Birthday Wishes for Employees, Happy Birthday Employee

Good employees are essential to running a good organization. As the number of employees grows it gets difficult to find unique birthday wishes. Well, here is the good news we have a small collection of birthday greetings and wishes for employees. Pick one of these birthday messages and send them to your hardworking employee.


You have contributed to the growth of our company and we appreciate your hard work and honesty. People like you have made us reach new heights and goals. Wishing a very happy birthday to such a nice employee.

Happy Birthday buddy

Dear employee, you are a contributor to our team and it’s been a very productive and enjoyable journey working with you. Enjoy your birthday and I hope you keep improving and progressing every day.


My dear friend, working with you is so much fun and you have always stood through deadlines, and I appreciate that so much. Today is your special day and I wish you all the wonderful things and a great future ahead. Happy Birthday!


You have been working sincerely in this company for the last many years. You are the hard-working employee of our company. As it’s your birthday today, take a break from your work, and have fun and enjoy the day. Happy birthday, dear.

birthday messages for employee

Dear Employee, congratulations on your birthday. You are a wonderful employee and an amazing person. So you deserve the best birthday. Wishing you luck for the future and Happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes to colleague

I hope that your birthday will be the biggest celebration this year. May the day start with good luck and good health that will continue all year long. Happy Birthday!

On your special day, I wish you happiness and success. Keep up the hard work and you will be able to jump across any bridge you want. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday dear employee, if there is a list of being a great employee, your name would be on the top of the list. Wishing you lots of success on your way.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for emloyee

Wishing you the best for the accomplishment of another year of your life. Hope you have a great day. Happy birthday to a wonderful employee.

This company feels lucky to have such a disciplined and hardworking employee. You always complete the big as well as small tasks assigned to you before time. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

I always feel great to see you working in an amazing way. Your outstanding performance makes me feel that hiring you was the right choice. May you achieve success and knowledge in your career. Happy birthday to my employee.

Dear employee, I wish you the best of luck in your life. You are working here for many years, if you feel down please share it with me. I promise not to listen to it like a boss but also like your friend and listener. Have fun. Happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes to employee from hr

You have done very good and hard work you put in the company, making you more than a good employee. You are a great person and a wonderful team player. Wish you a very happy birthday!

I wish you great success and a life full of happiness. You are one of the gems in our company and we always feel grateful to such dedicated employees. Have a wonderful birthday!

To work in an environment with such wonderful people like you, it makes my job delightful as a boss. You are an extraordinary employee and a great human being. Wish you good health and happiness on your special day. Happy Birthday!

Wishing a great future and marvelous success to our most versatile employee on this special day. Happy birthday Dear!

birthday greetings for employee

You should take a day off and celebrate your day with your family and loved ones. I wish that the upcoming year takes you to a joyful ride and lots of adventures. Wish you a great career and a very happy birthday!

You are a great addition to the company. You make the myth true that it’s hard to find a great employee. Sending you warm wishes on your special day, Happy Birthday!

Your love for the job and dedication towards it makes us work more passionately. You are a wonderful person to work with. Wish you a happy and blessed birthday!

Every person who gets in touch with you or gets a chance to work alongside you gets impressed with your attitude and honesty. We feel wonderful to have people like you in our company. Wishing you a great birthday!

May this birthday come with lots of fortune and happiness for you. Sending you warm wishes on your special day! Happy Birthday!

This day reminds everyone around you that what they have in their life is to be cherished. You are a wonderful person to share a workspace with and we wish you peace and happiness on your birthday!

From your special day, may this year start with a great life, a great day with love, happiness, and success! For all the outstanding work you have done in the company, you deserve all the praise. Warmest happy birthday to you!

On your special day, we want to give you a special treat in recess time. Today is your day and we want to put a smile on your face. Enjoy this day to your fullest. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to a great employee and wonderful team player, who is always there for everyone in the team! You are a great person and a wonderful employee to work with. Happy Birthday!

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