25 Things To Do On Your Birthday for Fun

Are you confused about what to do on your birthday? Well, when we were children we were excited about cake and gifts. However, as we grow up you may want to celebrate your birthday in a different way. So, here are some cool ideas and suggestions for fun things to do on your birthday.

#1. Travel to someplace nice with your friends or significant other

travel on your birthdayIf you were thinking about visiting some nice place for a long time then this birthday can be an excuse to go there. Work-life is important but going to place you like can cheer you up and you might get to some nice memories with whomever you decide to go.

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#2. Visit the nearest beach or go to a lake

birthday party on beachSpending your time on a beach or nearby a lake can be a refreshing and relaxing for your mind. If there is a lake or a sandy beach near your place of residence then you could plan to spend your birthday there.

#3. Party under moonlight or have a picnic party in a park

Moonlight birthday PartyOrganize your birthday party in a park under the moonlight. Make it relaxing and fun by adding some nice music and food. You can also try to cook something yourself or try some dishes on the barbecue. You can also dance on slow classic music with your partner.

#4. Got to a Concert, Club, or Music festival, Movie, Karaoke Bar, Theme park, or a Sports Event

visit a concert on birthdayThe main goal of celebrating your birthday is to have fun. So, here are a few fun places to go for your birthday. You can go to a music concert, watch the latest movie, visit a theme park with your friends. Going to a place with Karaoke can also turn into a fun way to enjoy your birthday. If you are a fan of soccer, football, cricket, or any other sport then you can also go to a sporting event.

#5. Get Comfortable and go to a Spa or get a body massage

go to a spa on birthdayIf you want to do something different and relaxing than the usual birthday party then going to a Spa center or getting a full body massage. Though you might have to spend some cash this is a good idea to pamper yourself on your birthday.

#6. Visit a dining place to have a nice dinner with your partner

nice dinner on birthdayAnother way to enjoy your birthday is to find a nice restaurant or dinner and arrange a candlelight dinner with your significant other. If you are a foodie then go to a new eatery with friends and try new cuisine. If you don’t want to spend too much and trying different street foods can be also fun.

#7. Go on a long drive on a bike or car with your partner

long drive on birthdayFeeling the air and watching the natural beauty while riding a bike or car is so much fun. If you haven’t gone on a long drive till now then you are missing on lots of fun.

#8. Go for a Shopping spree

Shopping spree on birthdayThis one is a great choice if have money to splurge then visit shops and malls where you can buy stuff that makes you happy. Sometimes, a little shopping gives you pleasure. Take your friends as well so you will also have some company to enjoy.

#9. Visit a Stand-Up Comedy Club for LOL (Laughing out Loud)

Stand-Up Comedy on birthdayStand Up comedy clubs are on the rise and this one is a good addition to things to do on your birthday with friends. If you like to hear and say jokes then find a joke or stand up comedy club and pay a visit with your friends.

#10. Hike on a Mountain or Climb to the highest point in your city to look at the view

visit highest point view on birthdayHiking and mountain climbing is another way of enjoying your special day. If your city has a high place that you can visit then you can go there to enjoy the view and can also take something nice to eat.

#11. Plan a night out and watch a movie with your friends

Pick one of your friend’s places or invite them to your home to watch a movie. Order lots of food and cold drinks to spend the night.

#12. Have a party by the pool

pool party on birthdayIf you like to play in the pool or spend your time swimming then you can throw a theme party at a pool.

#13. Invite your friends and play indoor games like: Dumb Charades or Twister

One more way to entertain yourself and your friends on your birthday is to invite them all to play a bunch of games like Dumb Charades or Twister. These games are not only fun for kids but adults also enjoy playing such games and socializing with their friends.

#14. Go for horse riding or book a trip to Jungle Safari or Animal Reservation

visit Jungle Safari on birthdayIf you have ever fancied riding a horse then you should complete that dream of yours right now. Also, if you like animals then plan a trip to the nearest animal reservation or a jungle safari.

#15. Go to a Fair and enjoy the largest Wonder Wheel or Roller Coaster Ride

wonder wheel on birthdayDo you enjoy visiting a fair and enjoying a ride on Wonder Wheel? Have you ever rode a roller coaster? This birthday visit a fair and enjoy all the fancy rides there with your friends.

#16. If you are looking for adventure go for Bungee jumping, Skydiving, Paragliding, or hike a mountain

paragliding on birthdayThese are some of the most adventurous things to do on your birthday. Just book a good trainer and plan in advance to enjoy bungee jumping, paragliding, parachuting, or hiking a mountain.

#17. Get Yourself a Tattoo

get a tattoo on your birthdayThis one is my favorite because getting a tattoo is so cool. Just keep in mind that anything you draw as a tattoo is permanent and you will be seeing it every day. Also, only hire a reputed tattoo artist to fulfill your fantasy.

#18. If you have never taster alcohol then go to a bar with friends to have some beer

get drunk on your birthdayDrinking alcohol is a bad idea but drinking in small amounts for fun on special occasions is ok. Go to a bar with friends and try different flavors and types of beer. Just don’t overdo it and call a cab to go back home.

#19. Take out all your old photo albums and refresh your memories

revisit photo albums on your birthdayLooking at your old photos and albums can be a fun experience. Those pictures are a source of joy and they make you realize how far you have come and how much life has changed.

#20. Buy a cute pet: a dog or a cat

get a pet on your birthdayIf you are lonely or maybe you always wanted to have a cute little pet then you should visit the nearest animal shelter and get a cute puppy, kitten, or a guinea pig. Just remember to learn all about how to take care of your pet. Now you can snuggle with your pet at night.

#21. Go to a scary house then eat pizza until you are full

scary house on birthdayVisit a scary house and scare the hell out of your friends. Then order pizzas in different flavors and eat till your stomach hurts.

#22. Have fun Go-karting

go karting on birthdayGoing to go-karting is fun because it gives you an opportunity to drive fast and crash into walls and people.

#23. Turn off all your devices and go to a meditation center

meditation center on birthdaySometimes having fun means getting disconnected from the virtual world by switching off all your devices. Also, you can go to a meditation center for resetting.

#24. Visit an old age home to share your happiness with older people

visit old age home on birthdayIf you want to share your happiness then visit an old age home. Cut your birthday cake with them, tell them jokes, hear their stories and experiences.

#25. Donate blood, Visit an orphanage or Help some poor people

visit an orphanage on birthdaySometimes doing things to make others happy is a great thing to experience on your birthday. The easiest way to do this thing is to go for a blood donation camp, celebrate your birthday with orphan children or help some poor people by sharing your clothes, gifts, or food with them.