Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes, Birthday Wishes for 2 Year Old

Are you searching for some nice birthday wishes for a 2 year old baby? Babies are cute and they fill our lives with joy and a sense of calm. If you want to wish a 2 year old baby or his/her parents then here are some nice birthday greetings & wishes for such a special occasion.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 2 Year old Baby Girl

My dear child, you’ve got a superpower to make anyone’s mood better with your precious smile. Happy birthday, baby doll.

happy 2nd birthday to my daughter

A very happy birthday to the one who brings a smile to the faces of everyone in our family. Wishing you a healthy and long life.

You’ve come as a blessing to our family who continues to illuminate our lives. Happy birthday, you are the shining star of the future.

You are the cutest two year old in my life. Happy birthday, angel.

That innocent face which you make after committing some mischief takes my heart away. Happy birthday, baby girl.

My dear two-year-old, your big dark eyes are so captivating. When you look at me with those eyes, I feel myself as the luckiest parent ever. Happy second birthday.

You are the future of tomorrow that have many milestones to achieve. Happy birthday,  my heart.

birthday wishes for my 2-year old daughter

I can’t ever forget the day when you called me “mamma” in your soft voice. Happy 2nd birthday, I love you the most.

Haha, I can’t believe that we are already celebrating your second birthday. It feels like you were born yesterday only. Happy birthday, may you shine in every phase of your life.

On this auspicious day, the beautiful reason for our happiness was born. Happy birthday, thanks for coming in our life as an angel.

I can’t wait to see you grow up as I’ve many plans for you once you grow up. Happiest second birthday.

You’ve grown up so swiftly that we have to bring new clothes for you. Haha, happy birthday. May you achieve the greatest success in your upcoming life.

Every moment that we have spent with you in this total duration of 24 months is worth-remembering. Wishing our little fairy a very happy 2nd  birthday.

You rule the heart of the whole family. Happy birthday and continue ruling our hearts with your cute mischiefs.

You’ll always be my favorite child, no matter how old you grow. Happy birthday, star.

The intellect that you hold at a mere age of just two is something not everyone holds. Happy birthday to my intelligent daughter.

You are like the colorful flowers in the garden of our lives. Happy birthday, continue to bloom forever.

Your smile is so contagious that whosoever sees it can’t resist loving it. Happy birthday our little kid.

No one has ever made me as happy and alive as you do. You are a true blessing to me. Happy birthday to my integral part.

When you hold my finger while walking, makes me feel more stronger and responsible. Happy birthday, I am uncountable times thankful to God for bringing you into my life.

Birthday Quotes for 2 Year Old Baby Boy

Handling a naughty kid like you is not an easy task, it takes a lot of energy. Happy second birthday to the one who’s full of naughtiness.

happy birthday for 2year old

Precisely 24 months ago, I gave birth to a prince and that prince is you, my dear son. Since your birth, my life got blessed with immense happiness. Happy 2nd  birthday.

Spending time with you, makes me remember my childhood. Happy birthday, baby boy. I love you.

You came into our lives as a lucky charm. Ever since you were born, everything is happening in our favour. Happy birthday, gem.

Haha, you transformed so soon from a crawling kid to a walking kid. We embrace this compelling journey of yours. Happy 2nd  birthday.

You are a boon to us from the creator of this world. Happiest birthday, you have made our lives happier than ever.

Your desire to learn new things at the age of just two will make you conquer success in your life. Happiest birthday!

Wishing a very happy birthday to the most priceless gift to us by God.

We love you more than anything else in this whole universe. Happy birthday, loving child.

happy 2nd birthday boy

You are the greatest and the most ineffable blessing of my life. When I play with you, I become stress-free. Happy birthday.

Wishing a magnificent to the child who was born to achieve all the good things in life.

In this hustling world, you put my life to the state of tranquillity. Happy second birthday, son.

Your cute giggles are the reason I live for. Happy birthday, little boy.

When people are around you, they forget all their worries and start to live that moment to the fullest. Happy birthday!

The time that I spend with you is the happiest in my entire day. Happy birthday, you are extraordinarily adorable.

When I’m with you, nothing else makes sense to me. I get so lost in your and your smile. Happy birthday, little one.

When I hug you after a long busy day, I feel as if the day was worth a busy one.

With your mesmerizing smile, you bring positivity into our lives. Happy birthday, you are the giver of positive vibes to us.

happy birthday for 2year old

Pulling your soft cheeks is my favourite thing to do with you. Happy second birthday, my happiness.

The bond that I share with you will only grow more powerful and secure with time. A very happy birthday to my little kid.