Happy Birthday In Heaven Mom, A Tribute To Deceased Mother

Mother’s play a very important role in our lives and losing your mom is a loss that can never be recovered. If your mom has passed away and it’s her birthday then celebrating her birthday can provide you some relief. Remembering the good times your mother spent with you and your family can help you overcome the grief. Also using these happy birthday mom in heaven messages may help you to express and love to your mother’s soul.

I wish you could be here with me so that I can celebrate your birthday with all the enthusiasm. I wish you will have all the happiness of your life wherever you are and will be blessed with everything. Happy Birthday, Mommie!

You were my lifeline, and the day you left me, it feels like my life has no line. On your birthday I would like to express my feelings towards you and what you mean to me. You were my everything, and the day you left me, things got messed up. I wish I got the chance to meet my lifeline again. Happy birthday, Mumma!

happy birthday in heaven mom

I don’t know what to ask from God on this day, but earlier I had a bundle of joy with me when you were here. But the day you left me, my life has become a barren land. Not to remember it now because this is your day today, and I want you to have a wonderful day ahead. Happy birthday Mumma!

I know you are keeping an eye on me from heaven as you use to do earlier, and I’m sure this will help me to move ahead in my life effortlessly. On your birthday, I pray to the Almighty to give you the best in your next life. Happy Birthday, Mom!

we miss you mom in heaven

Today I am crying because I don’t have what you want this day. I wish no one in the world would get the chance to celebrate their mum’s birthday without her presence. I wish you an abundance of joy this day and missing you badly. Happy birthday, Mum!

I cannot forget the day when I lose you. It turns my life into a complete mess, and I will never forget it ever. But today, on your birthday, I hope this pain will end soon, and I get the chance to meet you again. I am missing you badly, Mum, happy birthday!

I never imagine my life to be so as it is right now because I had you earlier. But the day I lost you, it has completely changed. I wish things happening right now with me will have an end because if you were here, these things would not happen at all. On your birthday, I wish in my next birth god will send you for me as my mother forever and ever. Happy birthday, Mom in heaven!

stay blessed mother in heaven

Seeing you in that pain when you were taking your last breath was miserable for me, and I can’t explain it. I thank the almighty that he ended your misery, but I am still not happy with his decision because he took you away from me. I wish you would be here with me to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday Mumma!

love you mom in heaven

I have never imagined that I will lose you one day and my life but completely changed by your absence. But unfortunately, it happened, and I am not able to bear it without you. I hope I will be able to hold your hand soon. On your birthday, I wish an abundance of happiness for you in your next life or wherever you are right now. Happy birthday Mumma!

I don’t know why God takes away precious people from us, but the whole of your death left in my heart is something that cannot be filled at all. I hope I will not lose anyone anymore because I can’t bear the loss. On your birthday, I want there must be a little angel who can take care of you every time like I used to do or used to do for me. Happy birthday Mumma!

happy birthday in heaven mother

The day you left me is among those days I don’t want to remember, but you know I am good at remembering dates and days. Likewise, I remember your birthday and will not forget it till my last breath. I hope in my next life I will have you beside me forever. Happy Birthday, Mom!

birthday wishes for deceased mom

Whenever I close my eyes, I have your glimpse, and it made my day. I wish I would be able to see you in real life. But unfortunately, God has taken away my treasure. Not to worry, I still miss you and will miss you till my last breath. On your birthday I would like to tell you I love you more than anything. Happy Birthday, Mumma!

Your love is unconditional, and no love can match the intensity with which you loved me. The day you left me, I feel like an Orphan, although I have a father around. But on your birthday, I would not like to discuss the pain I am facing just because you left me. Happy Birthday, Maa, and stay blessed always!

wish you happy birthday mom in heaaven

I wish the next life you have will not be filled with the pain and suffering you had in this life. I wish that could be the best life for you and you have all the bundles of joy available. Happy Birthday, Mumma!

birthday wishes for dead mother

If I count on blessings I received earlier, you are the biggest blessing for me from God. But unfortunately, he has taken you away from me, and I am still angry with him for the same. I will not say anything to anyone about it because on your birthday you are important to me still. Happy birthday Mumma!

stay at peace mom in heaven

I was exploring through all our photos on your birthday, and guess what I got your favorite picture with me. It filled my heart with joy and sorrow both simultaneously. On your birthday I would like to tell you this picture holds an important place in my life as you held earlier. Happy birthday Mumma!

heavenly birthday wish for mom

I know you are watching every activity of mine, and you have an idea that I am in pain because I don’t have you. I wish I get one chance to meet you again, and the chance will never end at all. On your birthday, I ask God to give you to me in any form possible. Happy birthday Mumma!

I am happy now there is no need to go through all the pain and suffering you were facing in your last time. But I am sad because I don’t have you right now with me. I wish I get a chance and lean my head in your lap. I would love to sleep there forever and ever. I pray to God wherever you are, you will have an abundance of happiness with you. Happy birthday Mumma!

love you dear mom in heaven

Your birthday is as special to me as you are, and I will celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm. I know you are not here to see it with your eyes, but I am sure you see it from heaven. I hope in my next birth I will have you as my mother. No one can ever replace you in my life forever and ever. Happy Birthday, lifeline!

My life but completely changed the day you left my hand and went to God forever. I am angry with you because you left me in between, but I will not show you the same on your birthday. Your birthday is special to me, and I will keep it the same. Happy birthday Mother!