Birthday Wishes for Twins, Happy Birthday Twins

Are you searching for birthday greetings and wishes for twins? Well here is a short collection of messages and quotes that you can send to your twin friends or family. If you want to wish happy birthday to your own twin brother or sister then a nice gift with a sweet birthday message will make them feel happy and special.

Happy birthday to the best pair of friends I have. May God double the joy and quadruple your success in life. Once again best birthday wishes to twin buddies.

Dear humpty dumpty wishing you a warm and joyous happy birthday. I hope this birthday will bring you luck, fun, and good times in your life. Enjoy your birthday my dear twins.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Brothers

This day can’t ever be forgotten by me as on this day, my favorite pair of twin brothers came into this world. Spending time with you two brings me joy and helps me in forgetting all my worries. Here’s wishing you a birthday filled with happiness and smiles.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Brothers

Wishing a very happy birthday to you twins. I am lucky enough to have you both in my life as my closest friends. May your life gets filled with never-ending happiness.

Though only one wide smile is enough to make someone’s day but I guess I am the fortunate one as when I visit your house, I get to see the two most widest and warming smiles. A very happy birthday to the most amazing set of twins.

You both are setting an example to the people around you of how a brother and brother relationship should be. Happy 18th birthday to the most wonderful pair of twins.

I am the world’s luckiest sister ever as I have got two brothers to protect me as well as to tease me. Happiest birthday to my caring brothers.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Sisters

Not everyone gets lucky to have a twin sister but you both are equally lucky since you both have each other. Happiest birthday to the most beautiful set of twin sisters.

birthday wishes for twin sisters

Having a female best friend is everything you need to complete you but I am grateful to God as I have two instead of one. So here’s wishing a birthday to you both, my lovelies.

In a world full of fake people, I got lucky to find genuine and honest human beings like you. Happiest birthday to the twin sisters with wonderful souls. I wish that you succeed in achieving all your goals.

Initially, I was bad at socializing but then you two came into my life and taught me the importance of socializing with people around. Happy birthday to you both. May God shower his blessings on you.

You both compliment each other as no one does. Wishing you both happiness, good health, and good fortune on your birthday.

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Birthday Wishes for Twin Daughter

The relationship of a mother and daughter is more like a relationship which we share with our friends and I am grateful to share that friendly relationship with you two, my twin daughters. Happy birthday! Mumma loves you both.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Daughter

The happiness which you both give me just by being my daughters is something I can’t even explain. On your special day, I wish you truckloads of happiness. May God bless you both.

I take pride in the fact that I gave birth to the most wonderful and amazing set of twin daughters. Happy birthday! I wish you both a content and successful life ahead.

No one can love you both the way I do but the love which you both share with each other is something I adore the most in you, daughters. I hope you both continue to share the same level of love. Happy birthday my beauties.

It is believed that a daughter is equivalent to ten sons but I am lucky as god blessed with two daughters which are equivalent to twenty sons. Happiest birthday to the most beautiful parts of me.

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Birthday Wishes for Twin Brother & Sister

My life became a little better when you both came into my life as my younger siblings. Happiest birthday to the most amazing duo of twin brother and sister.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Brother & Sister

Words will fall short if I start to write about you two. I am not going to write much but I will write just one sentence that, you both are precious to me. Wishing you a very happy birthday to the coolest set of twins.

Initially, I was shy and an introvert but in grade sixth, I met you both and now I am equally insane as you guys are. Kudos to our journey of 7 years and still counting. Happiest birthday to the gems of my life.

Here comes the big day of the kindest and sweetest twin brother and sister I have ever known. Happy birthday and make the best out of this day. I love you both.

You both might have done good deeds in your previous birth that’s why you are blessed with a friend like me. Haha jokes apart, I am thankful to God for sending idiots like you in my life. A very happy birthday to the sweetest set of twins. Enjoy your day to the fullest, of course with me.

Birthday Wishes for Your Own Twin Brother

People say that we both are the same but there is nothing the same between us two except for the face. I mean of course, I am more intelligent, more talented, and wittier than you. Haha, don’t kill me after reading this. Happy birthday twin brother. I love you more than I love video games.

happy birthday twins

I hope that you are aware of the fact that mom and dad love me more than they love you. Wishing you a very happy birthday my twin brother. I will also be there to annoy you.

For the world, we are just another pair of twin brothers but for me, you are the person whom I remember at the first place in every important event of my life. My life would have been tough without you, brother. I wish you a happy birthday and may you become the recipient of all the happiness you deserve.

People get their friends outside their homes but I am grateful that I got an amazing friend at home itself in the form of my twin brother. Happy birthday. I am there for you always.

Being twins, it was so easy for us to confuse mom and dad when we were kids. We used to get immense pleasure by doing that. Happy birthday, brother.

Birthday Wishes for Your Own Twin Sister

Though I am younger than you by some hours but I am the mature one between us two. Here’s wishing a birthday filled with laughter to my wonderful twin sister.

We not only share our wardrobe with each other but we also share a beautiful feeling of togetherness between us. Happy happiest birthday to my identical twin sister.

On the occasion of our birthday, I am going to disclose something in front of you. I used to eat your chocolates secretly when you were not around. Don’t yell at me after knowing this. Wishing a very happy birthday to my innocent twin sister. I wish you a happy and successful life ahead.

I know your love for “Celebrity” and I genuinely wish that one day you get a chance to meet him. Happy birthday my drama queen. Loads of love to you.

Wishing a very happy birthday to the girl who’s beautiful both inside and out. I wish that your beauty keeps on increasing with time. Party hard with me, my twin sister.

Birthday Wishes & Greetings for Twins with Name

Here are some birthday wishes, greetings, and messages that you could use to greet your twin friends and family. Just place the name of the twins in the wish and share with them via social media, greeting cards or Whatsapp.

Wishing you a very happy birthday to you “Name” and “Name”. You are the most beautiful set of twin sisters with a beautiful name combination. I wish this birthday brings many new opportunities for you both.

It’s been years since I met you both but thanks to the social media that has kept us connected all this while. Happy birthday “Name” and “Name”. Keep excelling in your lives as you do always.

When you both were born, we got so confused in the process of keeping your names but finally, we got impressed by this combination of names by which everyone recognizes you today. Wishing a very happy birthday to you “Name” and “Name”. You both mean the world to us.

Your faces with charming smiles steal everyone’s heart and I am not an exception to it. Here’s wishing a very happy birthday to you  “Name” and “Name” You both are my absolute favorite pair of twins.

On your special day, I wish you both achieve the double of what you desire. Many more happy returns of the day to you both, “Name” and “Name”.

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