Why 40th Birthday Is So Important? 40th Birthday Significance

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People think as they get older they should not be celebrating birthdays, but why? Why do we think like that? Why it is important to celebrate your every birthday and here we are going to talk about your 40th birthday. It is like if you celebrate your birthday when you are old, something odd will … Read more

What Is the Birthday of a Dead Person Called?

Birthday Of Departed, deceased, dead person

How do you refer to the birthday of a dead person? Life is extremely unpredictable. We never know if the person who’s alive today, will be alive tomorrow or not. As long as the person is alive, we celebrate their birthday enthusiastically, on the date on which they were born. Well, the death of a … Read more

Best Happy Birthday Songs, Birthday Music Playlist Ideas

Best Birthday Songs list

Are you looking for some cool songs to play on your birthday? Nice music is one of the best things to have at your birthday party. Here is a list of birthday songs which you will find nice.   #1. Birthday by Katy Perry About: Birthday is an American disco song, written by American singer … Read more

When Did People Start Celebrating Birthdays – Origin of Birthdays

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Have you ever wondered that When did birthday celebrations begin? When did people start counting birthdays? or Who invented birthdays? All these questions may seem boring to most people but if you are curious then we have tried to collect all the references in history and tried to answer some of your questions about birthday … Read more

25 Things To Do On Your Birthday for Fun

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Are you confused about what to do on your birthday? Well, when we were children we were excited about cake and gifts. However, as we grow up you may want to celebrate your birthday in a different way. So, here are some cool ideas and suggestions for fun things to do on your birthday. #1. … Read more

Are Birthday Celebrations Overrated? What Do you Think?

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Do you feel that celebrating birthdays is an overrated custom? Well, some people like celebrating birthdays and some not. Here is our take on why some people might find birthday celebrations overrated. 1.  You don’t need to have a grand celebration to prove you are significant and loved Birthday is just like another normal day … Read more

What Does Birthday Mean? Why We Celebrate Birthdays?

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What is a birthday? A birthday is a tradition of marking the anniversary of the birth of a person, fictional character, or an organization. Birthday is the day when a person first enters in the living world. Birthdays are celebrated all over the world in different ways. Some people also celebrate the birthdays of their … Read more