What are Milestone Birthdays & Why & How People Celebrate Them?

Every birthday is important, and we all celebrate our birthday with the same enthusiasm every year. But among all the years, milestone birthdays are more special. If you are someone who wishes to know why milestone birthdays are special, stay tuned with us. Here we discuss the reasons which make milestone birthdays special and worth remembering. But before diving to any conclusion, it is a must to know what the milestone birthday is.

What is a Milestone Birthday?

Milestone Birthdays

Milestone birthdays are those birthdays that deserve special attention. This special attention is given to specific years, including 5, 13, 16, 18, 21, and some more. These years let a person cherish whatever they have achieved and what they want to achieve. People feel overwhelmed on milestone birthdays because they can confess about the battle they face to reach here. Furthermore, these years also give them the opportunity to think more and look out for the ways that help them conquer them all.

Let’s learn more about a few landmark birthdays:

Here we explore for all the reasons which let you understand about these milestone birthdays more:-

First birthday

Happy First Birthday Dear

First-year is one of the most important years of a person’s life. Yet they are not able to speak anything, but the happiness on their parent’s faces says it all. They have gone through a roller coaster ride so blissfully that their entire personality has been changed for good. Not only the parents but all the near and dear ones are excited about the first birthday. All the peeps come together and wish for the best future for the little one and bless him/ her with an abundance of blessings too.

16th Birthday

happy 16th birthday wishes

16th birthday, also known as the “sweet 16” year of life, is one of the best birthdays where you are still not allowed to go for a vacation alone. At this age, males and females both go through the best phase of teenage and experience the changes which they have not expected at all. No one wishes to miss the party of sweet 16 as it is once in a lifetime opportunity everyone wishes to cherish. Don’t forget as this could be the last year of the party with your parents too.

Well, if your one is turning 16, don’t forget to wish them the best and surprise them with the thing they want for so long.

18th Birthday

happy 18th birthday quotes

The 18th year is the big year of life as a person is all set to be a part of adulthood, and childhood ends here. No doubt, when adulthood hits you, it is high time to explore all the colors of it too. Partying is a different thing as now you can organize a party having all the foods and drinks of your choice.

But this 18th birthday also makes you free to make your own decisions, and a better understanding will be developed automatically. But don’t forget as this year can let you experience certain things which you don’t want to experience, so be prepared for the same too.

21st Birthday

happy 21st birthday funny message

The 21st year is a cluster of all the things which you have experienced in the past 20 years. This year let you understand about all those things which certainly happened, and you had no control over it at that time. Additionally, this is the year when you can expand your wings and fly as much as you can. Well, some people feel like there is nothing new on the 21st birthday, but it is special no matter what. Some experience the feeling of getting a new job and some encounters with the love of their life too. Overall, these mixed feelings make this year more enthralling.

30th Birthday

wishing you 30th birthday

Completing three decades is an achievement, but it is pretty tough for people to say goodbye to their twenties. 30th year lets a person think about things more, some are getting married, and some are planning to launch their startup. There is a lot going on at the same time. Furthermore, people appear to be more mature, and family hit at the top of their priority list. Well, after reaching out to the 30s, some people want to spend their 30th birthday on a cozy couch because all these years were full of unexpected experiences.

40th Birthday

Happy 40th Birthday wishes

The 40th year is among those years where a person has a stable life to the extent. People who get married in their late twenties are enjoying themselves with their spouses and the ones who got married in their late thirties are still on the verge of knowing their partners. But still, the 40th birthday is a wonderful one to cherish as majorly people have settled up their business or jobs and are no more dependent on their families to manage their expenses. Maturity hits to the extent that sometimes even in a funny situation, the reply comes out to be serious, just be aware of it too.

50th Birthday

happy 50th Birthday Wishes

50th birthday means completing half-century is an achievement, and there is no doubt this year is having all the things in abundance. Now you have your son or daughter as your friend, and staying late outside is no more an issue with your wife or husband. Partying with friends seems to be boring but partying with grandchildren is an expectation of all. This is the age where a person is all set to stop working. Additionally, this is the age where the friend circle is so small that you will only see the real ones around.

60th Birthday

Happy 60th Birthday wishes

60th birthday, the year when old age is here, but you are not ready to accept it still. Well, in old age, a person is not less than a child. They use to behave stubbornly and always wanted to get what they demand. The birthday parties are not confined to food only, but they also have the gossip of all the past years. A person has a lot to share and can also be an inspiration to others. Some people have gone through a lot of hardships that make them so strong that now nothing can tear them apart. Maybe some health issues will hit you but not to feel devastated as these are the gifts of this precious year.

70th Birthday

Happy 70th Birthday wishes

The 70th birthday year is known to be among the most memorable year of life. The reason being is a person is all set to make new memories and cherish the moments they have lived. Usually, they are free from a job, and all they can do is spend some more quality time with their family and friends. Well, some of us reaching our 70s might have grandchildren too, and spending time with them is so precious. Not to forget, as your diet will be limited, but the limited one is worth having. You never know when God will send you the letter to reach them, so cherish every moment you have.

80th Birthday

Happy 80th Birthday wishes

Reaching the 80s is something commendable. Right now, the age expectancy is not that much, but if you have made it here, then a big round of applause for you. The 80th birthday is the year where you might be dependent on your spouse for things, but the bedtime stories with your grandchildren are worth living for. At this age, you might not be able to distinguish between right and wrong, but don’t worry because now your child can help you to understand things as you helped them previously.

90th Birthday

Happy 90th Birthday wishes

90th birthday means nine decades are crossed, and a person is all set to experience the new decade. Well, the 90th year is a combination of happy and sour moments. Sometimes dependency seems to be annoying, but it is the only option a person has with them. But these 90 years you have crossed are something which helps others to live a better life too. In the span of 90 years, a person encounters thousands of things which help them to turn out to be a better human being and thankfully you can share your experience with your ones and show them the right path too.

100th Birthday

100th Birthday Wishes

100th year, finally the century is completed, and it takes a lot to reach there. You are a person who has explored every year of life so closely that anyone can learn things from you. Your spouses may be half age as you and grandchildren maybe quarter. But celebrating the 100th birthday with them is a whole new experience. You are a soul who has no fear of old age and lives every moment with the best things possible. Dependency may be there, but it is nothing in front of the love you are getting in return from your family.


Milestones’ birthdays are special like other birthdays but don’t forget to celebrate them. These will hit you once in a lifetime, so yes, the particular one deserves some more attention. If you are someone who is about to hit your landmark birthday or any known of yours is about to, don’t forget to wash them and celebrate this year. Also, if you want to send your one the best wishes this year, head to our Birthday wishes Collection section now!