restaurant, bar, or discotheque.

They sometimes arrange a Banquet hall and doctorate that with flowers and cut cake together. Latin people have recognized it as a very special occasion.

Now you may wish someone happy birthday in Latin

In conclusion, we can see many Latin phrases in the birthday wishes we gave above that you can implement in your birthday wishes to someone exceptional. From ancient times Latin people have celebrated their birthday’s many ways. So, they have kept their tradition of celebrating birthdays till the end of times. Romans first celebrated the birthdays of ordinary people and then decided to make it a ritual for some famous men like emperors.