Best Happy Birthday Songs, Birthday Music Playlist Ideas

Best Birthday Songs list

Are you looking for some cool songs to play on your birthday? Nice music is one of the best things to have at your birthday party. Here is a list of birthday songs which you will find nice.   #1. Birthday by Katy Perry About: Birthday is an American disco song, written by American singer … Read more

Birthday Wishes for Employees, Happy Birthday Employee

happy birthday wishes to employee from hr

Good employees are essential to running a good organization. As the number of employees grows it gets difficult to find unique birthday wishes. Well, here is the good news we have a small collection of birthday greetings and wishes for employees. Pick one of these birthday messages and send them to your hardworking employee.   … Read more

When Did People Start Celebrating Birthdays – Origin of Birthdays

birthday celebration by Romans

Have you ever wondered that When did birthday celebrations begin? When did people start counting birthdays? or Who invented birthdays? All these questions may seem boring to most people but if you are curious then we have tried to collect all the references in history and tried to answer some of your questions about birthday … Read more

Edible Birthday Candles To Eat With Yummy Birthday Cake

edible birthday candles with cake

Whether you are a kid or an adult we all like to eat delicious birthday cake in different flavors. Sometimes that yummy birthday cake gets spoiled because of the melting wax of birthday candles. A cake spoiled with paraffin wax of candles is not good for our taste and health. Or maybe your kid tried … Read more