Happy Birthday Quotes, Wishes, Greetings for Celebration

Writing or finding some nice words for wishing your friends, family, and loved ones a happy birthday can be difficult sometimes. If you are in need of some nice happy birthday quotes and wishes then we here have a collection of some well-written birthday greetings that you can edit and send to anyone celebrating their birthday.

On your birthday, I wish you loads of hugs and wishes. Hoping that you are enjoying this day. Happy birthday.

I hope your birthday is filled with sweets, love, and blessings. May your life be more successful than now. With lots of hugs and love, Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! You are stepping forward in another year of your life. May your life be more fantastic and filled with success and great people.

Today is the most wonderful day of your life. Enjoy it well and make sure to eat lots of cake and party hard. Wish you many many happy birthdays.

Wish you a spectacular birthday! This is the day that comes once in a year so be ready to do everything that makes you happy and enjoy the day like anything.

Happy birthday! Enjoy this terrific day to the fullest and have birthday drinks and cakes.

May you be always blessed by God and may you get all that you desire. Happy birthday.

May God bless you with all the amazing things in your life. Happy birthday.

I wish your birthday brings more and more happiness and new adventures in your life. Happy birthday.

Wishing you the best birthday ever. Happy birthday, dear. May all the good things come in your way.

Every new year you become wiser and more mature. May your life shines brighter. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday quotes

Happy born day dear. May your life be filled with more goodness and happiness. Have an amazing day.

Happy birthday to my favorite person. You have always been there for me in my hard times. I am thankful to you for all you have done for me till yet.

Hey dear, on your birthday I wish may God bless you and make your everyday happening. Happy birthday.

May the rays of the sun enlighten your life and make it brighter. God bless you with all that you deserve. Happy birthday.

Today I am thinking of you as it’s your birthday. May your day be full of beautiful wishes and lots of love. Have a splendid birthday.

Happy birthday. I am sending special wishes to the super amazing person. Have lots of fun for the best birthday yet. Enjoy. It’s your day!

Today is your day and you are a great person I know. So, have a grand celebration to make it great as you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. Have the best birthday ever. Live your life to the fullest, may your all dreams fulfill.

Today is the birthday of the person who brings joy and happiness to the lives of others. To that person, I wish you a very happy birthday. Live your life happily.

Take a break and celebrate your special day to make it memorable as it’s your birthday. Have fun and party hard. Happy birthday.

I am wishing a sweet and happy birthday to the person who is really sweet and caring. You always make me smile and I am proud to be a part of your life.

Have a blast and party hard. Blow as many candles as you, cut lots of cake and try new things. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday dear! May God bless you to accomplish all your goals. May every second of your life be memorable and unforgettable.

It’s the time to shine bright my dear. Cheers to a new height of success, experience, and happiness. Happy birthday!

You have been the kind of person who always prefers to have chocolates over cakes and flowers over balloons and I love that about you. Have a fabulous birthday.

Wishing you a fantastic birthday and many more to come. May all your marvelous dreams come true.

Happy birthday! It’s a time to make a wish. Now close your eyes and blow the candles and make a wish you would like the most. Here’s wishing you the best and happy birthday.

Birthday is only the day when you can enjoy being spoiled! Wishing you a total relaxation day. Have fun. Happy birthday.

Enjoy your special day and make each and every moment memorable. May your every birthday bring more and more happiness and fun in your life.

All the past years you have experienced many things and learned many lessons. I wish you to look forward and live a happy life ahead. Happy birthday.

In the last few years, you have been fighting for your rights. I salute you for your braveness. May God give you more courage and good health to light a lamp of happiness in your future. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the person who is full of fun, love, and colorful life. All these qualities make you a wonderful person. May your day be more colorful, full of lights, love, and with the people around you who love you the most.

Rose is red, the sky is blue, oh my dear I wish you a happy birthday. You deserve extra special treatment today as it’s your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Cheers to the new height of fun and laughter. Enjoy your celebration. Happy birthday!

Burst the balloons, blow the candles, and cut the cake. And say Happy Birthday like it’s the best day of your life. happy birthday buddy.

happy birthday greetings

Happy birthday! It’s the time for a night out and celebrate it in the biggest way with your favorite people.

To the wonderful person I know, I wish a beautiful and astonishing life ahead. Happy birthday. Enjoy it.

The best gift I can give you today is to acclaim you for being a good person and always being there with others in their hard times. Happy birthday to the sweetest person. Have a blasting birthday.

I am giving a rose to the birthday person who is beyond comparison. You are sweet, innocent, and beautiful. May your future be as sweet as yours. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, dear. Today we are here to celebrate the birthday of an exquisite, despicable, and admirable person. So, let’s cut the cake and open up the champagne bottle.

Happy birthday. Yeahhhh! For this entire day, you are going to celebrate your birthday. It is life’s biggest achievement that you get another year to live.

Happy birthday! May God bless you with love like rain showers on the plants. Wish you an abundance of best wishes and love.

Wishing you multitudes of happiness and love on your birthday. Let’s party from morning till night.

Happy birthday you are a lionhearted person. Doesn’t matter what circumstances arise on your way, you always stand tightly in front of it. Happy birthday to such a courageous person.

Best wishes to an unstoppable force like you, who face all the challenges. You can easily handle any situation that arises on your way. Happy birthday.

birthday wishes and quotes

My love will never change no matter what the situation is. You are a big-hearted, caring, and loving person. May you remain healthy, happy and fit. Happy birthday!

You are the twinkling star of my eyes. May you shine like any star in everybody’s life. May your life’s journey keep a good impact on others. Happy birthday!

It’s another year of a dazzling life. It’s true that you are getting older every year but, instead of it, you should think of getting better every year. Happy birthday.

I wish you a very happy birthday with lots of surprises, gifts, and cakes. It’s your special day. So enjoy it to the fullest. May all your wishes come true and may God always bless you with all that you deserve.

Wishing you bundles of happiness and love on your birthday. Have fun. Happy birthday!

Be the one whose Sweetness and calmness are praised by everyone. You one of the prettiest people I ever met in my life.

Happy birthday! Every single minute of this day precious and special. So enjoy it to the fullest.

You are as cute as little pups. May your cuteness remains till you become old. Wishing you a pleasurable life ahead. Happy birthday!

This is one of the best days ever because you were born on this day. I wish you more beautiful days ahead in future. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who is absolutely amazing and Fabulous.

It’s the time to celebrate a day which is special for you and for me too because you are a very special part of my life. Happy birthday!

May your birthday be filled with fabulous people, fantastic gifts, and lovely surprises. Happy birthday to my lovely friend.

To my dear friend, who loves to get cake and gifts, I’m sending you the gift of love and cake on your birthday.  And also, be ready for a grand celebration. Happy birthday!

Have a super-duper, exciting, full of fun, and amazing day. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to such a loving and caring person in my life. I’m so lucky to have you.

To the boy, whose footsteps I will always follow, I wish you all the best for your future. Happy birthday.

On this day, From opening up your pretty eyes in the morning till you sleep in the night, may your every moment filled with happiness. May this day become memorable for you. Happy birthday.

You are the moon of my life, who has enlightened the darkness of my life. My life without you is incomplete. Love you and wish you a happy birthday.

May God bless you with never-ending joy and happiness. May your life become full of peace and prosperity. Happy birthday, dear.

happy birthday wishes

Like the sky is full the stars, may your life also be full of love and happiness. Hope you enjoy every moment of you life. Happy birthday.

I’m so lucky to have such a supportive, motivating, and encouraging friend like you. Happy birthday and have an amazing day. Enjoy it to the fullest. May you receive many more genuine good wishes.

May all the upcoming years be full of beautiful surprises, good opportunities, and many challenges. It’s your birthday today and I wish you enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. I wish you to blow 100 candles on your 100th birthday and many more.

Your arms are the warmest, secure, purest, and comfortable place I always want to live in. Happy birthday to my beloved one.

Happy birthday to a wonderful person. You are the one with whom I can share and spend all my good times.

Wish you a super amazing, blasting, terrific, wonderful, awesome, best, and happiest birthday. I wish you success on your way ahead.

Happy-Anni-Birth-Sary! My childhood was very awesome with you. I’m the luckiest one to have you in my life.

Happy beer day! I wish you a happy birthday with lots of beer, cake, love and laughter.

Happy level-up day dear. I wish millions of happiness come your way. Happy birthday.

Cheers to wrinkles & aging. Happy birthday buddy.

Ta-da-ta-da-ta-da. Here’s the person who has survived one more year. Have a blasting and everlasting happiness. Happy birthday, dear.

Hurray…..Another year passed and you are still alive. Congratulations on being alive. Many more years to come for you and wish you a happy birthday.

To a most generous and fun-loving guy, I am sending hugs and kisses and lots of love. Happy birthday.

This is the day when a precious gem came into this beautiful world. You the most deserving and sweet person. Happy birthday.

Cheers to an another year of getting older and closer to become senior citizen. Happy birthday and have fun buddy.

It’s fun to imagine that your face stuffed with the cake. I hope this year brings more happiness, more love, and a high level of fun. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. May your wisdom increases on each birthday with the passes of time. Hope this day brings lots of success and happiness in your life.

Bring on the cake dude. Day of a big celebration. Wishing birthday as sweetest as cake.

Have the best birthday. See you soon beautiful. Happy birthday.

Happiest birthday to an amazing woman, blooming with vibrant colors of happiness, joy, beauty, and grace.

Happy birthday my favorite. Wishing you a year full of delight, wonder, and exhilaration.

Happy birthday to an extraordinary friend. You always bloom with glee, positivity, and elation.

To a stunning personality, wishing a day full of glitters and jubilance. Happy birthday!

Wishing a day when you light up our lives. Happy birthday.

Today, you are turning one year older. Let’s cut the cake and enjoy the company of people presents here. Happy birthday!

I did get any idea of gifting anything special today, so I decided to give you my company for the whole day. Happy birthday buddy.

Thank you for being my friend and making my life more endurable with an optimistic and positive outlook. Happy birthday.

To the person, born with both intelligence and good looks, wishing more brilliance and attractiveness to you. Happy birthday.

My life would be meaningless without you in it. May your day be blessed with bliss and surrounded by people you love. Have an enthusiastic birthday.

You are like a full moon, which pops up only once a year, at the time of your birthday. Well, wishing you a happy birthday. Best wishes for your year ahead.

Happy birthday, dear. Hope you get this year whatever you dreamed of. Enjoy your day.

I want to thank you for motivating me and bringing out the best version of me. I wish your dreams come true. Be happy always and enjoy the celebration.

To a great friend, who radiates positivity and delight into us, we are grateful to have you in our lives. Happy birthday buddy!

Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Everyday I spend with you is more than awesome.

You fill the place with good vibes wherever you go. I wish God bless you with love and laughter as long as you live. Wishing happiest birthday to you.

Life passes, and people changes. The only person who is still the same is you. To my best buddy, I wish happy birthday. Love ya!

On the jubilance of your birthday, I want to make a wish that may good keep you healthy and prosperous always. Happy birthday!

You are the prettiest, gorgeous, simply beautiful, and wonderful woman for me in this whole world. And I’ll be always there to remind you of your simplicity and gorgeousness. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. I am going to make this day blasting and memorable to you. Let’s enjoy and celebrate.

We have been grown up together. But whenever I look at you, I feel like we still living in our olden days. Happy birthday to my dear one.

You are so perfect and romantic that nobody can beat you in this. Be like this always. Happy birthday dear hubby. Love you!

Having a loyal and loving husband is truly a blessing for any woman. And I’am that lucky woman. Happy birthday to my perfect partner.

You are a perfect epitome of a golden-hearted person. Marrying you is like my dream come true. Happy birthday to my loving and handsome husband.

Happy birthday to the person who helped me in fulfilling my dreams. You are the best gift from god. Love you so much.

You are my queen and I am your king. Let’s fall in love again to make our own kingdom. Happy birthday darling.

A wife like you is every husband’s dream. You are a lovely, caring, sensible, fun-loving, and amazing woman. Happy birthday my pretty lady.

My house became home after marrying you. I don’t want anything now. May all the great things happen always in your way because you deserve it. Happy birthday to the beautiful lady of my heart.

This day is perfect for putting a great smile on your lovely face. Hope you live healthy and happy always. Happy birthday.

I want to make an evergreen smile on your face. No matter what will be the age, you will always look pretty and gorgeous because inside you, present an evergreen soul. Happy birthday.

No word can define my love for you. It’s above all. I want to thank you for coming into my life. Have an incredibly amazing happy birthday. Enjoy your special day.

May the beautiful nature and God’s angels, shower their blessings on you. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

You keep a unique place in the lives of everyone. And for me, you are very special and made a unique place in my heart and life as well. May God keeps showering his blessings on you. Happy birthday.

Today is the birthday of my casanova. Let’s make a royal and unforgettable birthday celebration. Happy birthday.

Thank you for bringing happiness in my life. You understands me and knows me better than anyone else. Keep spreading love and happiness in the world. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a gorgeous girl. Frankly speaking, I like when you share everything with me without any hesitation. I love the way you are.

It’s hard to find a beautiful and perfect birthday present which is more perfect and beautiful than you. I love you to the infinity. Happy birthday!

This world is full of hypocritical people, you are only a precious and pure-hearted gem, I found. You have changed my life. It’s now becomes wonderful as you are. Thank you and love you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. My love for you is unconditional and it increases with the passes of time. I want to make every single minute of this special day memorable and unforgettable for you.

Happy birthday bro. I want to thank you today for always being my support system. You are the best brother in the world.

Today I realize, why mom and dad feel proud of you because you are a great son, a great brother, and a perfect example of simplicity and awesomeness. Happy birthday.

You have been like an umbrella over my head. You always protect me and fight for me. I want to thank god and our parents for giving me a brother like you. Happy birthday.

The only person I can share things and act crazy and stupid, is you. Thanks for always listening to my stupidity. Happy birthday to a brilliant person.

To a great secret keeper, a good listener, and my best buddy, I wish you a fabulous and extra amazing happy birthday.

I am used to your stupidity. But I love your company and laugh like a demon, on your creepy jokes.  Happy birthday and keep making me laugh with your jokes.

Happy birthday dear. Many warm wishes on your special day. I am so glad that I’m going to share your special day with you.

You are charming, witty, intelligent, and adorable. Keep on spreading your qualities in all. Happy birthday.

I’m lucky to have you in my life. You were always there for me in my joys and sorrows. I hope our bond and understanding remain until we die. Happy birthday!

Since our childhood, we are friends and I’m happy that we are still together. It’s my dream to sit in a garden together after our retirement and laugh at all the nonsense and crazy time we spent together.  Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. Today on your special day, I get an opportunity to say how much I love you and what you mean to me.

Having a friend like you is like having a precious diamond. You are a perfect example of beauty with a brain. Have a healthy, happy, and beautiful birthday.

Happy birthday dear. You are the one who knows how to bring smile on my face. Thank you for being with me. Happy birthday and keep smiling.

Wish you a fabulous and extra amazing birthday dear. Celebrate your day with full joy and fun.

Let’s live and enjoy the present moment. Don’t let this moment go. Happy birthday.

The true definition of a friend is someone who trusts you, makes you realize your mistake, and teach you life lessons like a teacher. I am glad that I have such a friend. Happy birthday to my such friend.

Happy birthday. I hope your special day brings lots of happiness and love to your life. May your dreams come true.

Let the past gone, look forward to your future and live in the present, this is the only formula of happiness. Happy birthday and enjoy your day!

Enjoy every good way of a journey of your life. Happy birthday.

Hope your birthday fills your life with joy, happiness, and blessings. Happy birthday dear and all the best for your future.

Happy birthday, dear. I want your birthday to be declared a national holiday so that I can get off from my office every year on this day.

It’s an honor to be a friend of yours. You are such a great person who always stands for others and ready to help them. You always make others happy and spread love. Happy birthday dear!

Hope your birthday fills your life with endless unforgettable sweet memories and plenty of happiness and joy.

Wish you all the very best for your upcoming years. Your present life is good and the better is yet to come. Happy birthday.

Hope you have a good day today. May your dream come true of having a successful life. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. May God bless you with a long life but never make you old with wrinkles on your face.

Let’s begin the counting. 1..2..3..4………..10 booooommmm. Happyyyyy birthdayyy. May your birthday be fantastic as this surprise.

Wear your seat belt and enjoy the ride of your life journey. Wish you a very amazing birthday full of love and surprises.

My life is fulfilled since you came into it. I am grateful to you for making my life so colorful and beautiful. Happy birthday!

May God bless you and keep you happy always because you are a big-hearted person. Happy birthday.

I feel proud that somehow you are connected to me. You are a great inspiration for us. Enjoy your day buddy. Happy birthday!

It is undoubtedly a thrilling day because it’s the birthday of my best buddy. Happy birthday!

May this smile and happiness remain forever in your life. Wish you a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. You are a brave, strong, and self-dependent individual. I wish this strong attitude remains in you always.

Happy birthday, dear. You are a precious stone like a diamond. I am contented to have a beautiful friend like you.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and for others. I wish you keep radiating lights in other’s life. Happy birthday. Love you!

Happy birthday. I love the way you win other people’s hearts with your calm and tender nature. May you get whatever you ever dreamed of.

Doesn’t matter what your age is, you always look beautiful and attractive. May your charm and beauty never lessen. Happy birthday.

I am fully cherished because a rare friend like you is in my life. Wish you a happy birthday and love you from the depth of my heart.

We shared the same cradle, we shared our clothes, and we will share the same grave too because we are not only best friends but also soulmates. Happy birthday.

Hey buddy, you are more valuable than any wealth to me. Wish you a healthy and wealthy life. Happy birthday!

You are like a belt with pants, one cannot be worn without the other. Both are contemporary to each other. Happy birthday to the very important person of my life.

Happy birthday, dear. May you get whatever you dreamed of and in the way you want it. And wishing that you get more than you deserve.

Happy birthday. I am sending you a big bouquet of best wishes, love, and happiness. Enjoy your day.

Here is a bucket of happiness to a person who made my life easy and happening. Happy birthday.

I may not be there with you on your special day, but remember that I will always be there with you in your joys and sorrows.  I am thinking of you and wishing you a happening and awesome birthday.

With soft old music and a glass full of whiskey in my hand and sitting on my balcony and totally fallen in love with the music, is my style of celebrating my birthday. Sometimes being alone at home, gives so much pleasure. Cheers….Happy birthday, dear.

Wishing Happy Birthday with a gift is a society’s amalgamated custom. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthdays can be celebrated or enjoyed in any place. You only need to have sweets or chocolates and a person to bang-bang your gala day. Happy birthday buddy!

The most special and important day of your life is the day when you came into this world. Because on this day, God showered his blessings on you to see this beautiful Earth. Happy birthday!

I can forget to wear my shoes, but I can never forget to wish you a happy birthday. Wish you a wonderful birthday.

Birthday comes every year. It’s up to you, how you make them memorable. Happy birthday, dear. Enjoy your special day to make it most memorable.

God could never be every time with us. So he created humans. We, humans, have made the tradition of celebrating birthdays to notify god about our birthdays. So that he could shower his blessings on us and fulfill our special birthday wishes. Happy birthday, dear. May you live a longer and happier life.

From this morning to evening, cockcrow to twilight, dawn to dusk, I wish you a very happy birthday my dear!

All the peoples in your life cannot remember your birthday. Only your family, friends, and loved ones can remember and make your birthday unforgettable. May God bless you with a wonderful life and with your loved ones. Happy birthday.

You always bring a smile to everybody’s face and happiness in their lives. This reflects the good character of yours. Happy birthday, dear. May you get success in everything you do.

We hope you liked this collection of happy birthday quotes. We will try to add more to this collection and till then if you can check out our collection of birthday quotes and wishes.