Happy 21st Birthday Wishes, Messages, Sayings & Quotes

Hey, are you celebrating someone’s 21st birthday? That is great as once the person turns 21 he/she is considered an adult and another advantage is that you can now drink liquor legally in the USA.  So, if you are planning to greet someone on their twenty-first birthday then here is a collection of happy 21st birthday wishes. Pick one of these birthday quotes and messages along with a fun birthday present for the person who is soon going to turn 21.

It’s quite tough for me to believe that you have finally turned twenty-one. I want you to celebrate your 21st in a way that it becomes memorable. Happy 21st birthday my friend.

As soon as this month started, I have been waiting for the calendar to hit this date. And finally, the time has come to wish you for turning twenty-one. A very happy 21st birthday, my little brother.

happy 21st birthday message

Birthdays are always special but 21st birthday is somewhat more special. Wishing a very happy 21st birthday to my best friend. You are amazing and yet to achieve many big things in your life.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes For Your Son

Twenty-one years before you came into this world and made our lives happier than ever. We are so blessed to have you as our son. Happy birthday, our child. May you live a happy and long life.

Just because I forbid you to do certain things, doesn’t mean I don’t care for your happiness. It’s just that I don’t want you to suffer in the future because of your wrong decisions in the past. Wishing a very happy 21st birthday to my beloved son.

happy 21st birthday son

We pray to God every day for your well-being, our son. On your 21st birthday, we bless you with happiness and good health.

The relationship of a mother with her son is like two best friends, who can’t live without talking to each other even after having a fight. I embrace this bond of ours. Happy 21st birthday to my dear son.

You have turned twenty-one today. This age is not just a number but the beginning of many new things and opportunities in one’s life. Happy birthday, son. Enjoy and learn throughout this new life journey of yours.

Here comes the age where you will be encountering some fake people in your life, but don’t end up losing your faith in mankind as everything happens for a reason and every bad experience becomes an opportunity for us to learn. Happiest 21st birthday our dearest son. We wish all the best things your way.

On your 21st birthday, you aren’t with us to celebrate and this fact saddens us but all we want is for you to stay blessed and happy in every phase of your life. Happy birthday and try coming back home as soon as possible.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter

To our beautiful daughter, we wish that your 21st birthday brings you good luck with all your desires coming true. Happy happiest 21st birthday to our loving daughter.

We have seen your journey of transformation from a little girl who loved playing with dolls to the responsible and bold girl which you are today. Happy birthday, kudos for turning 21.

happy 21st birthday daughter

It is believed that a daughter is her mother’s reflection and I feel elated to see me in you, my daughter. When I am with you, I feel young and energetic. So, here’s wishing you a jovial 21st birthday and never let this smile on your face fade away.

When you were a kid, I taught you to walk and to speak. Now in this generation of advanced technology, you are teaching me how to use a smartphone. Haha, happy birthday to my magnificent daughter. Celebrate your 21st as if there’s no tomorrow.

Dear daughter, the happiness which you have given us so far and still giving us is ineffable. We take pride in the fact that we have raised a wonderful daughter like you. Happy 21st birthday to my sweet daughter.

You are like a star to us, who makes our lives shiner and brighter just with its presence. Happy 21st birthday to the shine of our lives. May God keep you blessed always.

happy 21st birthday wishes

With 21st comes wisdom and intellect. I am happy for you on turning twenty-one. You are yet to explore many things, my daughter. Happy birthday, may you acquire success in whatever you do.

Funny 21st Birthday Wishes For Everyone

I have an awesome gift for you. Want to know what’s it? I bought nothing for you as you didn’t gift me anything on my birthday last time. TIT FOR TAT. Happy 21st birthday to my penny-pincher friend.

happy 21st birthday funny message

Happy birthday to the one who takes a gym membership and doesn’t care about going to the gym at all. You are a pro at wasting money. Happy 21st birthday and I hope you build up some money-saving habits.

Woah! You have finally hit 21 and I can’t believe that as you still have an IQ level of a 5-year- old kid. Happy birthday and I hope your brain develops in accordance with your age. Once again happy 21st birthday.

Talented, hard-working, and intelligent, these three qualities are something which my friend you doesn’t have. Haha, happy 21st birthday to the most irritating element of my life.

Not everyone is blessed to have a caring and helpful friend like me, consider yourself lucky as you have one. Happiest 21st birthday to the one who stayed with me in all my ups and downs. I wish you get tenfold of what you want.

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