How To Say Happy Birthday in Tagalog, Bday Wishes in Tagalog

Birthdays are essential to people’s lives—everything is Special on a birthday.

When we talk about birthday wishes, we instantly think of messages we can send to our loved ones on their special day. These messages are simple expressions of love, gratitude, and warmth that we want to extend to them.

In this article, we will discuss Tagalog birthday wish quotes for family and friends and Filippino’s traditional birthday celebrations.

Tagalog is the native language of the Philippine people. It is widely spoken in the Philippines and many other parts of the world.

Filippions’ traditional birthday celebrations always include birthday cakes and gift giving, but sometimes what they want is to hear a special message on their birthdays. So we share some happy birthday wishes for family and friends in Tagalog.

Happy Birthday Wishes in the Tagalog Language

Birthday celebrations in Filipino culture are very elaborate. They also include prayers and blessings from the family’s elders to the celebrant and their loved ones. Now let’s see some Tagalog birthday wish quotes that you can send to your loved ones on their special day-

Maligayang kaarawan! – Happy Birthday! (traditional form)

Here, the Tagalog word “maligaya” refers to happiness, and the “karawan” refers to a birthday or celebration.

Maligayang kaarawan ng pagsilang!– Happy birth anniversary!

Here the “maligaya” refers to the happiness of celebrating a birth anniversary, and the “pagsilang” refers to the day on which the person is celebrating their birth anniversary.

Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo! – Happy Birthday to you!

Here the “maligaya” refers to the happiness of being wished, and the “sa” is the preposition used to denote someone’s name.

Maligayang bati!– Happy birthday! (formal)

It is a formal way of wishing someone a happy birthday in Tagalog. Here the’ bati’ refers to birthday.

Maligayang bati sa Iyong kaarawan– Happy wishes on your birthday.

It is another way to wish for birthdays. “Sa lyong kaarawan” denotes the person celebrating their birthday. It is the same as the first way mentioned above- Maligayang Bagi sa Iyong Kaarawan- Happy Wishes on your Birthday.

happy birthday in Tagalog language

Happy Birthday Song in the Tagalog Language

If a Filipino is your close friend and you want to wish them in the Tagalog language, then the best thing you can do is to sing a song for them. We have compiled the popular song you can sing for your friend on their special day.

Maligayang bati,
Maligayang bati,
Maligayang, maligayang,
Maligayang bati!

English translation

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to you!

Birthday-related Terms and Phrases in The Tagalog Language

If you are going to attend a Filipino birthday or if your Philippians friend’s birthday is coming and you don’t know how to wish or talk with them. Then you need to know these birthday terms and phrases.

English LanguageTagalog Language
Party foodHanda / Pagkain
How old are you?Ilang taon ka na?
When is your birthday?Kailan ang kaarawan mo?
Where will the birthday party be?Saan ang handaan?
Are you having a birthday party?May handaan bas a kaarawan mo?
Is there any special plan for your birthday?may espesyal bang plano para sa iyong kaarawan?
How many people are invited to your birthday party?Ilang tao ang imbitado sa iyong birthday party?

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Traditional Beliefs about Birthdays in Filipinos

Filipinos are known to have several beliefs when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Noone celebrates birthdays as Filipinos do with the belief that the celebrant will get a lot of good fortune, luck, and happiness on their birthday.

Some milestone birthdays include 1st, 7th, 18th, 21st, 50th, and 60th. All these are celebrated with special parties and a ceremony.

1st Birthday

1st year birthday is considered a milestone because it is the first birthday celebration of the newborn. Many parents celebrate this milestone with grandeur. They throw a grand party and invite all their friends and relatives. 

They decorate the place lavishly and prepare a feast for the guests. A cake is also prepared for the celebrant, but the essential part of the celebration is when the parents bless the child and make a prayer for their excellent health, happiness, and good fortune in the future. It is the most memorable birthday for all parents.

7th Birthday

7th birthday is considered an actual age because it is believed that the person is now old enough to be conscious about actions. In the Philippines, the seventh-year child is countable for their action or reaction. It is considered a milestone because it is the time when the child starts taking responsibility for his actions and choices.

18th Birthday

The 18th birthday is extraordinary because this is the age when a person becomes an adult in the eyes of society. This birthday is known as the ‘debut’ because it is the first time a person goes out and mingles with society.

This birthday is specially celebrated for girls in the philippine. Traditionally, the girl will have her ‘coming out party to which all relatives are invited. It is also considered a transformation from teenager to adulthood.

21st Birthday

The 21st birthday is similarly crucial in boys’ life as girls’ 18th birthday since it is considered the age of maturity. It is also considered a milestone because it marks a person’s transition from being a child to being an adult. The parent guides the child into becoming a responsible adult in society. It is also considered a ‘coming out’ party for boys where they celebrate their coming of age.

The 50th and 60th Birthday

The 50th and 60th Celebrations are more subdued and are usually held at home with just close relatives and family friends invited. The whole family would gather at home to pray for the longevity of the celebrant’s life and celebrate the occasion with cake, gifts, and singing songs together. These are also considered very auspicious occasions for the celebrant to receive more blessings and good fortune in his life.

So, these were some traditions related to birthday parties in Filipinos. They also arrange traditional food like meat and vegetables for the occasion. They always like to celebrate their birthdays with much fanfare and joy.

Now greet someone happy birthday in Tagalog

The Philippines are fun-loving people who know how to enjoy themselves to the fullest. So in this article, we have tried to give you a detailed insight into how Filipinos celebrate their birthdays. We have also discussed their traditional Tagalog language to help you better understand their culture and wish them in their native language.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the birthday greeting in Tagalog?

Maligayang bati‘ is the birthday greeting in tagalog.

How to wish ‘Happy Belated Birthday’ in Tagalog?

In Tagalog, ‘maligayang huli na kaarawan‘ wishes for belated birthday.

How to say a party in ‘Tagalog’?

pagdiriwang‘ means party or celebration in the Filipino language.