70th Birthday Wishes, Happy 70th Birthday

Birthday, “Birth+day,” holds a different place in every person’s life. Initial years of life are irreplaceable and likewise all years. But when a person reaches 70, they are not less than a kid. Well, don’t worry if your ones are turning 70 this year, don’t forget to wish them. Here in this read, you will find out some suitable wishes for your ones to make their day more memorable and wish them the best. These 70th birthday wishes are my favorite, and I hope you, too, will love them. Let’s explore!

The 70th year of life gives you a chance to relive all the moments. Happy birthday dear, and be ready to explore all the things which especially are waiting for you at this age!

My dear friend, you have turned 70 today, and I hope the upcoming years will be full of happiness for you, and you live all the moments with happiness like you have lived previously. Congratulations and happy birthday once again!

Happy 70th Birthday wishes

Happiest Birthday to one of the best person I have known from years and hope the 70th Birthday will bring an abundance of happiness in your life!

Finally, all the years of work have been passed, and you are all set to celebrate the best year of life. Happy 70th birthday, dear!

The 70th year is the best year for a reason because it gives you a chance to live the best moments with your grandson and granddaughter with all the happiness and love. Congratulations, dear, on turning 70, and be ready for this mesmerizing experience!

My dear one, you are special and will always be but don’t forget because right now, wrinkles and blemishes will have a place between us. Happy 70th Birthday!

Happiest birthday, dear, and I hope as these past 69 years and the upcoming years will be full of fun and happiness for you but most importantly, free from stress!

You have no clue what you mean to me, and I can’t express it in words. But trust me, having you is a blessing and will always be. I hope God bless you with all the happiness in your 70th year of life too. Happy Birthday!

70th Birthday Wishes for Mom

My dear mum, my entire life, you pampered me like a little baby, and I am always ready to be pampered like this. But don’t worry, in your 70s, I will pamper you the same way. Happy 70th birthday, Mum!

My mum is an astrologer as she knows everything even I haven’t said anything. I love you a lot. Happy 70th Birthday, my dear mother!

My dear mother, no matter today, you have turned 70, and wrinkles have been a part of your life. But for me, you are beautiful and will always be. I love you a lot. Happy 70th birthday, Mum!

Dear Mum, you are the most courageous person I have ever seen, and I hope I will be like you. Happy Birthday!

My dear mum, you are my first love and will always be. My love has turned 70 today so let’s party. Happy Birthday!

Mothers are the best gift from God you cannot deny at all. Thankfully I have you. Happy Birthday my mother, and I hope God will bless you with some amazing years and let you have the best time with us!

70th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dads are always special because they do everything and never show it. Thankfully I have you as my one. Congratulations, dad, on turning 70. Be with me always and guide me as you do!

Dear dad, don’t worry because I am always here for you no matter what. In your 70s, I will not let you feel dependent on anyone. Happy Birthday!

The biggest Blessing from God for me is celebrating your 70th Birthday. Happy 70th Birthday, dear dad!

I was unaware of how it felt like to be a dad until I became one. Right now, I know it to the core, and I am blessed I have you as my dad. Happy 70th Birthday, dear dad!

My dear dad, thank you for making my life a wonderful place to live with your presence and turning me into a better human being. I love you a lot. Happy 70th Birthday, dear dad!

Singing a Birthday song on my 70th birthday is a different kind of happiness, and thankfully I have it with you. Happy Birthday dear dad!

Dear Dad, I may not be a perfect son/daughter, but trust me, I will always try to be like you and follow your footprints to live a happy and peaceful life!

70th Birthday Wishes for Love

My dear lifeline, the day we take vows to be with each other is the day when you have taken the responsibility to handle all my mood swings too. Be ready because in your 70s to I will trouble you a lot. I Love you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my love, and finally, you have turned 70, so you can’t complain that blemishes and wrinkles have occupied a place in your life. Don’t worry, and I am happy with them between us!

My dear wife/husband, I love you a lot and will always do. Be ready because, in our 70s, I have no other work left apart from loving you. Happy 70th Birthday!

I am happy I have reached here, and you have turned 70 because seeing you growing old with me is the best feeling I could ever have. Happy 70th Birthday, love!

Congratulations, love, on turning 70. I hope we will be like this on your 100th Birthday too. I love you a lot!

For me, happiness is holding your hand and relieving all the moments of the years we have spent together. I love you a lot. Happy 70th Birthday!

70th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Happiest Birthday to one of the friend of mine without whom I cannot think of spending life with peace. I must see in your 70s too you are the best!

Congratulations, dear friend, on turning 70, and I hope you will live all your dreams which are left till yet!

Having coffee in the coffee shop is the best time of the day with you, and I hope, like all these past 50 years, we have it in the upcoming years. Happy 70th birthday, dear!

Sharing everything with you is the best thing I have ever done, and I will do it till my last breath. Happy 70th birthday, dear be ready to tolerate me always!

I have one who has good ears, and all his ears are on me when I am talking. I love you a lot and hope in this 70th year of life, and you will not need a hearing aid to listen to me. Happy Birthday!

My dear friend, you are the best and will always be, but don’t forget I am the superior one and will always be like I was in our adulthood. Congratulations on turning 70. Happy Birthday!

Finally, we have presented a list helping you to wish your ones the best in the upcoming year of life. For more wishes, do head to our Birthday wishes & quotes collection as these are the best ones matching the bond you are sharing with them and save you from penning down the long paragraphs!