Happy Birthday Wine Images & Birthday Beer Images, Memes

Celebrating your birthday as a kid is fun but as we grow up we acquire some new tastes. One of these tastes is a liking for drinking beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks on special occasions. Getting a little tipsy on your birthday is ok. If you have a friend or loved one who loves to drink beer and wine then here is a short collection of happy birthday beer images and amusing happy birthday wine images.

Happy Birthday Wine Images

Happy Birthday Have Wine & Dine Like A King

Happy Birthday Have Wine and Dine Like A King.

Have some cake and wine on your birthday. Have Fun

Have some cake and wine on your birthday. Have Fun

You have aged like a fine wine. Happy Birthday dear

You have aged like a fine wine. Happy Birthday.

May your glass always stay full with wine and other half with happiness

May your glass always stay full of wine and the other half with happiness. Happy Birthday.

Let's Get drunk on your birthday

Getting drunk on birthdays is nice if you have the company of friends.

PARTNER happy birthday with beer

Wish your partner a very happy birthday and open a bottle of wine with him/her.

happy birthday beer wine gif images

Red wine is good for health and also good for fun on birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday image with wine glass

dank birthday drink wine meme

cat chillin birthday meme

drink wine and celebrate birthday

Celebrate your partner’s birthday in a grand manner and drink some fine wine together.

happy birthday to my drunkard friend

Do you have a friend who loves liquor? Send a nice birthday greeting and spend some quality time with your alcoholic friend.

happy birthday to an alcoholic friend

May your birthday celebration include a glass full of wine. Happy Birthday.

happy birthday image with wine glasses_

happy birthday and have some wine

No gift is better than spending time with friends and family on your birthday. And adding a few glasses of wine will make that quality time much more enjoyable.

Happy Birthday and cheers to you dear

Cheers to you getting another year older buddy. Have a drink and enjoy your birthday.

cheers to the birthday boy

Happy Birthday to my dear friend. May you prosper and reach new heights in your career. Now celebrate your birthday and pour a fine glass of wine.


Happy Birthday Beer Images

Some people like wine but some like a glass full of beer. Beer is a fine choice if you want a light buzz and spend some fun time with your buddies. If you or your friend is a beer lover then these happy birthday beer images are a perfect way to send greetings on a birthday.

Have Some Beer My Dear. Happy Birthday

Have Some Beer, My Dear. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday my beer buddy

Happy birthday to you my dear beer buddy. I hope your birthday party includes lots of beer. Just don’t forget to go to the gym to keep your beer belly under control.

happy BIRTHDAY wish with beer

Hi dear, hope you are celebrating your birthday in a fantastic manner. Happy birthday to my beer lover friend.

Happy birthday to the beer lover

It’s your birthday and there is nothing better than celebrating it with a fresh batch of hop beer. So, drink up buddy.

Happy birthday liquor party

Dear, buddy I hope you are not forgetting your promise to give me a birthday treat.  I am waiting to drink lots of beer with you. Happy birthday my dear friend.

Happy birthday have a glass of beer

Dear, drinker happy birthday to you. I hope you have stocked up your quota of beer for your birthday.

Happy Birthday Drinker

Dear buddy, wishing you a very happy birthday. Today I am going to drink to express my happiness of my friend’s birthday.


It’s your birthday my friend. Wishing you a very bright future. Celebrate your birthday and drink till you get high.

Happy Birthday drink till you are drunk

Hello buddy, make this birthday amazing by trying some new brands and flavors of the beer. Cheers.


Happy Birthday dear, let’s fall in love with beer.

happy birthday beer images

Hola mi amigo. Happy birthday. Let’s try some new beer and cocktails.

happy birthday beer image

Hey man, happy birthday and I hope I will get to do cheers at your birthday party.

Happy birthday and cheers to your success

Happiest birthday to my drinking partner. May you live long enough to drink all the flavors of beer in the world.

Happiest Birthday partner drink beer

I hope you liked these happy birthday wine and beer images. If you are looking to greet your romantic partner on his/her birthday then take a look at our happy birthday rose images. Also, we have a nice happy birthday greetings collection as well.