29th February Birthday Wishes, Leap Year Birthday Wishes

Being born on 29th Feb is a funny thing and celebrating your birthday once every four years should be fun. If you have a friend or family whose birthday is on a leap day then here are a few birthday wishes for leap year birthdays that you can forward to them

Celebrating your Birthday is one of the best things I would never like to miss. Unfortunately, I got the chance to celebrate it Once in four years. Happy birthday, darling!

Your Birthday is among those special days which make me feel alive and happy simultaneously. Happy birthday dear!

You know you are quite fortunate because in 4 years you can throw a party for your birthday for once. Happy Birthday, leap year birthday boy!

I am happy I got the chance to celebrate your Birthday this year because I was eagerly waiting for this day for the past three years. Happy Birthday my dear!

Every year, I waited for this day, but unfortunately, this comes Once in four years. But not to worry because I can celebrate every day as your Birthday. Happy birthday dear!

I can’t explain in words how overwhelming I am feeling right now because finally, your Birthday arrived. Happy birthday dear!

I may not be able to express my feelings for you but trust me, you are important to me, like water to fish. I haven’t found any auspicious occasion more than your Birthday to confess my feelings. You are the reason for my happiness. Happy leap day birthday, dear. I hope this Confession of Mine will bring a smile to your face!

On your Birthday I would like to mention you are the biggest Treasure I have ever found. Happy leap day birthday dear!

I may sound clingy sometimes but trust me, I will not do the same on your Birthday. This is the day I got to celebrate Once every four years. So relax. Happy birthday dear!

You are an extraordinary person who can inspire everyone around you. This is the reason God let you celebrate your Birthday in a leap year. Happy Birthday, dear!

People having a Birthday in a leap year are very special, and you are one of their kind. Happy Birthday my dear!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing person I have ever met. I hope the upcoming 4 years of your life, God will bless you with all the happiness.

Happy Birthday, my leap year boy. I hope your Birthday will be as awesome as you and well-mark the starting of an amazing year.

All blessings are one side, and having you in life is one side. Both of them are equivalent to me. This is the reason you have a Birthday in a leap year. Happy Birthday my leap year boy!

You are a precious gift to me from God, and I don’t want to lose you. Having a brother like you is a blessing. But unfortunately, I got the chance to celebrate your birthday once in 4 years. But not to worry because this is special for me. Happy Birthday my baby!

Your smile is something that is sufficient to take away all my stress. It doesn’t matter if I got the chance to celebrate your Birthday in leap year only. It always fills me with all enthusiasm. Happy birthday dear!

Wives are annoying when it is about their Birthday. But my one got the chance to do so for one in four years. That’s why I am enjoying it. Happy Birthday, Wifey!

My husband is the best, and thankfully there is no need for me to think every year about what to gift him on his Birthday. I need to think once in 4 years. Happy Birthday my lifeline!

Your birthday is the perfect location to confess that you are my lifeline, and I always want you to be happy. Happy leap year birthday dear!

I wish God will shower all the collection his choicest blessings on you and will bless you with everything you deserve. Happy leap year birthday dear!

Happy Birthday to the best person in my life on whom I can trust blindly! & please accept all the wishes of the past four years.

I wish the bond we are sharing will grow old day by day as you are. Happy birthday, leap year boy!

Having a friend like you is a treasure, and thankfully I have found it. I am quite fortunate because there is no need for me to think of a gift every year. Leap year makes it quite easy for me. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

You are an amazing soul because you were born on a leap day, and be the same always. I hope you deserve all the happiness in your life. Happy Birthday my dear!

You are the one who sparkled my life with her colors and made it a wonderful place to live. And you are the one who gives me an excuse to celebrate a grand party every four years. Happy birthday dear!

I can spend every single day of mine with you without even thinking twice. Your presence makes me feel secure. On your Birthday, I wish you an abundance of happiness that lasts for four years. Happy birthday dear!

If God asks me to keep certain things for life long, I will keep you for sure. On your Birthday, I want to tell you I love you to the core & been waiting to celebrate your birthday for the past 4 years now. Happy birthday dear!

Doesn’t matter either I got the chance to celebrate your Birthday every year or in a leap year. But for me, every day with you is a birthday. Happy birthday dear!

Finally, your Birthday knocks on the door, leap year girl. Happy Birthday, stay blessed always!

You know you are a criminal because you have stolen my heart. On your Birthday I want to ask you to give my heart back along with yours. Just celebrate your every Birthday with me. Happy Leap Year Birthday, dear!

Every year, I waited for your Birthday, and thankfully I got the chance to celebrate it. 29th Feb is the date I will never forget because of you. Happy birthday dear!

Having someone like you is a blessing, and thankfully I am blessed with the same. And sadly I get the opportunity to say this every four years. Well, Happy leap year birthday dear!

In your form, I got the best gift on this planet. And you made me realize that February has 29 days sometimes.  Happy Birthday my dear!

Finally, I am having someone around whom I can call my best friend and lifeline along. On your rare birthday, I want to say that you are a blessing to me. Happy leap year birthday buddy!

Finally, after a period of four years, the day has arrived when I can ask for a good party from you. Happy Birthday dear leap year baby!

So today is your day, and be ready to burn your pocket because I will not be going to spare you without having the party. Happy Birthday my leap year baby!

Every year I saved some money and I am going to spend all that money on your birthday because I got the chance to do so once in four years. Happy birthday dear!

You are a blessed person because you are four years younger than an average human being. Happy birthday dear!

50 years of your life have been passed, but you have only celebrated 16 birthdays. How amazing is this, right! Happy Birthday my leap year girl!

Happy Birthday to the person who is so amazing but got the chance to celebrate his Birthday Once in 4 years!

Doesn’t matter if you have completed 30 years today, but technically you are only 7 years old. Happy birthday dear!

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