Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes, Birthday Quotes for 3-Year-Old Baby

Are you searching for some nice and cute birthday wishes for a 3year old baby? If you are then we have written some sweet 3rd birthday wishes which you send to their parents, guardians as well as children. Write a quote on a greeting card and send it along with a delicious birthday cake to make the little child smile.

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for 3-Year-Old Baby Girl

It’s been three years today when God blessed me with the biggest treasure of my life, and I am happy there is someone who can call me Mumma. Thank you for adding more happiness to my life. Happiest Birthday, my little baby girl!

If I start to count blessings, I have my little baby girl turned three today, and this is the best one among them. Happy 3rd Birthday, my baby girl!

The feeling of being a mother is entirely different, and thankfully, after giving birth to you, I get the pleasure to be one. Thank you God, for sending a little angel into my life I am happy that you have turned three today. Happy Birthday my girl!

The moment you held my hand for the first time and said “Mumma” that day, I felt complete. Happy Birthday my little munchkin!

Happy 3rd Birthday quotes

Honestly, I can’t express what it means for me to have 36 months of togetherness with my baby girl. Happy Birthday my girl!

Daughters are among the precious gifts for a father, and thankfully I have one. From the day of her birth, my baby reminds me of how lucky I am after having her. Happy Birthday my girl!

Having a little sister is a pleasure, but mine is too small this time. You are only three years right now, but soon you will be going to behave like 33. Happy Birthday my baby!

No words can explain the feeling I have for my little girl, and I wish soon you will be able to understand how your little smile blossom innumerable flowers of happiness in my home. Happy Birthday my little princess!

For mothers, daughters are the best friend, and thankfully, I have one. Today my little girl turned 3, and this is the best feeling I could ever have. Happy birthday, baby!

In the last 36 months, I got 36000 reasons to smile after having a glimpse of you. I am blessed God sent me an angel like you. Happy Birthday my princess!

No other feeling can match the feeling of being a parent, and thankfully after your birth, I got the chance to feel it. Happy 3rd Birthday, my princess!

Congratulations, my baby girl, to start the new venture of your life because right now, you are eligible to hit the doors of the school. Happy 3rd Birthday, my girl!

Exactly three years ago I was worried about your mother because she was in pain and you were about to come. Thankfully I had a glimpse of you after that bothering duration. You come like a dose of happiness for me. Happy Birthday my baby!

No matter how old you grow but you will remain the same for me throughout. No other Bond can lessen the love I have for you. Happy Birthday my baby girl!

A parent who has a daughter as their first child is quite fortunate, and I am among those fortunate ones. Thank you for knocking on my door three years back. Happy Birthday my baby!

If I write a note about how cute you are, then I will be short of words, and explaining the beauty you hold is impossible. But you are smile is something that can melt my heart in every situation, and I don’t wanna lose it ever. Three years back, God sent me the best gift of my life. Happy Birthday my baby girl!

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for 3-Year-Old Baby Boy

Every day I explore the new color of life with you. From changing your nappies to put you in bloomers, life took a change I never imagined. But I’m blessed I got the chance to experience the same in the last three years. Happy Birthday my baby!

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

Finally, my little munchkin turned three today, and thankfully I have someone who can call me Mumma. Happy Birthday my baby boy!

Being your mother is the biggest blessing in my life, and now you turned three. Finally, I can hold your finger and roam around without having a thought about your father. Happy Birthday my baby boy!

I wish all the basis of my little munchkin will get fulfilled, and he will be blessed with the best always. Happy Birthday my baby boy, and congratulation finally, you turned 3!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart, without whom I cannot even expect us a single day. Being your mother is a blessing, and I am blessed I have you beside me!

You are my favorite from the day I laid my eyes on you. And you will be my favorite till my last breath. It doesn’t matter whether you turn 3 or 30 for me. You will always be my little munchkin, and I will treat you my baby Boo only. Happy Birthday my baby!

I will not ask for Gold and Diamonds from God on your Birthday, but I ask for a long and happy life having all the colors you want to enjoy. Happy Birthday my baby boy!

Three years ago, I was praying for having a little baby in my arms, and thankfully God sent you for me. After you, I don’t need any teddy bear because you are my everything. Happy Birthday my baby boy!

Sometimes we count on the thing we don’t have but forgot to mention the things we have. But today, on your Birthday, I would like to mention you are the biggest treasure of my life I found, and I am thankful to God for every single minute I got to spend with you. Happy 3rd Birthday, my baby boy!

The day you entered our lives, it took a turn which we have not expected, and we are enjoying every color of it. Thank you for being an awesome song and the one whom I can hold in my arms anytime. Happy Birthday my baby boy!

Some feelings can’t be explained in words, so the love of me for you. I can’t explain what you mean to me and how you have changed my life in the last three years. Thank you for entering into my life. Happy Birthday my munchkin!

So, here were some of the birthday wishes for a 3year old baby and you can also take a look at our birthday wishes and quotes collection.