29th Birthday Wishes, Happy 29th Birthday Messages & Quotes

Well, birthdays are special, and no one wants that their ones must not wish them. If soon your one’s birthday is coming and they are turning 29 this year, you hit the right page this time. Here we are sharing 29th birthday wishes, which will definitely suit the bond you are sharing with them and also help you to cherish the moments you guys are sharing!

Turning 29 means taking on more responsibilities to fulfill. All the best, dear. Happy 29th birthday, and be happy always!

Your 29th birthday is here, and I wish you an abundance of happiness and good luck in the upcoming year. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Happy 29th Birthday wishes

Wishing you the best birthday ever as the 29th birthday will never come again. Stay blessed always, dear!

Well, you have reached the 29th year of your life, dear, and be ready to experience some signs of old age too. LOL. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Well, I must say you look younger than your age. Do let me know the secret behind this charm. I love you a lot. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Happy 29th Birthday dear

Having someone who is older than you can advise you better, and so you do, my friend. I have no doubt about your advice as these are worth having. Thank you. Your 29th year is adding one more start to the trust I have in you. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Dear friend, you are the best and will always be. You turned 29 but never feel old because your heart never gets old. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

29th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Dear friend, you are a perfect example of a true friend and the one on the whole one can rely on when hard times hit so hard. I am grateful I have you. You turned 29 today means you get wiser. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Happy 29th Birthday wishes to share

Friends are like family, and with you, I have realized the same. With you, I love being me, and exploring things is a new adventure. Thank you. I hope the next decade will be full of happiness for you. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Friends are always the backbone, and so are you to me, my dear friend. As you turned 29 today, maybe your backbone gets weak, LOL. But don’t worry, you will always be a priority. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Happy 29th Birthday buddy

Dear best friend, legends never get old, and so do you. Whether you turn 29 or 60, it doesn’t matter to me. You are always young for me. I love you. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

29th Birthday Wishes for Husband

You are my friend, my life, my happiness, my everything. Without you, I cannot think of happiness in my life. Thank you for illuminating it with your presence. I love you a lot. Big congratulations on completing 29 years of life peacefully. Happy 29th birthday, love!

Happy 29th Birthday quotes

My dear husband, thank you for tolerating my mood swings and treating me like a queen. I know my husband is the best king one can ever have. On your 29th birthday, I wish you the best of this world. Happy 29th birthday, love!

A king looks good with his queen only, and so you, my husband. Your birthday is incomplete without me, so don’t you even think of celebrating without me. Happy 29th birthday, love!

My love, thank you for loving me when I am so hard to love. From friend to husband, this journey with you is commendable. Thank you. Your 29th birthday means it’s been ten years since we are together. Happy 29th birthday, dear hubby!

29th Birthday Wishes for Wife

You are not only my wife but the reason for my smile and peace. I can’t thank you enough for doing the things you do so seamlessly for me. I am glad I have you. Today your turned 29th but still appears to be 16, darling. Yet, Happy 29th birthday, wifey!

Happy 29th Birthday messages

I love you a lot, my dear wifey. Thank you for making my life not less than a wonderland. Also, congratulations for completing three decades too. Happy 29th birthday, dear wifey!

My dear wife, you are so wonderful, and I haven’t met anyone like you. You enlighten my life with all the happiness of this world. Thank you, dear. Your 29th birthday is the sign of maturity you gained. Happy 29th birthday, love!

Dear wifey, I am ready to bear all your expenses of makeup always but don’t forget to serve me delicious food. LOL. P.S. My life is incomplete without you. Congratulations on turning 29 today. Happy 29th birthday, love!

29th Birthday Wishes for Brother

My dear brother, congratulations on completing three decades successfully and for tolerating me in all these years. Don’t worry, the same will continue in the upcoming decade too. I love you. Happy 29th birthday, dear brother!

wishing Happy 29th Birthday

You are not only my brother but my support system and a shoulder where I can lean on when things are not fine. In all these years, being an elder brother, you treated me like a father. Thank you. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Dear brother, being younger than me, you must obey all my decisions. But unfortunately, you don’t do so. Well, I am glad you didn’t because I too make wrong choices, and you are always there to rectify them. Thank you. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Happy 29th Birthday to you

Brothers are like souls to each other, so you to me, my dear brother. I love you. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

29th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Dear sister, you are my partner in crime and will always be. Hope the upcoming year will be blissful like these 29 years you have passed. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Happy 29th Birthday greetings

Passing 29 years is like achieving a milestone, and so you have achieved it, my dear sister. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Dear sister, thank you for always renting your wardrobe to me whenever I wish to look good though I don’t pay the rent. LOL. I love you. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

Happy 29th birthday greeting card nessages

Well, I am glad I have you as my sister because you always treated me like your daughter. All these years are blissful with you. Thank you. Hope in the 4th decade, too, our love will remain like this. Happy 29th birthday, dear!

So, here we have shared wishes which you can consider according to the bond you are sharing with them. Just wish them well and make their day. Also, don’t forget to add on some emoticons of your choice which make the message more attractive and the other person will definitely feel happy in reading them!