Birthday Wishes for Son, Happy Birthday Son Greetings

For parents, their children are the most precious thing in their life. Having a son or daughter is a blessing. However, when it comes to wishing them happy birthday it gets a bit difficult because sometimes you can’t figure out the right words to show your love and care towards your son. So, if you cant figure out a nice birthday wish for son then take a look at this collection of happy birthday wishes for son. Edit these wishes as per your needs and send them to your son on his birthday. If your son is techno-savvy then you can also wish him a happy birthday on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Watsapp, Telegram, or any other social media. You can also write a birthday wish on a greeting card and give it to your son along with a small yet nice birthday gift.

Make your son’s birthday special by baking a nice birthday cake. If you also have a daughter then you can also take a look at our post birthday wishes for daughter.

Son, my life is just incomplete without you. You are my reason for happiness, my baby. Best wishes to you on this day. Happy Birthday beloved son.

My son, thank you for coming into our lives and making it wonderful. You are the pride of our family my boy. Happy Birthday and lots of hugs and kisses to you.

My cute little superhero, you have given us endless happiness ever since you have come in our life. Happy Birthday dear, May you have a bright future.

Happy Birthday my son, you have always been a sweet and obedient child and we are very proud of you.

You are my sunshine and you are my moonlight. I feel so happy that my every day starts and ends with your smile. May God always keeps that shine on your face. You rock my darling son. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday son

I always thank god for the incredible child I am blessed with you. Thank you for being in my life, my dear son. Happy Birthday!

My dear son, I am sending you to wish on your birthday and I hope that this next year will be positive and happy.

Dear son, sending you love and blessing for this unforgettable birthday. I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday!

As this year came, I was very eager to celebrate this special day with you. Wish you all the great luck and love from your parents. Happy Birthday!

May you be always healthy and happy with this wish I am congratulating you on your birthday, dear son. Happy Birthday!

You have a bundle of qualities in you but the quality I most adore is your humbleness. You are an incredible child. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

Wishing you a heartfelt blessing on your birthday for your special day. Happy Birthday! Dear Child.

Wishing you all amazing wishes on your special day my son. You are my favorite child. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! My lovely son. You are always special to me and you will always be loved by your parents.

The day you came into this world is become my favorite day, you are so special to me and you made my life the happiest. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday beta

Happy birthday, my little boy, you are strong, firm and one of a kind person. I am so proud of the man you have become. Wishing you best wishes on your birthday, dear son.

Happy birthday, my dear son, you are my hope and pride. You are everything to me and I promise you that you will be never alone in your life. My support and guidance will be always with you. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

I am not only your mother but I believe that I am your friend also. I will always be with you and I wish you my all blessings. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

I wish you wisdom, strength, love, and laughter on this special day of yours. Happy Birthday! Dear son.

If I have to choose everything best in my life, you will be top on the list, my sweet son. Happy Birthday!

You are so loveable, you are more than a son to me, you supported me all bad times and you are a wonderful person. Happy Birthday, son!

You are my lifeline! I wish you everything in the world on your special day. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

Dear son, some of the few people get lucky to have a child like you. As this year passes by you become older and wiser. May you be successful in your life and get all the love and happiness!

Dear Son, may you become brave and strong as your favorite hero, Iron man. When you get back home from school, you will find a bunch of gifts just waiting for you. Sending you love and warm hugs, your dad. Happy Birthday!

May all your life you never fear your fear and conquer everything you dream of. Happy Birthday! My beloved son.

happy birthday my boy

The funny and charming guy you always catch people’s eye. You are very popular in your school and we are so proud of you and your humbleness. On your birthday, we wish you happiness and love.

I am very obliged that you came into my life as my son. You brought happiness in my life. Your one smile is everything to me. Happy birthday, son.

When you were born, I couldn’t imagine you’re going to be this much important to me. May your birthday be full of pleasant surprises and happiness

I wanna thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a mother. When you were in my womb, I could feel your kicks. Love you, my child. Happy birthday my son.

Have a wonderful birthday my son. I want you to know that, whenever I was going through hard times, you stand for me. Whenever I feel stressed, you make me feel relaxed. All your hugs and kisses cherish me.

When I look back in my past whatever I did in my life, you’re the best in my creation. You are my delightful son. Happy birthday, son.

Today is your day my son. Be healthy and happy. I wish you a wonderful birthday ever my son.

You are an amazing man. May this year bring more success in your way. Happy birthday, son!

To my dear son, you are a wonderful son. We love you so much. I wish I could be there with you to celebrate this day. But definitely, on your next birthday, I Will be there. Stay happy and healthy. Happy birthday my little son.

My son, our endless love, everlasting care, and unending pampering, you always deserve from us. These are the things we will always give you. Wish you a happy birthday son.

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We can’t even show you how much we love you. Our limitless love and care we can give you forever. Wishing happy birthday to our son from the deepest part of our heart.

There is nothing more great and mind-blowing than watching you grow and turning into a responsible and well-mannered man. We are very lucky that you are our son. Happy birthday my son.

May your birthday be full of cakes, love, friends and lots of enjoyment. May God bless you with more than you deserve. Happy birthday my dear son.

Sometimes, I just wonder am I watching a dream or is it a reality that you are in my life. You are so wonderful and amazing son. I thank god for blessing me with you. Happy birthday my son. Have fun. I love you so much.

Happy birthday, son. You are your dad’s shadow. Like him, you take care of me. You are the perfect example of a good soul.

We may not often say this to you, but we really appreciate you for being so kind, generous and thoughtful. You are very precious to us. Have a fun-filled birthday son. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.

From the day you have born, you have filled our life with happiness. I wish you a ton of happiness, dear son. Happy Birthday!

Sending best wishes on your birthday, my lovely son. Happy Birthday! Dear.

You are the spirit of our life! you are our child, our love, our hope. Happy Birthday! Little one.


Happy Birthday to you my child, may God always protect you and you will be always blessed. Happy Birthday! Son.

We are very thankful to the one and only force that gave us a miracle child. You are an extraordinary kid. You are very different from others and that is what we love most about you. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

You have changed our lives and made us a better version of ourselves. Before you were born we were so scared that how are we going to raise a baby, but you are such a blessing and you made that time so easy for us, that we are blessed to have you. Thank you for being you, dear son. Happy Birthday!

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You are a wonderful kid. You added colors to our lives and everyone’s life you touch. You are such an adorable and loveable kid that no one can ignore you. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is our wish come true and it’s a miracle. Today we celebrate your special day in the manner to tell you how special you are in our lives. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

Our sweet child, you are one of a kind. Your strengths are your kindness and humbleness. Your birth was the sweetest gift I and your mother ever had. Wishing you all the love! Dear son. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Mom’s heart and Dad’s soul, you have completed us as a family when you came into this world. Wish you all the happiness our sweet child. Happy Birthday!

When I started a family together with your father, we always had assumptions, expectations, and dreams that what kind of parents we will be and how wonderful our child is going to be. You are the love we have, sending you lots of love through the air my sweet boy. Happy Birthday!

By coming into our lives you have made us realize the value of love and life once again. We, your mom and dad love you with all our heart and sending you blessings on your birthday, Dear amazing son. Happy Birthday.

We have our problems and failures but how we deal with them, how we get up to face the issues, shows character, and that is the most admirable trait of your personality, dear son. Let us celebrate you, your strength and your life. Happy Birthday!

It is your day and we are going to make this memorable by doing all the things you love to do and starting on… by breakfast at your favorite place, get ready my little Kid. Wish you a very happy birthday, once again.

I just wish that you will be happy and your dreams become true one day. Happy Birthday! Son.

Once again, you lose another year and gain a lot of memories and experience along the way. The way you are living your life is remarkable. I am so proud of my son. Happy Birthday!

You are my favorite, you are rocking your life and everything you do suits you. Happy birthday to my handsome son. All the best wishes from your mother.

When I look at you, I see a young version of myself but, more powerful and hungrier for success. I can see you have a wonderful future and great wealth is waiting for you. Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals. Happy Birthday! Dear son.

As you turn a bit older in age, I wish you stay young at heart always. Live your life to the fullest and you will have wonderful stories to tell your children and grandchildren. Happy Birthday! My lovely son.

May God give you the strength to fight and to stand for yourself and others! You have shown that you are a kid with a good heart. Happy Birthday!

By looking at the kind of boy you have become after growing up, I feel so proud to call you my son. You have made me look better in the world and it is because of your kindness and love that you share with the world. Keep doing the good work. Wish you a very happy birthday! Dear Son.

Today is the big day, you were born, and you may not feel like celebrating it now as you have grown up and become a father yourself. But, I am still your father and you are my little kid. So, come tonight to home and we will have the celebration as your childhood. Happy birthday! Son.

Happy Birthday to my world of endless happiness, my little boy. All my blessings and good wishes to you.

Lots of blessings to you my superhero. Ever since you came into our life, our life has changed beautifully. Happiest birthday to you. Happy Birthday! Dear Son. Keep shining.

My Birthday boy, your journey from a child to such a wonderful young man makes us so happy. Thank you for filling our life with so much happiness. May you be blessed always.

Happy Birthday Darling Son, you are our dream come true. Every day is a sweet celebration with you. We wish you all the luck for the upcoming years of your life and may you achieve all that your heart wants.

God has given us a beautiful gift in the form of you, our beloved son. With a son like you, every moment is a celebration. Today we just want you to thank for making our life complete. Happy Birthday beloved son.

From your first cry in my lap to this day of your 18th birthday, the journey of parenthood has been such a wonderful experience with a son like you. You have given us so many priceless moments to cherish. We wish you good luck and a great future.

Just like the sun brightens up the day, you have brightened our life, my son. Our life revolves around you our son and it is incomplete without your laughter and smiles. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Just keep smiling and shining always.

Happy Birthday my lovely son. You are your dad’s pride, your mother’s life, and your sister’s world. Today we all want you to know how special you are to all of us. Happy Birthday to Our family’s Superhero.

From holding you in my arms to walking beside you holding your hand, I feel so happy seeing you grow. These years have truly been a delight of my life just because of you my dear son. Enjoy your special day with lots of celebration

Words are just not enough to express the feeling of happiness we have with you our little boy. On this special day, I pray to God to always keep you happy and healthy.

The innocence of your smile stole my heart, the moment you started to crawl I can see my whole world move around. You make want to cry and smile at the same time, you made me that happier. On your big day today, we are going to have a big celebration for your birthday son. Happy Birthday!

Dear Son, you came in our life in the times when everything is going in the opposite way, but your birth was a miracle that turned things around and blessed with the grace of God. We are so happy to have a son like you. Happy Birthday!

Dear Son, your mom loves you so much. You are my precious child and I am happy that you turn out to be such a wonderful person you are. Happy Birthday! My little baby.

You are more than a great son, you are a true believer in the values of family and I am proud to see you for what you are. Happy birthday! Dear Son.

Dear Son, I want to tell you that you should always believe in yourself, and we love you to eternity. Happy Birthday! Son.

Whenever I need you, you are there. You are my support and my hope to live. Your father is very proud and cares about you too much. You always take care of yourself, Son. Happy Birthday!

I am so glad to see you succeed, You going to be a star. Wishing you all the best and Happy Birthday! My dear Son.

In this life, you have to walk alone to find your path, which takes you to your success. You never know what success you seek but when you will find it, you will know it. Many blessings are coming your way, my lovely son. Happy Birthday!

In every situation, you try to remain calm and act positively. I wish that in each aspect of your life, you show this type of maturity. Lots of love from your mother and blessing for your birthday my biggest hope, my son. Happy Birthday!

I am lucky to have you as my child, my son. You are just like your dad, but more mature as compared to him at your age. You will achieve everything and anything, with this wish, let us celebrate your big day. Happy Birthday! Son.

In you, we see our experience and the well-crafted outcome of our parenthood. You have always made the family and us proud. Thank you always. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

You are the product of our outcome which we had done in your upbringing. You are a very sweet child, for anyone could fall in the charm of that. Happy Birthday my young boy.

Every mother in the world is compelled to provide food and love for her offsprings and you are the one child that every mother has a favorite. Dear Son, your mother loves you the most. Happy Birthday!

You are one of the best miracles that happened to us. May the lights of candles make your future more bright and sweetness of the cake make you more kind. Happy birthday, son.

You are our lucky star that you came into our life. You are funny and lovely. May this sweetness remain in you furthermore. Happy birthday, son.

Son, may your future be blessed with success and happiness. May your every morning come up with the brightness of the sun. Happy birthday, son.

Happy birthday dear son. You always make us proud. Having you in our life is our greatest pleasure. Our blessings will always be with you son.

Words are not enough to tell you how much we love you. You make our life complete. Happy birthday my dear son.

Since the day you were born, I feel great and waited for you to grow up. You are the best thing ever happened to us. Happy birthday my dearest baby. Love you, my son.

Son, today you are turning 18 and I want to celebrate you. We have a powerful connection between us. And our love is beyond this connection. Happy
birthday son.

You are an independent and responsible person. And every year you are becoming a stronger and better person. We are proud of you, son. Wish you more success and happiness in your life. Love you son.

Happy birthday, son. Stay blessed and stay happy. You are my awesome and amazing son. You are our pride.

Since it’s your birthday today, it’s a perfect day to let you know how much we love you. I still remember the day you were born, I was full of tears of happiness. I felt like my world is complete now. Happy birthday son and I love you and bless you from my whole heart.

You are more than a son. You are living so many different roles in your life, you are a teacher, a coach, a loving husband, a caring father, and a lovely son. I am so proud to you call my son. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

Today is the special day of my special boy, you made me proud, every day in my life. A very happy birthday, sweetheart!

You filled my life with love and happiness from the day you came, my sweet boy. Happy Birthday! Dear Son!

You are so helpful in the house since you have grown up. You have become a nice boy and that I am so proud you have grown up. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

As you will grow, you will become as amazing as your father. I am so happy that I see all his good qualities in my son. Wish you all the great things in the coming year forward. Happy Birthday, Son!

I am not a perfect mother, but God blessed me with a perfect son. I am so happy that I found my heart and soul into you. Wish you a happy birthday, Dear Son!

You are a very important person in our family. You are so much loved. Lots of love and blessing for your birthday! Happy Birthday!

You are my today and tomorrow, you are my life and my support in this world. Happy birthday! My lovely son.

We are so lucky to have you, you are sunshine of our life. Have a wonderful birthday! Dear Son.

May your birthday filled up with lots of happiness and laughter. Your special day deserves special treatment, so we are going to have a blast this evening. Happy Birthday! Dear Birthday Boy.

You are my own, a part of my blood, a leaf of my root. I am there for you as long as I live son. Happy Birthday!

If I have to choose the best part of my every day, it is when I got back from office to home and look at your little face. I love you, my precious angel. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.

You are an extraordinary person, and I am proud to call you my son. Happy Birthday!

Each day we live is a gift from almighty. I spent every day with you is more than a gift, it is a delightful experience. I am so happy that you are my son. Wish you all the love, dear son. Happy Birthday!

You are the greatest gift of my life, I wish you all the best for everything in your life. Love you, my dear son. Happy Birthday to you.

I always wanted to have a child who would be cute and naughty and being a parent of a child like you is a blissful experience. Thank you for coming into our arms and making our life a brighter one. We love you so much, our wonderful son. Happy Birthday!

With you in my arms, that moment is what I will cherish for my whole life. Your birth completes me and I got to know the amazing feeling of being a mother. I love you more than anything my son. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! My loveable Son. You are a wonderful child and to watch you grow up and became a man, is a blessed experience. Best wishes for the year ahead and lots of love.

You filled my life with dreams and hope. By seeing you as a child, your innocent face makes me feel like I am at the top of the world. I am your support for life my dear son. Wish you all the best for your future. Happy Birthday!

With each year passing by I see a little more of everything of your father in you and You have made us so proud for the man, you have become. Happy birthday to you, Dear Son.

Wishing you love, hope, happiness and life on your special day my lovely son. Happy Birthday!

As you start your journey of a new year, I wish you that you have the love and happiness waiting for you in the next year. Happy Birthday! Dear Son.