Happy Birthday Prayers & Blessings for Friends & Loved Ones

We all celebrate the birthdays of our friends, family, and loved ones by having parties, sending birthday wishes, messages and quotes but sometimes we need to say some birthday prayers for our dear ones. Saying a birthday prayer for someone we love is a nice gesture and may help them to ward off an evil and welcome good fortune in their lives. So, if you are looking for some nice words to say as a birthday prayer then this short collection is for you. Pick one of the birthday prayers and send them to your loved one to show your care and love.

You have painted my life with your beautiful colors and made it more beautiful and lively. I pray to the supreme power to bless you with everlasting happiness and never make you suffer in your life about anything. Happiest birthday to my soulmate, my wife. My support is always with you.

To my closest friend, may you achieve a thousand times more of what you have worked hard for. May you always keep smiling as you do. Happy birthday, enjoy your day.

birthday prayer for close friend

On your birthday, I pray to God that you never have to face failures and rejections. May success chase you. Happy birthday, son.

birthday prayer for son

Birthday Prayers for Myself

On this special day of mine, I would like to thank God almighty for bringing me into this beautiful world and blessing me with such a beautiful family. I modestly ask you to keep showering your blessings on me and everything connected to me.

I’m content and satisfied with everything that I have in my life, I don’t want more. But on my birthday, I pray to you Lord to keep my family and friends happy and healthy always.

birthday prayer for loved ones

It is said that God listens to prayers if done with pure and selfless intention. On my 18th birthday, I pray for the well-being of this whole world so that no one remains unhappy.

As I celebrate my birthday today, I pray to God to support me in every phase of my life to attain the desired result without encountering any obstacle in the process.

birthday prayers and sayings

Dear Lord, you are the sole creator of this whole universe and everything you created is beautiful in it own unique way. Being my birthday, it’s my humblest prayers to you to keep me happy and blessed throughout this year as well as forthcoming years.

You have always put things in my favor and today, I humbly ask you to retain the same for the future also as your support is everything I need to shine.

birthday prayer for everyone

As I grew a year older today, I pray that the divine being will continue to put all the good things in my lap and help me to excel in everything I do in my journey of life.

Birthday Prayers for Your Brother

Dear brother, you have always shined and made us proud in whatever you did so far. On your birthday, I pray to God to give you the strength to continue the same. Happy birthday.

Loving brother, I wish you a very happy birthday. I pray to God to guard you against all the negative things that dare to hit your path.

I pray that the creator of this world blesses you with enormous happiness and success. May you never lack anything which is necessary to lead a satisfactory life. Happiest birthday.

You are a gem of a person not because you are my brother but because you an excellent human being. I genuinely pray to Lord to fill your life with beautiful things and moments. Happy birthday to my only brother.

May God provide you with the chances to do better and better in your chosen field. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the one who keeps fighting with me but also loves me. May God fulfill all your expectations from life.

May your upcoming life be as fabulous and happening as you are. May you never face any disappointment in your life. Happy birthday to the most amazing brother of mine.

Birthday Prayers for Your Sister

Having an elder sister is like receiving the love and care of two mothers. I’m grateful to God for blessing me with an elder sister like you. May God keep adding happiness in your life and accept all your heart desires. Happy birthday, sister.

Sister, you are the epitome of perfection. You handle everything that comes your way so perfectly and I desperately want to learn this art from you. Being your birthday, I pray to God to make your life as perfect as you are. Happy birthday.

My wonderful sister is celebrating her birthday today and I sincerely pray to the supreme being to bless my sister with good health and plentiful success. Happy birthday my sister.

From childhood till our adulthood, you have always guided and inspired me towards the choice of direction which is free from all the wrong deeds. It’s because of your teachings of what I have become today. Being your birthday, I pray to God to always direct you in the right direction when life misleads you. Happy birthday!

Not everyone is blessed with a sister like you. So for my wonderful sister, it’s my humble prayer to God to keep your life surrounded by all the good things. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are special and they become even more special when it’s your sister. I sincerely pray to the creator of mankind to grace my sister’s life with his blessing on her forever. Happiest Birthday!

Sister, may you never have to endure the darkness in your life. May your life be as brightening as your smile. Happy birthday!