Happy December Birthday, Birthday Quotes for December Born

December is one of the best months as this marks the end of a beautiful year passed and brings new hopes for the upcoming year. Well, for all those having a birthday in December, it is a matter of double or triple celebration. If your one also has their Birthday in December, don’t forget to wish them too. Here we are presenting the Happy December Birthday Wishes that will surely make your one feel loved and understand your gesture too.

Let’s have a look!

Happy December Birthday Wishes

Winter babies are known to be so calm and composed, especially the ones having Birthdays in December. But when I saw you, I realized this is a myth only. LOL! Well, Happy Birthday, and stay always blessed, dear, and have a blissful year ahead!

Your Birthday is special as it is in the last month of the year. I hope the upcoming year will be as special as this month for you. Happy Birthday and stay blessed always!

happy december birthday

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing souls I know for years. Your birthday celebration is a double dose of happiness for me as it is Christmas too. Happy Birthday and stay blessed always. Also, be ready to have the best Christmas Eve with me!

Happy birthday, dear, and I hope you will have the best New Year too, as your Birthday is on the last day of the year. Stay blessed always!

People like you are hard to find, and your birthday month also compliments you well. It is also as cold and soothing as you. But don’t forget and be ready to prepare for New Year too. Happy Birthday dear, and stay blessed always!

Well, I am happy finally your Birthday is here because it burst the bubble of wait I need to carry for Christmas. Merry Christmas dear, and yes, not to forget, Happy Birthday and stay blessed always!

Christmas Eve is the best eve as it gives us the reason to remember Jesus more. But how can I forget my Zombie also has his Birthday today. Well, happy birthday and merry Christmas too. I hope both the events will be super amazing and memorable for you!

You have no clue how much special you are to me and your Birthday. But I want to give you a clue, and the same is it brings holidays along. LOL! Happy Birthday and best festive eve, too dear!

Sometimes we cannot explain the importance of a person in our life in words but I can tell you this that without you I cannot even think of spending a day. Your Birthday is the best occasion for me to confess the same. I love you and hope we will be able to celebrate your Birthday and Christmas together like this year forever. Happy Birthday and stay blessed always!

Happy Birthday December Babies

Happiest birthday, dear. I hope you will have a blissful year like the past one, and the upcoming year will give you all the strength to fulfill your dreams and desires too. Stay blessed always!

December born babies are very lucky as they have a double reason of celebration and so you have dear. I hope your Birthday and the upcoming festivals too will be full of fun and bring abundance to your life. Happy Birthday, be the same always!

People born in December are legends because just after their Birthday, they are all set to encounter the best festive week of the year. I hope you too will have the best Birthday and festive eve. Just be happy. Happy Birthday, dear!

December is here, Winter is here, your Birthday is here, and so we are here for you, dear. Happy Birthday and stay blessed always!

December means fun, fun means happiness, and happiness means lots of love. Happy Birthday dear, and stay blessed always!

December is happiness, happiness is spending time with you, time with you is memorable, and memories with you are unforgettable. I hope like these memories we will be able to make more and celebrate more birthdays together. Happy Birthday and stay blessed always!

When your companion is happy, you are happy, and thankfully my one is. I wish you the best Birthday, dear, and I hope this winter season will bring a lot of new endeavors for you. Happy Birthday and stay blessed always!

I cannot tell you how happy I am because there is no need for me to wait for your Birthday and Christmas anymore. Both are here. I wish you the best Christmas Eve and a blissful birthday. Stay blessed always!

My special one, just understand this with you I am complete, and without you, nothing matters. So is your Birthday and New year. I wish both of the events will be blissful for us. Happy Birthday and stay blessed always!

Birthday Quotes for Those Who Born in December

December birthdays are best because you have an encounter with the best season with the best foods. People like you always deserve the best, dear. Happy Birthday, stay blessed always!

Being a person having a Birthday in December is a blessing because you can enjoy your Birthday and festivals along which calls for a double celebration. I hope you will have an amazing birthday, dear. Happy Birthday and be happy always!

Happiest birthday dear, Hope the upcoming year will bring a lot of happiness for you. As your Birthday is marking the end of the year, I wish all your sorrows too will come to an end. Stay blessed always!

My dear friend, congratulations on completing one more year successfully, and wish the upcoming year will be awesome and blossom one for you. Just enjoy your Birthday and don’t forget it’s Christmas Eve too. Happy Birthday, enjoy!

Some people are like winter season cold and subtle so you, my dear friend. I wish I could be like you and handle the situations in the same way as you do. Your nature completely defines your birthday month December. Happy Birthday, dear, be happy always!

Well, I heard that people who have birthdays in December are very cute. After having your glimpse, I am sure of it. Happy Birthday, dear, stay cute always!

We hope now you know how you can convey your feelings to your one easily. If you are looking out for some more enthralling wishes, do head to our Birthday Messages Collection!