Birthday Wishes for Roommate, Happy Birthday Housemate

We often greet our family and loved ones with best wishes on their birthday. But let’s not forget our roommates and housemates who have helped us to stay happy and sane far away from the comforts of our home. Sometimes your roommate can become your best friend and you should send your best messages on his/her birthday. So here are some nice birthday wishes and greetings for roommates and housemates.

When we live in a city away from our family, roommate is the person who makes our stay in that city comfortable. Happy birthday to you, my roommate, and thanks for making spending good times with me.

No matter how many times we fight or argue, the next morning we wake up like nothing happened between us, the previous night. Happy birthday to my second family, my dear roommate.

happy birthday dear roommate

You are officially twenty now but you literally act like a two-year old baby. Happy birthday to you kiddo. You are the best roommate one could get.

Birthday Wishes for Roommate Male Friend

Hey bedfellow, you are the person with whom I want to remain in touch with my entire lifetime. Wishing a very happy birthday to my gaming and room partner.

birthday wish for my roomamte

Just because I don’t say it, doesn’t mean that you are not important to me. I am thankful to God for blessing me with a roommate like you. Happy birthday !

Because of you, I managed to survive in a city full of unknown faces and now the place doesn’t seem unfamiliar to me. Happiest birthday to my roommate or I can say my brother from another mother.

I have shared a room with many people so far but no one has ever made me feel home like you do. You understand me like no one does. Happy birthday !

Though you are older to me by a few years but you never treated me differently due to the age difference which we both carry between us. Happy birthday to my big brother and the best housemate. May God bless you.

I love having all those deep conversations about life with you. Happy birthday dear roomie and may you become the receiver of all the success.

It is truly said that “time flies”, I mean it’s been a while now since we both have shifted to different cities for our jobs but not a single day goes without remembering the beautiful moments which I have spent with you, my roomie. Happy birthday !

Nice Birthday Wishes for Roommate Female

Having almost the same body size as you have an advantage, I get a chance to pick out dresses from your wardrobe when I get bored of wearing my own clothes. Happiest birthday to my beautiful roommate. I love you.

Happy Birthday to dear housmate

When I say, I have the world’s best roommate, I genuinely mean it. I feel elated to have you as my roommate. A very happy birthday to my soul sister, you have me by your side always.

Each time I count my blessings, I don’t skip counting you in those blessings. I am immensely blessed to have  a girl like you as my roommate. Happy birthday, roomie.

Wishing a very happy birthday to the girl who serves me the role of two individuals, a roommate as well as a mother. Happy birthday to the most caring roommate ever. I wish you to be happy and blessed always.

happy birthday my roomamte and friend

In coming time, we will be living separately. We will not get time to talk to each other on regular basis as we will be busy in our professional as well as personal lives. But I make a promise here, I will be there for you always in the times you need me the most. Happy birthday, I love you.

When I came to this city, I had a lack of confidence. But, then you came into my life as my roommate and helped me in gaining confidence which helped me in many ways. Happiest birthday to an amazing roommate.

Not everyone has a roommate like I have. So here’s wishing a very pleasant birthday to you. And please, throw me a party unlike last time.

Funny Birthday Greetings & Wishes for Roommate

No one can bear an annoying roommate like you. If it was someone else at my place, he would have thrown you out of the room by now. So, you must be thankful to me. Happy birthday stupid.

birthday wish for Roommate

Has anyone ever told you that you look like a joker when you laugh with all your teeth out? Haha kidding, happy birthday !

As a roommate, you are supposed to get me a solution to all my problems but you end up in creating more problems for me. Yet, I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday!

I am extremely bad at remembering birthdays. So, you must be really grateful to me as I remember yours and sending you this birthday message exactly at 12 am. Happy birthday, sending you love through the internet.

Although you are a good roommate but not more than me and it’s high time that you accept this fact. Happy happiest birthday.

This birthday, you have grown old as your life being a teenager is over now. So, is it fine if I start calling you uncle as I am still nineteen? Happiest birthday to my absolute favorite roommate of all time.

There is a saying “the older the person gets, the wiser he becomes”, but I can only see you getting older with no signs or symptoms of becoming wiser. Happy birthday, hopefully, you become a little wiser now (maybe).

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