Birthday Calculator: Life In Days, Minutes, Seconds, Breaths

When's your birthday? Fill the form below to see the magic. Whoosh whoosh... 🙂

This funny birthday calculator helps you figure out how much you have lived in terms of days, years, weeks, months, hours, minutes you have breathed, seconds, a number of times your heart has beaten, eyes blinked. It also calculates your age in dog years, cat & horses. So, this calculator will help you have fun calculating your friends, relatives & your own birthday n different ways.

Suppose your birthdate is April 1st, 1990. As of  March 1st, 2021, the time elapsed since your birthdate is:

    • You have spent 11,291 days being wholesome
    • You are 30.934 Years old
    • You were born 1613.0 weeks ago
    • You have lived 371.2 months till now
    • You are 270,984 hours old
    • You have spent 16,259,040 minutes breathing. Ahhh that’s a lot of work
    • You have lived 975,542,400 seconds till now
    • You have taken 292,662,720 number of breaths
    • If you were a bulldog your age would be 143.74 years
    • Your inner Horses are 92.8 years old
    • Your cute cat self is 139.74 years old
    • Your heart has beaten almost 1,170,650,880 times now
    • You have blinked nearly 325,180,800 times

So, just enter your birthdate and see the magic.