How To Say Happy Birthday In Sanskrit, Birthday Wishes in Sanskrit

How To Say Happy Birthday In Sanskrit?

As you have come here to seek the answer to the question “How To Say or Wish Happy Birthday In Sanskrit?” then we will provide you a quick answer.

Happy Birthday – शुभं जन्मदिनम्  pronounced as: Shubham Janamdinam

In Sanskrit, you can also wish someone Happy Birthday as:

शुभ जन्मदिवस: or आनंद जन्मदिवस:

Happy Birthday Wishes – जन्मदिवसस्य हार्दिक शुभकामनानि।  Janmadivasasya haardika shubhakaamanaani

शुभं जन्मदिनम्- happy birthday in sanskrit

Dear, Best wishes for your birthday. May all your wishes come true and you live a long & healthy life. May God bestow you with grace and a good teacher’s guidance. May your life be filled with joy and possess qualities like talent, kindness, intelligence, good behavior, generosity, and good speech. May you never become a cause of somebody’s sorrow. I wish all this for you..

To say this in Sanskrit you can say:

प्रिय, जन्मदिवस्य शुभेच्छा:। सम्पूर्णमनोरथो भूयाः चिरं च निरामयं जीवे:। भगवत्स्द्गुरुकृपाञ्च सदा लभे:। स्वजीवनोपवनम् सद्रूप-प्रतिभा-दयादाक्षिण्य-सदाचार-दानपुण्य-सद्वचन-आदि-पुष्पै: सदा पूरये:। मा कस्यचित् दुःखकारणं भूयाः। इत्थम् त्वदर्थम् कामये।

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Happy Birthday Wishes In Sanskrit Images

जन्मदिवसस्य हार्दिक शुभकामनानि। Happy Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday in Sanskrit

birthday wish in sanskrit