100th Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages, Happy Centenary

Completing hundred years of life is a victory. Very few people have an encounter with it. But people living 100 years are really very lucky. If you know someone who is hitting his or her 100th birthday, don’t forget to wish them the best wishes. Here we are sharing a list having 100th birthday wishes that you can consider. Browse through all the fantastic wishes so that your loved ones will feel lucky to have you in their lives. Let’s explore!

Happy 100th birthday, dear, and be ready for the party where sugar-free juice and cakes will be the best to have!

Congratulations on completing hundred years of life, dear. I hope you will live hundred years more like this. Stay blessed always!

100th Birthday Wishes

Turning out hundred indicates that you are free from all the responsibilities and now you can live your life freely. Be ready to have encountered the best life. Happy birthday dear!

My special one, congratulations for completing hundred years of life and be ready to experience the knee pain that will restrict your movements. LOL! Happy birthday dear!

100th year of life brings countless moments to cherish and the best stories to tell to our younger ones. But don’t forget knee pain comes like a gift. LOL! Happy birthday dear!

Happy birthday to the wonderful soul whom I have met randomly. I hope the upcoming life will be full of blessings and happiness for you.

Completing a hundred years means there is a lot you have gone through. I hope you will have a blissful life ahead. Happy 100th birthday, dear!

100th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

I have no clue how all these years have been passed with you. But all these years are the best of my life. Congratulations on completing 100 years of life, my dear friend. I hope you will be my friend in my next birth too!

I have done some good deeds that’s why Jesus has blessed me with the best people in my life like you. I hope all the upcoming years will be memorable with you like the past ones. Happy 100th birthday, my dear friend!

Finally, my friend and brother is done with hundred bottles down. I hope you will count some more years like this. Happy birthday dear!

My dear friend, all these years have been the best year of my life, and having a friend like you is a blessing over it. I hope we will be friends for life and wish you the best birthday. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to one of my oldest friends, without whom I cannot even think of celebrating even a single festival. It’s your 100th birthday that means a hundred bottles are down. Congratulations!

100th Birthday Wishes for Grandmother, Happy Centenary

My dear grandmother, all these years have been wonderful with you, and I hope I will get the chance to live more years with you. Congratulations to you on completing hundred years of life. Stay blessed always!

I have the best granny in this world who live both the centuries seamlessly and experience the best worlds. I hope I will be like you. Happy 100th birthday Granny, I love you a lot!

I am blessed with the best childhood because I have my granny beside me. You have made it wonderful. I love you a lot. Happy 100th Birthday, Granny. Be with me always!

Dear Grandmother, thank you for making my childhood memories with all the old and funny stories you used to recite. I love them all and hope you will recite the same for my kids too. Happy 100th Birthday Granny, I love you!

For me, you are like my mother, who always supported and encouraged me to achieve the best. Thank you for your limitless support. I love you. Happy 100th birthday Granny, I hope you will be with me like this always!

100th Birthday Wishes for Grandfather

My grandfather is my best friend, and I am blessed I have an experienced one beside me. Happy 100th birthday, grandpa!

Dear grandfather, roaming around the city is one of the best things I have done in my childhood. This helps me to explore the best places of old times. In your 100th year, do not worry. I will help you to roam around all the new places available now. Happy 100th birthday!

All these priceless moments I have with you are for life, and I wish I would get the chance to live some moments like the same. I Love you a lot, grandpa. Congratulations on completing hundred years of life!

Finally, my best friend, my grandpa, and everything hit the century. I wish you the best years ahead. Happy birthday, grandpa!

The moments you have with your grandpa are the incredible moments you cannot live with anyone else. Thankfully I have the best companion in my grandpa. Happy 100th birthday, grandpa!

100th Birthday Wishes for Father

My dear father, now I am half of your age and can understand how difficult life can be. Thank you for training me to go through all of this calmly. Happy 100th birthday, dear father!

My father is my role model, and I hope I will be able to live my life like a legend like you. Happy 100th birthday, dear father!

The definition of love for me is the bond I am sharing with my father. Don’t worry, I am always here for you. Happy 100th birthday, my dear father!

My dear father, you are the best person I have ever met, and I hope I will be able to follow your footprints and be the best human being like you. Happy 100th birthday, thank you for everything!

Fathers are the pillars of family, and my pillar is strong like iron. I am blessed I have the best pillar around. Happy 100th birthday, father!

100th Birthday Wishes for Mother, Happy Centenary Dear Mom

My dear mother, I am nothing without you, just be with me always. Happy 100th birthday!

I have not seen someone so beautiful like you, my dear mother. For me, the definition of beauty is you. Happy 100th birthday!

Every mother is special, but mine is my favorite. I can’t think of sharing you with anyone. Happy 100th birthday, my dear mother!

My dear mother, thank you for turning me out into a beautiful human being with all the lessons you have taught me. Happy 100th birthday!

Happiest birthday to my lifeline, mentor, and my everything. I am nothing without you. I love you!

100th Birthday Wishes for Acquaintance:

Dear uncle, wishing you the best in your upcoming life and hope the upcoming years will be fruitful as the previous hundred years. Happy 100th birthday!

Dear aunt, you are the best, and your personality says it all. I can’t expect someone to be that much beautiful as you while completing a century of life. Happy 100th birthday!

Wishing you the best birthday, enlightened with enormous happiness. I hope you have the best year ahead. Happy 100th birthday!

Dear uncle/aunt, you are an inspiration, and I hope I will be like you in the coming future. Happy 100th birthday!

Dear uncle, congratulations on completing hundred years of life, and I hope you will live more years like this ahead. Happy 100th birthday!

Here we have explored the best wishes for all those who are turning a hundred this year. If you are looking out for some more fantastic and exciting wishes, do head to our Birthday wishes collection and explore. Here you will see some wishes that will save you from writing long paragraphs and getting confused too!