First Birthday Wishes, Happy 1st Birthday Quotes, Messages

We all love to celebrate the birthdays of our friends, family, and loved ones but the birthday of a baby is special. So, if you are searching for some nice messages to say for first birthday then here is a nice collection of happy first birthday wishes and greetings.

Happy First Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

This is indeed a precious day for me, I want to make it more special as much as I can, I am excited to accord chocolates, gaming cars, and many more things that you’ll like. Every birthday is special, but the first one is always memorable. Happy 1st Birthday My Boy!

On this day, my boy becomes one year old. I want to tell you with the depth of my heart that how much I love you, May God filled your whole life with uncounted happiness and fulfill your prayers. Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy First Birthday Dear

Happy first birthday to the little handsome & cute boy! It s magical that you are now one year old, I pray to God that he’ll give you the happiest, successful, and healthy life. Keep Smiling!

Wishing you a lot of greeting on your first birthday, May God will bring good peoples in your life, start the journey of a happy life with my prayers. Happy 1st Birthday Dear!

Wishing you a first amazing birthday with a lot of kisses. Many more toys, teddy bears and chocolates for you, with the core of my heart Happy First Birthday Handsome!


Happy First Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Happy first birthday to the prettiest girl in the world, I wish unconditional love and hope that your first birthday become adorable for you and may you’ll get all the things you ever wish to get. Keep Shining and Stay Stunning!

I am so excited to celebrate your first birthday, I want to accord sweets, barbies, flowers, and chocolates as these all your favorites. Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Happy first Birthday wishes for baby boy

On my first birthday, my baby will one year old. May God bestow you with many blessing+making your whole life comfortable and give you good relations in all stays of your life. Thousands of Greetings My Lilly!

On this day my queen came into this world, I pray a cute smile always on your face, a huge kiss for you. Happy Birthday, Princess!

Many more cheers, roses, cakes are waiting for you my doll. Happy First Birthday One Year Old Little Angel!

Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes from Parents

A lot of wishes on your birthday my baby, you are our piece of heart and star of our eyes. May God keeps you healthy forever and leads you to success. Happy 1st birthday!

Today has been a more valuable day for us because it has made our life happier. Our life, we love you more then everything in the world. Happy 1st Birthday!

One year old baby, many more kisses, hugs, and a lot of love for you. We pray, you to achieve success in every phase of life. Best wishes on your first birthday!

Our lovely one year old child, on your first birthday we will say a special prayer for you. Never be afraid of any difficulty in life, bravely face every difficulty. We are always with you. Unlimited Love For You!

May God never give tears in your eyes. Our wish that a smile always stays on your face. May you live hundreds of years. Happy 1st Adorable Birthday My Lill Champ!

Happy First Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Happy first birthday to my beloved nephew, on this day, I am praying God makes every moment of your life enjoyable.  Stay Blessed!

Happy first Birthday princess

My little nephew, you are very dear to me, I am damn excited to celebrate your birthday, I want to see you happy and cool. Happy 1st Birthday Beloved!

My sweetheart, you are live inside my heart. No one but my nephew you make me laugh like no other. May you do more goodness in your life.  Always Be Happy and Happy 1st Birthday . . .!

My handsome Guy! Your life journey has just started, I wish you’ll see all springs in your life, may your every moment of life is full of relish. Happy 1st Birthday to You!

My little charming prince, you are the cause of my delights. By the grace of God, you will prosper in your life. Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy First Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Baby

My dear friend! I know this day is very worthy for you because God blessed you with a cute baby boy. I wish your love for your baby becomes more and more vigorous with time. Happy Birthday To Your Kid!

The arrival of your baby will make your life more beautiful. This day will be full of heaven for you because your baby has been one year old.  Happy 1st Outstanding Birthday Little Prince!

Happy first birthday cutie

I ‘am so delighted because, on this huge day, I will make a cake, buy a bundle of toys and lots of flowers just for 1 year old little boy. My friend’s baby is also my baby. Happy 1st Birthday!

My pretty friend, your baby is smart and charming just like you. May you both live together with joy and prosperity. I am glad that God has blessed you with this holy gift. Many Many Greetings on 1st Birthday!

On this cheers day, I wish you a lot of Happy 1st Birthday to your son. God filled the lives of both of you with joy colors. An enormous kiss to both of you!