What Is the Birthday of a Dead Person Called?

How do you refer to the birthday of a dead person?

Life is extremely unpredictable. We never know if the person who’s alive today, will be alive tomorrow or not.

As long as the person is alive, we celebrate their birthday enthusiastically, on the date on which they were born.

Well, the death of a person will not change or affect the date on which he/she was born. The birth date will remain the same even if the person has died. And, the people who are close to us can’t ever be forgotten even after their death. They remain in our hearts throughout our entire lifetime. So, sometimes, we wish to celebrate the birthday of our loved ones even when they have died, but the memories we created with them are immortal.

And don’t get confused, the birthday of a dead or deceased person will still be called a birthday.

What do you say on a dead person’s birthday?

Birthday Of Departed, deceased, dead personThe day of the birthday of a dead person is the day, we miss them the most. We find ourselves getting exceptionally emotional by remembering all those birthdays of theirs we have celebrated with them. But this birthday, they aren’t with us to celebrate. We wish for their presence on their birthday more than usual. Unfortunately, getting them back is not possible. It is beyond nature’s rule. So, without posting anything on social media regarding their birthday, sit quietly and pray for their well-being in heaven by considering the following sayings.


I hope you could listen to me. The whole family misses you a lot. I know you are in a better and safer place right now. I wish you a heap of happiness in heaven.

On this birthday, you aren’t with us. You’ve bid us good-bye to be in a better place. We get happy as well as emotional by remembering all those times we’ve spent with you. We hope that you are happy and comfortable in God’s house.

If you were alive, we would have celebrated your birthday like we used to. This year, we won’t be having much celebration on your birthday but, to pay tribute to all those happy moments spent with you, we are going to cut a cake. Be happy, you are in heaven now.

Ever since you left us, there wasn’t a single day when we didn’t miss you. We have lost a part of us. But, as you are in the kingdom of God now, we know that you are in the purest place. Keep guiding us towards the right path from there.

Birthdays are supposed to be happy but on this birthday of yours, I’m experiencing a sense of grief as you are not here with me. I wish I could bring you back. Nevertheless, I always wanted you to be happy and today, I wish for the same.


When I saw the date today, I could sense you speaking to me and asking me to bake your favorite chocolate-flavored cake. To continue the streak, I’m still baking the cake for your birthday. I hope we could have it together. Stay happy and keep smiling as you are in paradise now.

How to wish birthday to someone who has recently experienced the death of a closed one?

No doubt, it gets extremely difficult for us to wish someone a happy birthday when that person has recently experienced the death of a closed one. The situation gets quite sensitive and emotional to handle.

But, there are ways by which we can wish them on their birthday, in a sensitive and delicate manner, without making the situation go awkward. We have brought a few sayings that you can consider texting them on their birthday.

We know you might be feeling incomplete without your father’s presence on your birthday. We as your friends, also miss his presence. He was such a jovial and cheerful person. Sending you loads of love on your birthday.

“Mother”, the word says it all, it doesn’t require any definition. I’m saddened listening to the news of Aunt’s demise. I know how hard this birthday would be for you, without her. No one can ever take her place but do tell me if you require anything.

Being loved by the person you love is one of the most unique yet happiest feelings one could ever experience. I know how bad you’ve been affected by the untimely demise of your lover. But I want you to understand that he’s always there with you, maybe from a little special place now.

I know you may be thinking of all those moments that you’ve spent with your grandfather. He was such a young-hearted person. Trust me, where ever he is, he will be feeling proud of all your achievements. Happy birthday, champ!

I understand that the time is tough for you and your family, but I want you to know that you are strong. On your birthday, I wish you more power and strength to endure this difficult phase of your life.

My friend, the situations aren’t always in our favor but that’s when we have to stand strong against our life. And, whenever you need anything, tell me, I will be at your service. Happy birthday, friend!