Birthday Wishes, Quotes For Your Father, Dad, Papa

Fathers are not as much praised as our mothers in society but we all know that the guidance, love, and wisdom of our fathers play a very important role in our life. every dad works very hard to fulfill the needs of their children. So, if it is your father’s birthday then wishing him with a simple “Happy Birthday” will be an injustice. You should do something special on his birthday so that he knows how much you appreciate and love him. To wish him a happy birthday you need to pick the right words. Here are some birthday wishes for your father filled with lots of love, warmth, and affection. Accompany these words with a beautiful card, a nice birthday gift for your dad, a cheerful face and you have the perfect recipe to make your father happy.

Papa, you are the most influential member of the family and you are the pillar of strength for one and all..happy birthday dad.

Happy birthday, dad. Loving wishes for the most amazing dad in the world. Stay cool stay fantastic.

You were the only one who guides me and told me that I can achieve anything only by hard work. You helped make me who I am.. have a wonderful birthday dad.

birthday wish for dad

You are my role model, my superhero, you were always there by my side in my hard u, daddy. Happy birthday

Dad, scold me very much. But more than that you support, care, and love me. You are an amazing man. Wishing you a very happy birthday dad.

Dear Dad, you are a strong person with a firm belief in his values. There is no one like you in the whole world. I am a lucky daughter to have a parent like you. Happy Birthday!

I may call your birthday as father’s day because, in my opinion, you are an amazing father and an example for all the dads out there. I am very happy that I am your daughter. Happy Birthday! Dad.

I may not find the nicest person in the world who is as good as you are with people. As your daughter, there was not a single day that you forgot to make me feel like I am a princess. You are such a polite person, that I envy you sometimes. Love you so much dada. Happy Birthday!

Daughters see fathers as their hero but our bonding is a little bit different than that. You are definitely my hero but I am your hero too as you say. I feel very blessed that you raised me to become like you and I am proud of the person I have become. Happy Birthday! Dad. I love you so much.

You have tough me to never give up. You tough me how to deal with the world. happy birthday papa.

I always wanted to be like u but I never became like u. You are the perfect example of strength, courage, and love. You deserve the best. I wish you the best birthday daddy.

birthday wish for father

A father is the only one who never shows love but he deep inside love their one of them dad.. love you so much and wishing you a very happy birthday.

All your life, you always protect us, you have always worked hard in making our dreams come true. Today we pray to god to fill your life with love and happiness and may all your dreams come true.

Happy birthday, dad. There is no one who can take your place. Now I am miles away from you. I am missing you. I know you are always there with me…love you so much, dad.

happy birthday dad

Happy birthday, papa. I know I have not met your expectations many times, I have made you sad many times but you were still there with me and always forgave me for my mistake… I love you dada.


I hope you know dad how blessed I feel to have you in my life. I am super proud to be your daughter. You have motivated me in every walk of life. May your birthday fill up love joy and happiness to your life.

On your big day I wanted to tell you that our love is everlasting, thank you for raising me up, made me who I am and taught me to fight against evil… thank you for being the best dad you can be… happy birthday to you dad.

happy birthday dear dad

Wishing you a very happy birthday dad. You are one great dad and I feel so blessed that I am your daughter. I want to pray to God to give you the best of health and happiness because when you smile I feel happy and when you are healthy I feel I am protected.

Dad, I admire you for the person you are and for the person you made me. Behind a strong and brave heart girl there lies another brave heart who is my father…happy birthday papa.

Thank you, dad, from the bottom of my heart for bringing me into this world and giving me such a beautiful life…. Happy birthday, dad.

Dad, I know I don’t talk to you as much as I talk to mom but I know that you were and will always be there for me. Today is your day and I want you to know how much I love you.

happy birthday father

Thank you for believing, for smiling, for laughing, for supporting and for loving me always. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday, papa.

Happy birthday, Papa, I love you more than ice cream, because you are so sweet.


You are the reason for my you so much dad.. happy birthday.

From pushing me on a swing as a child to teaching me how to drive a car, you have always kept my happiness and independence before everything else. Thank you, dad, and happy birthday.

happy bday Daddy

Thank you, Dad, for giving me wings to fly. Thank you for trusting me and my choice. Have the best birthday yet.

The lessons you taught me about good manners and disciplines have helped me to shine as a good student in school. You are my mentor and no one can replace you. Today is the great happy birthday dad.

I promise I will become a great person one will feel proud on that day..This promise would be the best gift I give to you on your birthday!

I ❤️ U dad

You are such a caring and thoughtful father I love you with whole my heart. I hope your celebration filled with excitement and fun… Happy birthday, dad.

Happy Birthday DAD, The strongest person a child can hold upon.

You are the one person, who always told me that everything is possible and I can achieve everything, Thank you. Happy Birthday, DAD.


You make me the man I am today, Happy Birthday Papa.

A Dad like you deserves an amazing birthday, Happy Birthday Papa.

You always helped me when I fall down, you taught me to never give up, and my success is all because of you. Happy Birthday, Dad.

best birthday wishes DADDY

Happy Birthday to the man who made me learn how to be honorable, Happy Birthday Dad.

A big tree, which is a shield for all of our family, from all of us Happy Birthday Dad.

Warmwishes on your birthday dad

I am so grateful to have you as my dad, my inspiration, my hero. Happy Birthday, Papa.

I will try to live up to the life you dreamed of me, I love you papa, Happy Birthday.

You are the most affectionate father a child could want, Happy Birthday.

Father is a tree which shields and provides for the family. Thank you for being there, Dad. Happy Birthday.


Whenever I felt alone, I remember how you held my hand and supported in times like these. Thank you, Dad. Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of a superhero. Today is the birthday of my father. Happy Birthday Dad.

You always took care of me, mom and family. You never let us see the problems you are facing. You are a strong person, an example to live up to. To a great dad, Happy Birthday.

Proud to call myself your son, I wish the best for you. Happy birthday to you papa

I want you to be there for me till my last breath. I love you, daddy. Wish you the best birthday ever.

You have been my caretaker, protector, supporter, and above all a guide. I wish you a very happy birthday dear dad.

Happy Birthday Dad!

I want to celebrate every day as your birthday. Happy birthday, daddy.

Dad, you are charming, intelligent, with a great sense of humor. I’m proud to be your daughter… Happy birthday, dad.

I built my personality based on you. You are always the best example for me.. I love you so much, dad. Happy birthday to you

You are my hero, my role model, and my world.. happy birthday to you papa

I feel lucky to say that you are mine. I wish you a happy birthday.

Dear dad, you had been to me my first teacher and the closest friend. Happy birthday to you dad.


Today is your day so have fun. Smile every time because it makes me happy. Happy birthday my lovely Dad.

Dear Dad, You are one of the strongest people in my life. I live up to become like you. Happy Birthday.

You always correct my wrongdoings, always stood by my side and supported my life decisions always. Thank you, Dad, for being there, Happy Birthday.

happy birthday papa

You are the lifeline of our family. Happy Birthday, Dad.

God has given me so much in my life when I get parents like you and ma. Thank you for being there with me, Papa. Happy Birthday.

Life will not be the same as before with you are not there, I miss you so much mostly on today on your birthday. Missing you so much Dad. Happy Birthday.

All the moments I have spent with you are memorable and many more to come. Happy Birthday, Papa. May God give you a healthy and long life.

Happy Birthday, Papa, Not all the days will be the same if I did not have you in my life. You are my superhero.

May all your days will be as good, perfect and beautiful as today. Happy Birthday, Dad.

You always protected me and supported me. Thank you, Dad. Happy Birthday.

All the sacrifices you have made for me and our family are unforgettable. Happy Birthday, Papa. Wish you health and happiness on your day.

Happy Birthday Dada

Today, you have completed one more year in your life. Congratulations on all your years you lived with health and peace and for many more years ahead. Happy Birthday, Dad.

You have always worked hard and protected your family. Today is your day to enjoy your life and have a party, Happy Birthday Papa.

My Father’s best and wisest man. You taught me many life lessons and showed me many things as we went along.

You have always acted strict and disciplined to me but deep down I know that you care for my well being. It is because of your efforts that I am in a good place now. I love you a lot. Best wishes for your birthday dad.

You are like coconut. Hard from the outside but mushy from the inside. Love you for giving me pocket money every month. Happy Birthday, Papa.

When I see Die hard movie, the protagonist reminds me of you, you are a true hero this world needs. I am so blessed that God sent me into your life and made me your daughter. Today is your big day, daddy, wish you all the love. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad

Father is a person who takes care of his children more than himself. Love you daddy Happy birthday!

In this world, whom we can trust the most is the father. I Just pray to God on your birthday that he may give you long life and always keep you happy and healthy. Happy birthday, dad!.

In this maze of the world, I just want you forever dad. This is my only prayer to God to give you my age too. Happy birthday dear father!


Have a wonderful birthday dear papa. I just want to tell You that you are my courage, my honor, my strength, and my identity. More than this you are the pride of the whole family.

Dear dad, may all the happiness of the world kisses your feet. Because you deserve this. Throughout your life, for our happiness, you forget your happiness. Happy birthday to the world’s best dad!

We hope that you liked these birthday quotes and wishes for your dad.