Birthday Wishes for Crush, Birthday Wishes for Secret Lover

Are you planning to surprise your crush on his/her birthday with a nicely written birthday message? Well, greeting your crush on a special day with a small gift is definitely a good idea. To help you ignite the spark of love between you and your crush we have written some birthday wishes and greetings for your crush. Use these birthday quotes and send them to the person who has taken away your heart at the first sight.


Birthday Wishes for Crush ( for a girl or woman )

I have been waiting for this day for a very long time and finally, my wait is over. Happy birthday my beautiful crush.

You might not be having any idea about this but the moment you enter the class, my heart starts throbbing. Wishing a very happy birthday to my crush.

Happy Birthday my dear love crush

The fact that you don’t love me the way I do, makes me sad sometimes but I am grateful to have you as my most closest human being. Happy birthday, I love you.

Are you a magician? Because when you come in front of me, I forget everything. I get completely blank. Wishing a beautiful birthday to a sheer beauty like you.

I can’t thank this day enough as the lady of my dreams was born on this day. Happy birthday my crush, sending you loads of love.

I don’t know if you are ever going to accept my proposal or not but I know one thing for sure that my love for you is eternal. A very happy birthday to the girl who’s the reason for me attending all those boring lectures. Have fun and stay happy always.

You are like a rainbow to me who keeps adding beautiful colors to my life. Wishing a birthday filled with love and joy to my only crush.

Happy Birthday with love to my crush

When I am with you, I am the happiest human on this planet. You add more value to my life. Happy birthday to my dream queen.

I start blushing automatically when someone teases me with your name. You are the only girl I want to be with, all my life. Happiest birthday to my adorable crush.

A very happy birthday to the girl who owns the prettiest smile in this whole universe. May your birthday be a little more special than you are to me. I love you.

The day I started getting butterflies in my stomach by thinking about you was the day I realized that my heart is not in my control anymore. Happy birthday, I wish you receive ten times more of what you deserve.

No one can make me happy as you do, no one can make me smile as you do and no one can stop me from becoming the luckiest guy if ever I get you. Happy birthday to you, my crush.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful crush

You are the queen of my heart and I wish you to rule my heart forever. Here’s wishing a birthday filled with happiness and passion to my crush.

Birthday Wishes for Crush ( for a boy or man )

I don’t know if anyone has told you this before but you are the most handsome man I have ever seen and I am blessed that I get to see you daily. Happy birthday to my crush.

When I am with you, I feel complete and when I am not with you, I feel lost. Wishing a very happy birthday to an important man of my life.

happy birthday to my lady love crush

The moment I see you rolling up your shirt’s sleeves, I am dead. Haha, happiest birthday to my best friend and crush.

I may sound stupid as I don’t have any right over you yet but I do feel jealous when I see some other girl being close to you. I love you. Happy birthday!

Your charisma is something not everyone possesses. A very happy charismatic birthday to my crush.

When I see a notification popping up on my phone’s screen with your name, I get the widest smile of all time. Have a fantastic birthday.

happy birthday dear Crush

So far I have been a secret admirer of you but I can’t manage to hide this fact anymore so today on your special day, I am confessing my strong feelings for you. May you shine in every aspect of your life, happy birthday.

Despite being my crush, you are a man of a golden heart and this makes me fall for you even more. Happiest birthday to the person whose existence makes me feel alive.

I can’t predict if we have a future together but promise me one thing that you are never going to break this beautiful friendship between us two. A very joyous birthday to my friend and crush.

When I am awake, my mind remains occupied with your thoughts and when I am asleep, my mind gets occupied with your dreams. Oh boy, please be mine. Happy birthday, I love you so much.

Other girls may have some actors as their crushes but for me, it’s you. Wishing a delightful birthday to my crush. Stay fit and healthy.

My heart skips a beat for a second when you make that strong eye contact with me. At that time, I wish time to stop while we remain in the same position till eternity. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Talking to you just once a day makes my day so much better. Happy birthday, crush.