Happy Birthday Cat, Kitty, Furball, Bday Wishes for Cat Lovers

Cats are cute, and most people love them. Cat videos are a source of fun and joy for many people. If you are a cat lover and the birthday of your cat or your friend’s cat is today then you can use these happy birthday cat wishes and images on this occasion. Let’s get on with the celebration of your pet & enjoy being a pet lover.

Before you came into my life, I was all alone and living a depressing life. And it was killing me. Thank you, my kitty for all this. Happy birthday.

I wish you the best birthday kitty. I have brought you everything you like. And your favorite treat that’s fish. Happy birthday.

I like playing with you. Every scratch on my body you made is a sign of our friendship. May our friendship goes beyond the limits. Happy birthday, kitty.

It’s your birthday my kitty, and I am going to make it as special as you are. You are the best pet anyone can have. Best wishes for your birthday. Happy birthday Kitty.

You are the world’s coolest and prettiest cat. You are like a flavor in my tea. You deserve the best gifts for your birthday. Happy birthday, kitty.

happy birthday cat

You bring happiness to my life. I feel lonely and depress whenever you are not around in the house. I pray to god to give you more life to stay with me. Happy birthday, kitty.

You are so soft and your hairs are so fluffy. I love it when you come inside my blanket. So proud to have a cat like you. Tremendous fun birthday to my kitty

Happy birthday to you my pretty and cute kitty. Thanks for being my best friend. And thanks for being my great companion.

Have a wonderful birthday dear kitty. You came like an angel in my depressing life. But now because of you, I am the happiest person.

You are very precious to me. Thanks for always melting my heart. Seeing you itself makes me happy. Happy birthday my beloved kitty.

You bring joy and happiness in my life. I pray to god to give you a long life so that you break the record and you and your cat’s name comes in Guinness book.

You are not just an ordinary cat, you are very special to me. You are my treasure. I love you. Happy birthday, kitty.

I remember the day when you came into my life. I was afraid to hold you in my arms. The way you see with your twinkling eyes in my eyes, it made me fearless. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and lovely kitty.

My lovely kitty. You are so adorable that it’s needed to celebrate your birthday. I have never seen such a cute cat. Your hairs are like cotton. And your eyes are like twinkling stars. Happy birthday, my kitty.

Dear kitty, may god bless you with a life full of milk and fish. May your life be colorful like a rainbow. May you have lots of happy memories. Happy birthday.

happy birthday kitty

Wish you tonnes of wonderful birthday. When you were a little kitten, I found you in my garden. You were all alone and crying. Then I brought you home and feed you. Suddenly you came in my arms and felt calm and relaxed.

It’s your birthday my little kitty. Hurray!. Every year you are becoming adorable and I pray to God to bless you with beauty and grace. Happy birthday my cute kitty

You are a supermodel my pussy cat. Your eyes are like cute round buttons. You are my best friend. Happy birthday furry cute cat.

I love it when you show affection by laying down in my bed, block my way, and sleep in my arms. Happy birthday little kitty.

You are elegant and graceful dear kitty. You are the only one who can get rid of pity in my life. Your cute and large eyes make me happy. Happy birthday and thanks for sharing your furry, joy with me.

Happy birthday pussycat

After you came in my life, I learned about different cat food, and I become more responsible in my life. I love taking care of you. You are my sunshine. Happy birthday furry kitty.

When I see you wondering in house and garden freely, I wish I could have a life like yours. You are carefree and calm. What only bothers you is your starvation. Happy birthday to my kitty cat.

It makes me happy when you rub your head on me and I love to hear your purrs and watch you staring at me with your cute round eyes. May this birthday be the best of all. Happy birthday, kitty.

Dear kitty, when you tear my books with your nails, then I get angry, but later on, I like that you are always ready to play with me. Wonderful birthday cutie pie.

My lovely kitty, anyone can capture his/her heart only by the way you stare them with your lovely blue eyes and your cute small paws. You can melt anybody with these trick itself. Happy birthday, kitty boss.

happy birthday surprise

When you purr meow it makes my day. It’s music to my ears. You are very cute and I wish for more cuteness. And it’s your birthday today, I bought your favorite cat food. Love you. Have a wonderful birthday little tiger.

You are a little mysterious. You only come to play when you what it. Most cats want other’s attention when they want something. But I’m lucky that you are not like other cats. I love you and I know that you too love me. Happy birthday, baby.

My heart comes out of my chest when you are not around. My days and nights are different. I miss your head rubbing and your meows. And more than that I really miss when you come to me and lay down in my lap. You always come to know about my mood offs. Love you baby. Happy birthday cutie pie kitty

Birthday wishes for a friend who owns a cat

Hope you get lots of love and always stay young and active like your pet cat. Happy birthday my dear friend and a real cat lover.

Happy birthday buddy. I hope that you never get lonely and I wish that you stay young, cute, and furry like your dear cat.

Birthday wish for cat lover

You know I am jealous of your cat because she gets more attention than me. Still, it’s your birthday and I want you two to enjoy this day to the fullest. Happy birthday my kitty loving buddy.

Happy birthday my dear. I am bringing a big cake and the favorite food of your cat as a cat. I know how much you love that kitty. now cheer up and have fun on your birthday.

Kitty, pussy, furball whatever you want to call it. I will always see you two as best friends rather than you and your cat. Happy birthday dear and have lots of fun with your cute cat.

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