Happy Birthday Princess, Birthday Wishes For Dear Princess

Is it your princess’s birthday? Well wishing her with a nice birthday wish can make her feel loved and happy. So, here is a collection of well-written quotes and messages that can help you say happy birthday to your princess. Whether it’s your little grandaughter or maybe your significant other these wishes are perfect to show your love to your princess.

Happy Birthday Princess Quotes

The day you were born, God sent me an angel who will remain with me till my last breath. I am glad I got a chance to hear “Dadda” from you regularly. I can’t express my happiness when I see you right in front of me. Happy Birthday my princess!

No matter how old or tall you grow, you will be my princess forever. No one can change it at all. Thank you for being an Ultimate daughter. Happy Birthday my princess!

Daughters are an amazing gift from God to all the parents, and I am blessed I got the chance to have twins. The day god sent you both in my life, it got completely changed. Happy Birthday my princesses!

Happy Birthday Princess

You have no idea what you mean to me, and I can’t even express the same in words. But having a daughter like you is a blessing. Happy Birthday my princess!

Being grandparents is not a big thing to do. But having a granddaughter like you is a blessing for sure. Happy Birthday our beautiful granddaughter. You will be our princess forever!

The relationship of an uncle and niece cannot be described in words, but I can say that you are my princess, and nothing can change it forever. Happy Birthday my doll!

Being an elder sibling is a responsibility, but when you have a younger sibling, especially a girl, you feel blessed. No matter how much age difference we are sharing, you will always be my little girl. Happy Birthday my baby girl!

I am extremely blessed God sent me a sister whom I can enjoy any time in the day and also slap her for no reason. I know you will slap me too, but I will cope up with it because, in return, I’ll have your smile. Happy Birthday my princess!

Having sisters is a blessing, and thankfully I have you as a blessing. Sisters are equivalent to princesses, and for me, you will be the same always. Happy Birthday my princess!

If I count on blessings and look forward to the major blessing I have, then I will definitely point towards you. Having you around is the biggest blessing. You know why because if you are not there at every festival, I will feel alone. Happy birthday, princess!

So finally, you are four years now, and these four years with my princess are extraordinary ones I cannot explain in words. Happy Birthday my little princess!

On this day, God gave me the biggest gift of my life, and that is you. I am blessed there is someone who will call me Daddy every time. Happy Birthday my princess!

Being a mother is one of the best feelings, and the day I hold you for the first time, I realize the same. Right now, you are a grown-up, my princess. Happy 3rd birthday, princess!

I am the luckiest person on this planet because I have a daughter who will be my partner in crime forever. Happy Birthday my princess!

It is right to say daughters are Papa’s doll because after having you, my girl, I realize the same. Happy Birthday my princess!

When the first time you say Dadda, I felt on the seventh sky, and every day, when you look into my eyes and ask for something, it makes me feel blessed. Happy Birthday, my baby girl, you are my princess now and forever will be!

Every daughter is a princess for her father. Happy Birthday my princess!

I have never assumed to be a father of such a wonderful girl. Thank you for sparkling my life. Happy Birthday my princess!

Being your mother is a feeling I cannot describe in words. But on your Birthday I would like to say you are my princess and will always be. Happy birthday, princess!

When God was deciding the best things for me, he put you as the priority. I am glad I have a daughter who is a reason for my happiness. Happy Birthday my Princess!

Daughters are always special to fathers, and no one can replace the same place. Today my princess turned two. Happy birthday, princess!

I cannot express the feeling I have when you hold my hand for the first time and start walking. From your birth till my last breath, you will be my princess for sure. Happy Birthday my baby!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Grown-Up Princess

I have never imagined life will become beautiful after having you as my partner. For me, you are my princess, and I am your Prince. Happy Birthday my princess!

To the most beautiful girl out there, happiest birthday princess. You hold a special place in my life which no one can replace!

birthday wishes for princess

Do you know why I love you so much because you are someone who understands me in every situation where everyone gave up. Your Birthday is among those auspicious occasions for me when I can say that I am blessed with a princess. Happy birthday, princess!

You are not only my partner in crime but a person on whom I can rely in every situation. You are a princess to me. Happy Birthday my dear princess!

I am not good at expressing feelings, but on your Birthday, I would like to say you are my princess, and I want you to hold my kingdom. Happy birthday, princess!

Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful girls on this planet and on whom I can rely on every single thing. You are not less than a blessing from God to me!

If I count on people who can be with me in my hard time, you hold first place. No matter what the situation is, I have a trust that you will never leave me. Happy Birthday my princess!

The day you accepted my proposal, you feel my life with enormous happiness, and I can’t describe the same in words. That day I decided you make a princess of my heart. Happy birthday, princess!

You have no idea what your smile does to me. You smile like a princess, and I felt myself to be Prince at that moment. Happy birthday, princess!

You are the only person whom I have explored to the core and find out a little princess who always craves some love and care. But my baby girl, I love you to the core. Happy Birthday my princess!

From childhood, we are friends and finally turned out to be partners soon. I have not imagined you to be that much beautiful. But I must say, you are grown up like a princess. Happy birthday, princess!

Let’s explore the world together, and on your Birthday, I promise I’ll keep you like a princess. Just be with me forever. Happy Birthday my princess!

I may not sound hopelessly romantic, but I must say after having your glam, my day got filled up with delightness, and it blew up my mind. Happy birthday, princess!

Female partner is really very important in a person’s life because she treats him like a prince and in return gets treated like a princess. Happy Birthday my princess!

If I start to count on things I have and make me feel happy, you will definitely be going to hit at the top. Your smile is something that makes me feel mesmerized. Happy Birthday my princess!

Do you know why I love you so much because you love me wholeheartedly and never let me feel alone in your presence or absence too. You hold my heart, princess. Happy birthday, princess!

I may sound quite diplomatic, but you know I cannot imagine anyone in my life except you. You are my princess and will always be. Happy birthday, princess!

I m a blank notebook, and you are my pen. This combination is sufficient to write a perfect love story. I hope on your Birthday you give yourself to me as a return gift. Happy Birthday princess and be mine always!

If someone asked me where my heart belongs, fearlessly, I will take your name and point towards you. You are the only one who is residing in it and hold my heart like a princess. Happy birthday, princess!

If you ask me how much I love you as a judge to do Count On the stars because I can’t express the same in words at all. On your Birthday I just want to propose you be mine forever! Happy birthday princess, and will you be mine?

There is a lot I want to save, but unfortunately, I am short of words right now. I wish I must have a dictionary to explain what you mean to me and how much I love you. On your Birthday, I wish you bundles of happiness. Happy Birthday my princess!

There is nothing more exciting than annoying you and teasing you without any reason. I want to spend each and every day of my life with you like this only. Except for your Birthday, I will tease you the whole year. Happy birthday, princess!

If you give me pen and paper, I can write about you in detail, but if you say me to express the same verbally, I may fell short of words. But darling, you are an important part of my life. You are my princess, and I am your friend. Happy birthday, princess!

Just look at yourself in the mirror and you will find the reason of my happiness. Happy birthday, princess!

You know I adore you the most, and I will do it till my last breath. Happy Birthday my princess!

Teasing you is my birthright, and no one can snatch it away from me. Happy Birthday my princess!

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