Valentine’s Day Messages for Lover, Happy Valentines Day Love

Sharing valentine’s day wishes and messages is quite old way to celebrate your love but it is fantastic at the same time. While writing these beautiful messages, we often share some things with our loved ones that we used to hide or didn’t know how to say. This is a special way to wish your lover’s valentine’s day and express your feelings about them.

Here, we have some short and beautiful short messages and wishes that can work as a morning gift for your loved ones. This will make them feel special and if you are going to write these for your girlfriend, then she will surely get impressed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my life, my love, my laugh, and my whole world.

You know what is the best thing that I came across after meeting you, it is the way you look at things and make them a piece of cake. Happy Valentine’s Day my sugarplum.

Happy Valentines Day Love

Thank you for coming into my life and making it so special. Wish you a very happy valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the most amazing person on this earth. I am fortunate to have you in my life and grateful at the same time that I got your love and constant support.

The more I see you, the more I fall in for you. Happy valentine’s day my love.

Happy valentine’s day my baby. I know that I told you that I never liked this day and it was a complete waste of time for me but all this changed after I met you and now, I want to celebrate this day every year with you.

Your loves make me feel like I am flying high in the sky. It was only you who opened the cage in which I was living and now no one can hold me back. Happy Valentine’s Day to my life.

My favorite hobby is to love you and I can not stop loving you. You have made my life, darling. Love you so much and happy valentine’s day.

You are the only reason for my happiness, joy, and colorful life. Happy Valentine’s Day to the owner of my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart. You are the only one who can understand me and support me on my bad days. Celebrating valentine’s day with you is the only gift that I want every year.

We are soulmates and we did the perfect crime of stealing each other’s hearts. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY my baby.

On this day of love, I want to say that one day is not enough to express my love for you and I am ready to express my love for the rest of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day babe.

To the love of my life, I confess that thoughts of you always keep me awake in the night, yet I go to bed hoping to have a dream of you. Happy Valentine’s Day to my only dream.

Your love is like background music, it is like blowing wind, it’s like butterflies all around, it is like a rainbow in the sky, it is like my whole life. Happy Valentine’s Day

In our love story, you are the only hero who is always ready to die for the heroine and I never want this story to end. Happy Valentine’s Day to my hero.

I am glad to have you in my life and people are jealous of me because I have the most beautiful valentine I could want. Happy Valentine’s Day to my valentine.

Love is not something like impressing your lover with red roses, gifts, balloons, or fascinating surprises in fact it is above all this. It is tolerating the pain that you may get from the thorns of a rose, yet you love the smell of that rose and I am glad that we have this type of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart.

I just want to confess that I am nothing without you and I am all with you. So, never think of leaving me alone. Happy Valentine’s Day my one and only.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my friend, my life, my love, my soulmate, my heart, my one and only, and my shoulder to lean on.

You know what is the best thing that I could ever want, it is seeing you before sleeping and after waking up. Happy Valentine’s Day my sunshine.

There is nothing that can weaken our bond and there is nothing that I can’t do for you. I love you so much, bae. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the most handsome man in the world. My life revolves around you.

Only you know how to make me smile when I get pissed off and how to make me feel important and beautiful. Happy valentine’s day my love and I always want you to do this for me.

On this auspicious day, I want you to know that my heart beats for only you and I can never ever let you go. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I admire the way you make me fall in love with you more each passing day. You are the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day my lover.

Thank you for being you and for being my inspiration and hope. Happy Valentine’s Day to my boyfriend.

You never know what will happen after a second, but I can assure you that I would love you in every second, minute, day, and till my last breath. Happy Valentine’s Day to my heartthrob.

Above are some of the beautiful and romantic text messages and wishes for your lover. This will melt your lovers’ hearts and make them realize that how much you love them. It is a traditional way of expressing love as initially love letters were written as a part of a long-distance relationship. It might be that this way is not like your lavish gifts but mind it, it is the cutest way to impress your loved ones.