Funny Happy Birthday Memes, Images To Share With Friends

Most people send cute and lovely birthday wishes to their friends and loved ones but sometimes birthday wishes should be funny. But what could be funnier than a cool birthday meme? So, here we have created a short collection of happy birthday memes, funny images, and ecards to share with friends, family, colleagues, classmates, and everyone else on their birthday. Choose the birthday meme which you find the funniest and share them over Whatsapp, Fb, Twitter, etc.

  1.  A perfect funny birthday meme to put a big smile on your friend’s face on his/her birthday. Share this and see how your friend reacts to it.

Smile it's your birthday

2. The most trending birthday wish for people whose birthday is in Jan 2020 and they are fighting the fight against Coronavirus COVID-19.

corona birthday meme

3.  When it’s your friend’s birthday and the world is fighting against Coronavirus with social distancing.

corona social distancing meme

4. Hilarious yet factual meme to share in the year 2020. As the world is fighting against COVID-19 and your birthday also lies in the same month.

birthday when corona is ending the world

5. Birthdays are awesome, birthdays are fun but it sucks that you have to wait one more year to enjoy this day again. Sigh looking at the calendar.

twins birthday wish meme

6. Everybody likes birthdays but this happy birthday meme is for a person who hates giving treats and just wants to avoid spending money. Well, share this to your friend and take a grand birthday party in return.

tellin birthday treat meme

7. Getting gifts on your birthday feels good but the best gift for someone is your company and time. So, spend some time with your buddy, do crazy things, create memories and wish him with this weird birthday meme.

wierd birthday gift meme

8. Birthday is the best time to get drunk and enjoy spending time with your classmates, friends, and colleagues. So, share this happy birthday meme with your friend who is always seeking an opportunity to get drunk.

time to get drunk birthday meme

9. The best thing about your birthday is that you get to eat cake, sweets, and chocolates. So, this cute cat birthday meme is nice for a friend who has a sweet tooth and loves eating cake.

time to eat lots of cake birthday meme

10. Teddy bears and panda funny as well as cute birthday meme to make someone laugh.

teddy birthday meme

11. A naughty and funny squirrel meme for people who love cartoons like Chip and Dale.

squirrel birthday meme

12. Are you a fan of Spongebob Squarepants? Well, then this Spongebob birthday meme is the finest fun birthday wish for you.

spongebob birthday meme

13. Dogs are loyal and dogs are cute. This cute pup reminds me of the dog in the cartoon series The Mask. So, send this funny birthday meme to your friend who is a dog lover.

smile dog birthday meme

14. This simple yet funny cat bday meme is for people who are super slow and just like to be lazy. So, happy birthday sleepyhead.

sleepyhead birthday meme

15. Cheers to you on your birthday. Enjoy your youth and life while you can because someday you are gonna shit yourself.

dank birthday meme

16. This hilarious and funny bday meme is for your buddy or friend who likes to follow all the fashion trends. So, wish with this meme and sing along the song “I am sexy and I know it.”

sexy uncle birthday meme

17. A birthday meme for people who are funny and understand all the jokes a bit slower than normal. Lol.

realize bday meme

18. Some people just like to stay young by hiding their real age. This is a cool birthday meme for people like these.

real age birthday meme

19. Who doesn’t like cute cats? So, here is a small cute cat with a birthday cake meme.

pumpalumpkin birthday meme

20. Lords of The Rings fans behold because this is the best LOTR birthday meme for you.

precious birthday meme

21. A naughty cat meme to annoy someone on his/her birthday.

pooped birthday meme

22. The good old Mr. Bean meme. Funny and witty to annoy someone on their birthday by asking their real age.

how old birthday meme

23. Birthdays are to be celebrated with your loved ones and family but sometimes you just have to celebrate your birthday at the office with your colleagues and this cat is giving the perfect expression for such an occassion.

office birthday meme

24. Well, dude, I don’t think all the people love you because it’s definitely your birthday at work.

birthday memes

25. The yawning monkey birthday meme a perfect start of a lazy morning of a fun-filled birthday.

monkey yawn bday meme

26. A beautiful and healthy cow meme to wish you happy birthday.

milk cow bday meme

27. Have you watched the hangover movie series? Well, you can’t forget Leslie Chow and this Chow birthday meme is giving just the right expression to wish someone happy birthday madarfacar

mdarfacar chow hangover bday meme

28. Lick your whole face birthday meme for pet and dog lovers.

lick bday meme

29. Wishing happy birthday on smartphones via texting, Facebook and other social media is easy but wishing someone’s birthday face to face is a bit awkward sometimes.

in person vs texting bday meme

30. A sexy and cool birthday meme for your macho friend or your girlfriend.

idris birthday meme

31. Hello, stoners. the perfect high expression birthday meme for you is here.

high yoda bday meme

32. It’s time to go apeshit. Here is a bananas birthday meme for everyone.

go bananas birthday meme

33. Cute eyes puppy stare meme for people who adore little dogs.

get cake bday meme

34. The Ron Swanson meme with his great mustache in all it’s glory wishing you a very happy birthday.

fuck bday meme

35. Another funny birthday meme for your buddy or classmate.

fool bday meme

36. That expression is just terrific and this funny birthday image is the best for making your friend go ROFl.

farted bday meme

37. An elf birthday meme for elf lovers.

elf birthday meme

38. Three cute little dogs wishing you happy birthday in their cute voices in chorus.

dogs birthday meme

39. Seriously remembering people’s birthday is a very big task and most people forget birthdays. So, here is a dog with the best expression when you remember someone’s birthday.

smiling dog bday meme
40. Another funny birthday ecard to make your friend wish birthday.

dog small cake bday meme
41. This dancing boy’s birthday meme is a perfect tribute to someone you know who likes to dance like crazy. So, happy birthday and dance in Gangnam style.

crazy dance birthday meme
42. The Santa surprise birthday meme.

damn santa bday meme
43. Cats are cool and cats are trending so is here is one more crazy cat lady meme.

crazy cat lady birthday meme
44. Another dog meme for a person who likes to dress up cool.

cool dog bday meme
45. It’s your birthday and I am going to sing like crazy.

child singing birthday meme
46. It’s time to celebrate and open a bottle of champagne.

celebrate birthday meme
47. Learn from this cat about how to chill on your birthday and look cool while doing it.

cat chillin birthday meme
48. Well, I hope you get to eat your birthday cake because that cat is just mean and hungry.

cake cat birthday meme
49.  A birthday which is for people who wish their friend happy birthday in hopes that they get a big treat in return.

bill and murray birthday meme
50. Yes, you will definitely get a cake and a big gift buddy.

big cake birthday meme
51. A funny meme for people with birthdays and beards.

beard funny bday meme
52. Lots of love and pizza on your birthday because I love you this much.

bday this much meme
53. The coolest and funniest birthday face ever.

bday face meme
54. Is your friend trying to grow your hair long? Well, this funny image is the perfect birthday card for him.

bday meme crazy long hair
55. Don’t be sad because you will definitely get your birthday cake.

bday meme cake dog
56. Smirking monkey with a banana meme.

banana bday meme
57. Alpaca meme for people who love these funny creatures.

alpaca birthday meme
58. Yes, the old Age Advancement Day meme because birthdays one thing sure that you are one year older than before.

age advancement day birthday meme
59. Scary and funny way to wish someone happy birthday Motherfaker.

cake bday meme gif
60. Want to cheer up the mood of your birthday boy? Share this funny and crazy image and watch them laugh with joy.


61. You might have a friend or person whose favorite hobby is sleeping. So, this meme is to wish that person a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Sleepyhead