Why Do Birthdays Make People Anxious & How to Deal With It?

Is your near and dear one’s birthday coming? Are you feeling anxious as their birthday is coming soon? Are you seeking the reason why you feel like this and how to deal with this? If yes, we will help you.

Birthdays are special days of the year, no matter their age. It brings people together to rejoice and be happy. It’s always evident for friends, if not distant relatives, to send wishes to their dear ones on their birthdays, wishing and showing their friendship or love for them on their special day.

However, there are several types of people in this world who are different from one another, and not everyone can express their feelings happily. Some people find it very hard to express their feelings to their loved ones, especially on birthdays. They find it tough to express their emotions. Also, some don’t wish their friends and relatives on their birthdays out of fear that their wishes will not be welcomed.

But that is okay to feel like that. If you have difficulty wishing your dear ones on their birthdays, we will surely help you with your problem.

Reasons for Feeling Anxious to Wish Your Friends on Birthdays

anxious during birthday celebrations

Understanding the reasons behind your anxiousness while wishing your dear ones on their birthdays is essential. There can be several reasons to feel anxious to wish someone their birthday. The reasons can be either due to their own thinking or lack of a proper understanding.

Every person on this planet has a will of their own and has the right to think. They have their own decision and own choice. Hence, everyone in this world naturally has their own opinions and notions.

Let’s see why you are anxious to wish your dear ones their birthdays.

a. You don’t know what to say

You can be an introvert in nature, and as a result, you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of others and addressing them in person. You find it very difficult to express your feelings and wishes in front of others. As a result, you find it very tough to wish your dear one’s on their birthdays.

b. You are shy

Some people have a shy nature, so they always find it challenging to speak in front of others. These people find it very difficult to express their feelings publicly and feel embarrassed. As a result, they fail to wish their friends birthdays due to anxiety and shyness.

c. You may feel bad

It is possible that you feel bad and wish that your dear ones would go away and never come back. It is possible that you constantly think about your dear ones’ birthdays and do not feel happy or confident in wishing them.

d. You may have a bad past experience

It can be possible to have some bad past experiences related to birthdays. It can be possible that your dear ones hurt your expectations like they forget to wish you on your birthday or fail to match your expectations. There was possibly a misunderstanding between you and your family members on your birthday, which resulted in an argument. It might harm you and makes you feel bad on your birthdays.

e. You never feel special on your birthday

It is possible that you never feel special and loved on your birthday, so you tend to avoid your birthdays. No one may ever try to make your birthday special, and you have a negative impression of birthdays from an early age.

There can be multiple other reasons for your anxiety about wishing your friends on birthdays. Keeping these reasons in mind, try to find out precisely the reason behind it and try to deal with your anxiety and address them.

What to do if you feel nervous to wish someone on their birthday?

We already mentioned that feeling anxious to wish your dear ones their birthdays is okay. However, if you have some anxiety and feel this, you can deal with it quickly. Here are some tips for feeling at ease while wishing your friends their birthdays.

a. Try to understand their feelings

If your dear ones are important in your life and you want to maintain a good relationship with them. Try to comprehend their point of view, talk to them about what is bothering them, and try to find a solution together. It will help you in keeping your relationship with them alive.

b. Have more realistic expectations

If your expectations are unrealistic, it can be possible that you won’t feel happy with your situation. Try to have more realistic expectations and maintain a good relationship with your dear ones.

c. Think positive

Try to think positively and stay motivated in any situation. You can think about the people who love and care for you and who love you for who you are and not expect anything from anyone. It will help you be motivated and happy, which will help you express your feelings and wishes.

It is how you can keep your anxiety levels in control while wishing your friends on their birthdays and be motivated to wish them on their special days.

d.Don’t overthink

Avoid overthinking, as that makes it even more complicated for you to deal with the situation. Try to be expected and deal with the situation as normally as possible. As per your circumstance, try to deal with the situation.

e. Don’t compare your life with others

You may have bad experiences but try not to compare yourself with others as that will not help. Just try to be happy, work towards your goals, and don’t let any bad experience stop you from achieving your goals. Work hard to achieve your targets and be positive and stay away from overthinking.

f. Try to forget all past mishaps

If you are working too hard to forget your past, you need to realize that will not help you. You need to accept your past and try to forget your past mistakes. Try to be expected of your dear ones and wish them freely on their birthday. Don’t make it complicated for yourself; try to lead an everyday life.

g. Explore different options

Remember that you have separate options, and you can choose the option of wishing your dear ones on their birthdays instead of making yourself anxious. You can choose the option of wishing them on the phone or by sending a text message, or you can send them a greeting card to wish them on their birthday. You can also send gifts to them on their birthdays to wish them. It will enable you to stay away from anxiety.

So, these are the possible solutions for feeling at ease when wishing your friends their birthdays without letting your anxiety acquire the best of you. If you suffer from anxiety while saying Happy Birthday to your friends, then make sure these tips and solutions help you deal with your anxiety.

What we learned from all this?

Here tried to discuss all the possible reasons and solutions to deal with anxiety while wishing your friends their birthdays. We hope our suggested solutions help you stay away from anxiety and develop a good relationship with your dear ones without letting your anxiety get the best.