Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes for CoWorker

Celebrating your birthday at the office can sometimes get boring. If you have a colleague or a co-worker who is stuck at the office on his/her birthday then you should do something about it. Pick one of these birthday wishes for coworker or colleague and send him on mail or Skype. Plan with other coworkers and do a little party in the office itself.

Yet another birthday and yet another day to enjoy and celebrate your existence on this big round ball called earth. May this year bring your prosperity, opportunities to grow, and peace in your life. Happy birthday to you.

formal birthday wishes to colleague

Congratulations on completing yet another year. I hope that this year you get to learn new things and you get the promotion that you always wanted. Happy birthday dear colleague.

Life takes many turns, some for good and some for bad but I wish that your overall graph of growth always moves higher with time. Happy birthday to my dear friend and a good colleague.

Happy Birthday to my dear colleague, wish you a great birthday today, Enjoy!

happy birthday wishes quotes for coworker

All the work in the world can wait, as it is the birthday of the best colleague ever. Happy Birthday!

Working with you is so much fun, today is your day and we will make it more special by celebrating till midnight. Happy Birthday!

birthday message for your co worker

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You are the best co-worker and today is the day of cakes and balloons and celebration. Wish you the happiest birthday!

I wish that your success has no limits and you achieve all the goals. Happy Birthday, dear co-worker!

birthday wishes for employee

I feel very grateful to share my work with such an inspiring person. Happy Birthday my dear co-worker!

People like you are the best thing that can happen in the workplace. Wish you a wonderful birthday!

May your birthday be the most delightful experience of your life. Happy Birthday!

You are an amazing co-worker, very helpful and I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration today!

Breaks between work and jokes on the boss are my favorite two things with you. It’s delightful to work with you. Wish you a happy birthday my dear co-worker, my friend.

happy birthday wishes to colleague

Sending warmest birthday wishes to my dear colleague, wish you the best, happy birthday!

Your presence in the office is a precious gift, I hope your company appreciates you the same. Wish you a happy birthday!

Dear Colleague, wish you a great birthday and I hope that you have many years of wonderful experiences.

Wish you a blissful birthday dear colleague. I hope that you have a great weekend and a wonderful year. Happy Birthday!

Dear colleague, no matter where life takes you in the future, On your special day, I want you to know that I appreciate working with you every day. Happy Birthday!

Dear colleague, My wish for your birthday is that each step you took will take you to great success and adventures.

Dear Colleague, Wish you a happy birthday! May you find your childlike innocence and purity of heart with each morning.

Wishing a very happy birthday and an awesome upcoming year. May you prosper and gain peace in life. Accept best wishes on your special day from the whole team.

Working hard at the office doesn’t feel boring to me because you keep the whole team entertained by your jovial nature and motivating talks. You are a good coworker and a great friend. We as a team wish you a very happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

Happy birthday to our dear friend and a great colleague. I hope that this year brings you peace and progress in your life. Have fun and maintain a work-life balance in your life.

Happy birthday to my friend and a great colleague at work. I hope this year brings you lots of promotions and a hike in salary. Have fun and spend some quality time with your family.

I manage to come to work every day on time because you make the work environment fun with your playful funny comments. You have always appreciated us for our work and have helped us achieve our goals. So, I wish you a very happy birthday which brings you great fortune and good luck.

People like you are what makes a workplace nice for everyone. Happy birthday to my friend and coworker who deserves praise, promotion, and a big salary hike. I hope that this birthday makes your life more fun and happening.

I am glad that coworker’s like you exist in my life. Your presence in the office makes my day so much easier. You are a nice person and you deserve lots of happiness, and fun on your special day. Happy birthday my dear colleague.

To have a person like you on our team is the best. We all wish you success and happiness in the coming year. Happy Birthday!