How To Say Happy Birthday in Spanish, Bday Wishes in Spanish

Happy Birthday Wishes in Spanish

Want to know how to greet someone on his/her birthday in Spanish? Well, Spanish (espanol) is spoken by 483 million native speakers and it’s fun to speak. Here is how you can say happy birthday in Spanish.

Happy Birthday – feliz cumpleaños pronounced as :  kũmpleˈaɲos or fey-lees-coom-plea-on-yos

The term cumple means to complete and años (ano = 1 year) means years so cumpleaños means an event marking the completion of a certain number of years in one’s life.

The above translation is correct but the literal translation of happy birth day is feliz día de nacimiento

Feliz cumpleaños happy birthday

If you want to sound familiar and casual in Spanish language you can try this

I wish you a very special day my dear friend (for a boy) :

Te deseo un día muy especiál mi amigo querido

I wish you a very special day my dear friend (for a girl) :

Te deseo un día muy especiál mi amiga querida

happy birthday greeting in spanish

or you can greet casually as ” Congratulations, Lots of love. Have a great day”

Felicidades, Mucho amor. Que tengas un gran día

Or say to a girl ” Happy birthday beautiful “

Feliz cumpleaños, hermosa

Here hermosa is pronounced as : air-mow-sa

The word “Felicidades” means congratulations but it is used by native speakers for “Feliz cumpleaños”.

So you say “Happy Birthday. Have a good day.”

Felicidades Tenga un buen dia

Some other variations of birthday greetings in Spanish are:

Qué tengas un día estupendo – Happy Birthday. Have a stupendous day

Feliz cumpleaños amigo. Disfruta, Dios los bendiga – Happy Birthday friend. Enjoy, God Bless

Qué tengas un día maravilloso – Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day

Qué tengas un día excelente – Happy Birthday. Have an excellent day

Qué tengas un día espectacular – Happy Birthday. Have a spectacular day

Qué tengas un día grandioso – Happy Birthday. Have a magnificent day

Qué tengas un día formidable – Happy Birthday. Have a terrific day

Qué tengas un día inolvidable – Happy Birthday. Have an unforgettable day

Qué disfrutes este día – Happy Birthday. Enjoy this day

Qué tengas un día genial – Happy Birthday. Have a great day

Qué tengas un día colmado de bendiciones – Happy Birthday. Have a day filled with blessings

Feliz cumpleaños. Que cumplas todos tus sueños – Happy Birthday. Hope your dreams come true

Feliz cumpleaños. Que cumplas muchos más – Happy Birthday. Hope you have many more birthdays

If you forgot to wish your friend on time and want to wish a Belated happy birthday in Spanish then this is how you can say that

Feliz cumpleaños atrasado Or Feliz cumpleaños con retraso – Happy Belated Birthday

Felicidades! eres la mejor amiga, siempre estás cuando te necesito. Te deseo lo mejor que te pueda dar la vida. – Congratulations! you are the best friend, you are always there when I need you. I wish you the best that life can give you.

birthday wish in Spanish

Learning a new language can be fun as well as difficult because the literal translation doesn’t work the same in conversation with real people. So, you might find many differences in birthday greetings when making conversation with a person fluent in Spanish.

About birthday celebrations and traditions in Spanish

The birthday traditions in Spanish are not much different from countries where the English language is prevalent. They organize birthday parties, cut cake, and give gifts to the person having a birthday.

Although there is one birthday tradition that is popular and known as ” quinciañera “. This is a special birthday celebration which is done when a girl turns fifteen. This birthday celebration or quinciañera marks the event of turning a girl into a woman.

If you are searching for a birthday song then there is no one equivalent to our English “Happy Birthday to You” song. There are many songs which convey joy and happiness on a birthday. Those songs sometimes seem similar to the famous Happy Birthday songs because the music or tune is somewhat similar. You can also take a look at this song CUMPLEAÑOS FELIZ for the pronunciation of Feliz cumpleaños when singing.

I hope you got an idea of how to say happy birthday in Spanish. Use this birthday wishes in Spanish to impress your Espanol speaking friend. If you want to learn how to wish someone on birthday in other languages we have a post with Happy Birthday in 103 different languages with audio translations.