How To Say Happy Birthday in Hawaiian, Birthday Wishes

If you are going to attend a Hawaiian Birthday party but don’t know how to wish in the Hawaiian language, you have come to the right place.

Here in this article, we will discuss some essential things one needs to know while greeting someone in the Hawaiian Language.

So if you wish someone a Happy Birthday extraordinarily, here is a vast collection of some of the best Hawaiian Birthday wishes you can share with someone on their special day.

Hawaii people are widely spread across the world. These people represent their culture around the islands of Hawaii. They share their customs, traditions and language with the people around them.

People from Hawaii have a unique way of greeting their loved ones on their birthdays. One can write these Hawaiian Birthday wishes on a greeting card or even say them out loud to someone while wishing them a Happy Birthday.

Another benefit of sharing these Hawaiian wishes apart from the fun is the fantastic Hawaiian language lessons therein that you can learn from.

happy birthday in Hawaiian

So scroll down for the list and pick your favorite.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Hawaii

Hau`oli Lā Hānau – Happy Birthday!

Here Hau’oli represents Happy or a sense of joy, Lā means the day or date, and Hānau means birth or birth. So it’s the most common birthday wish.

Nā lā aloha hānau – Happy birthday!

It is a Birthday wish in Hawaiian. It also coveys a happy and joyful Birthday.

E ola lōʻihi ʻoe— May you live long.

E ola lōʻihi ʻoe means to live long and happy always. It is also a sweet birthday wish that you can greet a birthday boy or girl.

 Lana ‘iʻo ka manaʻo– Best wishes!

Lana’ iʻo ka manaʻo indicates Best wishes that can be used on every special occasion.

 Hauʻoli Lā Piha Makahiki– Happy day full year

Hauʻoli Lā Piha Makahiki means a happy and fruitful year you completed last year.

Hauʻoli ‘ōlelo no nā koe– Happy Birthday!

Hauʻoli’ ōlelo no nā Koe means Happy Birthday in the Hawaiian language. It is also one of the standard letters that can attract the attention of the celebrant.

Happy Birthday Song in Hawaiian

Apart from birthday wishes quotes, you can also sing Hawai birthday wishes songs to wish someone a happy birthday. It will be better to sing birthday songs to make a happier and more cheerful birthday for your loved ones.

Here are some popular Hawai birthday songs you can share with your loved ones on their Birthday.

Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe,
Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe,
Hau’oli la Hanau a “person’s name”,
Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe

English translation

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to “person’s name”,
Happy Birthday to you

Birthday-Related Phrases and Terms

If you attend a Hawaiian birthday, you should know some memorable birthday-related phrases and terms that will help you interact with people while wishing them a happy birthday.

Here are a few of the most common birthday-related terms used in Hawaii.

Lā hānauBirthday
nā kukuiCandles
Lana ʻiʻo ka manaʻoBest wishes
nui ke aloha a me ka pomaikaiLots of love and blessings
hauʻoli a lōʻihi ke olaHave a happy and long life  
Aia kekahi papahana kūikawā no kou lā hānau?Is there any special plan for your birthday?
ʻEhia ka poʻe i kono ʻia i kāu pāʻina lā hānau?How many people are invited to your birthday party?  

Hawai Birthday Special Traditions

Every celebration is incomplete without food, music, and dance. It increases the joy of celebration and makes it more exciting and memorable. Hawaiian people follow certain traditions before celebrating their special occasions.

Here are some common Hawaiian traditions followed before someone’s Birthday.

Wearing a Lei

Wearing lei symbolizes happiness and love. It plays a vital role in the Birthday. You can buy fresh lei from the market or simply tie a beautiful colored ribbon around the neck to wish someone a happy birthday.

Every Hawaiian ware a lei on their Birthday; it symbolizes a wish for the celebrant to live long and happily.

Kiss on the Cheek

A kiss on the cheek also plays a vital role in Hawaiian birthdays. Hawaiian usually kiss their cheeks and exchange wishes and blessings before cutting the cake. It is a token of eternal love and blessings.

No shoes are allowed in the house

Hawaii people believe that wearing shoes is prohibited in the house. They believe that when someone enters the house without any footwear, it makes them feel like they are entering their home for the first time. So Hawaii people leave their footwear outside before entering the house. They also believe that shoes carry lots of dirt in the house, so to keep the house clean and healthy, they must take their shoes off before entering.

The above stated are some of the typical Hawaiian birthday practices followed before someone’s Birthday or even after the birthday celebrations. Look at some Hawaiian birthday cakes that can impress your loved ones on their Birthday.

Celebrate with a Lu’au

Hawaiians traditionally believe that 1st Birthday is the most auspicious Birthday of all. They celebrate the occasion very traditionally. They organize a luau to mark this special day.

The Hawaiian family and culture play a vital role in the life of every Hawaii person. They are very passionate about their culture and heritage. They express their love and respect towards it during the birthday celebrations of their loved ones.

Food, music, and dance play a vital role in celebrating a birthday. On the 1st Birthday, lots of family and friends are invited. Everyone brings something for this special Birthday. The family prepares a massive feast for the guest to share their blessings and love towards the celebrant.

To celebrate the Birthday with Hawaiian food, traditional dress, and a Hawaiian song to make your loved one feel special all at once. Your loved one will be genuinely impressed by your gesture and celebration.

Wearing an Aloha Dress

Aloha is a traditional dress of the Hawaii people. It is a loose-fit floral print dress with long sleeves, which covers the entire body. It is an essential attire worn while attending a celebration or a function. Apart from the beautiful floral pattern, it comes in neutral colors too like white, black or blue. If you are preparing to gift something to a Hawaii person on a birthday, an Aloha will be perfect for the occasion. Aloha is also a symbol of love, warmth, and good wishes.

So gear up for the celebration this year with a Hawaiian Aloha and traditional dance to express love and blessings towards your loved ones on their special day!

Aloha is a beautiful dress that is comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. So don’t forget to wear it during your visit to the celebrant on their Birthday.

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Now you can wish someone happy birthday in Hawaiian

Every Birthday is an opportunity to gather and enjoy with friends and family. Hawaii people prefer to celebrate birthdays with family only. They organize a big family gathering and enjoy a lot together. Hawaiians celebrate their Birthday like a kids’ birthday party with music and dance, kids’ games, gifts, and lots of love. 

If you are preparing to visit Hawaii or your loved ones live there, don’t forget to wish them a happy birthday. It will make them happy and feel your presence too. Make it a more memorable birthday for them. So have lots of fun and blow out the candles on your Birthday with lots of love, blessings, and good wishes. God will be with you always, and may you live long and happily.