Sarcastic, Witty & Insulting Birthday Wishes for Friend

Are you looking for some nice birthday wishes to insult your friend? If you love to make fun of your friend then sending your friend a funny gift along with a witty and sarcastic birthday wish is a great idea.  So, here is a short collection of insulting birthday wishes for friends. Pick one of these messages and chill out on your birthday


Insulting Birthday Wishes for Friend

I know there’s no use of asking for a birthday party from you since I’ve not gotten one ever since we are friends. Happy birthday to the world’s most parsimonious person.

sarcastic birthday wish for friend

Haha, you’ve turned 18 today. I remember the times when we used to fight when we were kids and you always cried like a crying baby. Happy birthday!

How long has it been since you’ve taken a bath? The reason why I’m asking this is that you smell awful. Happy birthday and go take a shower at least today.

My heartfelt condolences for you not being able to make even a single girlfriend so far and I know you’ll take this record forward. Be prepared to get into an arranged marriage. Happy birthday, loser.

Twenty-one and still a virgin! How is it even possible for a pervert like you? Don’t worry, I’ve bought a sex toy for you as your Birthday gift. Happy birthday, friend.

I hope you are aware of that friend vs 10 million dollars meme? If I was to choose between the two, I’d have chosen dollars over you. Happiest birthday!

Everyone ages like a bottle of wine. Some ages like a fine wine and some turns into vinegar. My friend, you are the latter one. Happy birthday!

Hey, are you going to accompany us in having vodka shots? It would be better if you don’t as with age, one’s drinking capacity gets affected and your liver won’t be able to handle it thereafter. Happy birthday, old bud!

Sarcastic or Rude Birthday Wishes for Friend

Do you know why I came to your birthday party? Because I wanted to impress my taste buds with the food being served over here. Haha, happy birthday!

rude insulting birthday wishes for friends

I’m a very busy person and you must consider yourself lucky as I remember your birthday, not everyone gets the same treatment. Happy birthday stupid!

insulting birthday wish

I don’t know who are those people who give sensible advises to their friends if some problem arises as you only increase the level of my problems. Happy birthday to the biggest problem creator of my life.

I wanted to write some appreciative message for you but I failed at writing it as there’s nothing to appreciate in you. Wishing a very happy birthday to you.

I’ve been thinking about what to gift you on your birthday since last one week and finally, I’ve reached a conclusion. I’m going to gift you the title of being lazy, it’ll suit you the best. Happy birthday to the laziest.

Every time I see a monkey, I think about you as you both resemble in appearance as well as in actions. Happy birthday!

funny insulting birthday message for friend

How are you even celebrating your birthday? You are one year closer to your death now. Haha, happy birthday!

As you are growing old, you might need a care taker to look after you in the coming time. So, shall I hire one for you already? Happy birthday!

Witty & Savage Birthday Wishes for Friend

In near future, you’ll be using some hair color to hide the traces of your ageing process. Happy birthday and congrats you are already one year down to hit old-age.

funny sarcastic birthday wish

You don’t have many years left to smile with all your teeth out as growing old and falling of teeth happen simultaneously. Happy Birthday!

Hey, do you remember the last time we had fun together? I guess not as with age, one’s memory starts to become dull. Happy birthday and welcome to the old-age.

When a person grows old, he’s expected to become wiser but you are contradicting this statement in every possible way. Happy birthday!

insulting birthday wish for close friend

I must get awarded with a Nobel prize for having a high patience level as somehow I managed to tolerate every stupidity of yours without even disowning you. Happy birthday!

Are you expecting a gift from me? If yes, then don’t and think about throwing me a party instead as you are blessed with a charming and intelligent friend like me. Happy birthday!

Hey buddy, are you fond of adventures? It doesn’t matter even if you say yes as now you’ve grown old and you shouldn’t indulge in adventurous activities as your body won’t allow you. Haha, happy birthday!

I feel sad for you as you will be losing two things today, your young days and money as you are going to throw a birthday bash. Happy birthday!

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Sister

I decided to gift you a dress but then I realised the pace at which you are gaining weight. Happy birthday, sister and eat less.

funny insulting wishes

Hey there, has anyone told you that you are adopted? No, I mean just look at you, you look entirely different from us. Happy birthday to my adopted sister.

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Brother

In school, you were an average student and I was a scorer, teachers used to admire me. Things are still the same, I am better than you in every way. Haha, happy birthday!

very rude insulting birthday wish

You are a dumb ass who hasn’t achieved anything in his life so far. Do consider yourself lucky as you still have me to appreciate you despite being useless. Happy birthday, little brother.

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Husband or Boyfriend

Loving boyfriend, no other girl except me would have accepted the proposal from a guy like you who doesn’t even have a goal in his life to achieve Happy birthday and congrats for wasting one more year of your life.

Dearest husband, your birthdays are always expensive as when I go to the mall to buy your gift, I end up finding things for myself. Haha, happiest birthday!

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Wife & Girlfriend

I guess I need to look for a new wife as you have grown old now. By the next five years, your face would be full of wrinkles. Happy birthday!

funny sarcastic birthday wishes

Bae, let me tell you something, the phrase which says “age is just a number” is nothing but a myth. So, please don’t get carried away by it and start looking after your joints as they may hurt. Happy birthday!