Birthday Wishes for Teacher, Professor, Faculty, Guru, Trainer

Those who have a great teacher in their school, college, or life understands their importance. Teachers provide knowledge and teach moral values to their students. Sometimes someone guiding you in life to walk on the right path will also be considered a teacher. Due to their importance international teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th October every year. So, you should also send a nice birthday wish to your teacher and show him/her how much you appreciate their hard work. Here is a short collection of birthday wishes for teacher, sir, mam, professor, guide, etc.

Dear Teacher, You deserve all the happiness in the world. I, as your student, is too small to give a gift to you, So, I am sending you warm wishes and respect from my side. You have the best birthday bash. Happy Birthday!

By you having my side is the strongest part of my young life. You are an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. The ability to judge wrong and right that you taught to me, have made me a better person in life. Happy birthday to your dear teacher.

You work daily so hard to make us learn things, make us do things better in our life. Your teaching has made me a wiser person. Thank you for being so supportive always. Happy Birthday! Professor.

You have invested a lot of time providing quality education to us at school by teaching us. I am very thankful for your guidance which made me a better person. You are the best teacher of our school. Happy Birthday! Sir

happy bday teacher

A guru is someone who has a significant imprint on the disciple’s mind. You made me wise enough to make difficult life decisions by myself. I will be always thankful to you. Happy Birthday, Sir.

You are an inspiration to your students. You did not teach us merely the subjects, but the life lessons we learned in your classes were priceless. Happy birthday! Sir.

Happy Birthday, dear extraordinary teacher! You are a special teacher, who gave us a wonderful piece of advice every single day. Your guidance and support for your students are what we are thankful for.

You have supported me, guided me and we are very thankful for what you have done for me, Dear Teacher, Wish you a very very happy birthday!

The faith you have in me, in your students, we will be nothing without it. Thank you so much. Dear Teacher. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday professor

With you in my class, I have a guiding person to look up to. With so many qualities like your support, guidance, and friendship in one person is what makes you special. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

Dear Teacher, your lessons and your friendship made my life better. You are a wonderful teacher. Happy Birthday!

Without your guidance I will be lost in the maze of life, without your support I would be lost in darkness. Having a teacher like you is wonderful and teachers like you are what molds a child into a good man. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

The knowledge you have shared with everyone is making our lives better, I wish that you keep sharing this ray of hope and the guiding lessons to make people wiser and happier. Wish you a very happy birthday Sir.

You are an inspiration and I always want to be like you. Thank you for being there with me and for supporting me. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

Happy birthday my respected teacher.

Dear Teacher, include my best wishes and the utmost respect for you on your birthday. I just wish that all of the kids in the world have a wonderful teacher like you. Happy Birthday! teacher.

Dear Teacher, you cared about our future when we were careless, thank you for your guidance and what I am today is all because of your advice. Happy Birthday to you!

My life was in loss, I did not know the path to achieve the goals I desire. You are my ideal and I want to become a person like you. You have changed my view of life and problems. Thank you for being there, Happy Birthday! Sir/Mam.

You showed the path to us, you believed in us and supported your students. We knew what is right and wrong, because of what you have taught us. Dear Teacher, Happy Birthday.

I understand the problems better and do not fear them because of your teaching. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

Happy Birthday sir

The blessing of yours is wings to me, by which I can fly to my dreams and achieve my goals. Thank you for your teaching and support. Happy Birthday!

For what you believe is what you achieve, you used to say that a lot to me, and it has become my life mantra. Thank you for having your trust in me when I was losing confidence. Thank you, Dear Teacher. Happy Birthday!

The devotion you show for education, I understand it now. I understand the importance of education. Thank you for being the best teacher in the world. Happy Birthday!

Your strictness has made me a disciplined person and changed my view of how I look at life. I started to take problems as challenges. You are the best, thank you. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

You are the most wonderful teacher and the most amazing person I know. You have guided in each and every way and gave me the power to voice my thoughts. You have changed a lot of lives as an educator. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday!

I wish you the happiest day full of sunshine on your birthday. God bless you. My dear teacher.


To have a guide in your life, who can lead the way and show you the path to achieve your dreams is a blessing, and a blessing in disguise is having a teacher like you in our life. You are a wonderful teacher. Happy Birthday!

In every test I fail, I lose confidence in me. But, you were there to help me out with my doubts. Thank you for being guided to me. Happy Birthday!

Dear Teacher, wish you all the best for your future plans and wonderful life ahead. I hope this day brings a smile on your face as you made everyone happy around you.

Whenever in life, if I came across a difficult situation, your teaching helps a lot. I remember every lesson you taught. Thank you for being the sunshine in your student’s life. Happy Birthday to your best teacher.

I have studied and worked hard to become a successful person. But, I never forgot the lesson I have learned in your class. Your life is an example for me. You have shown me the way to become a better version of myself. I am very thankful for you to be the best teacher we could have. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

birthday wishes for teacher

You are a light of knowledge, you are more than a teacher you are a friend and a ray of hope in the life of your students. Happy birthday to the most wonderful teacher.

The encouragement from you is the right push to get started. I am thankful for everything you have done. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

As parents are teachers, so teachers are parents and they both are responsible for the upbringing of the child. I am so blessed to have a wonderful teacher like you, thank you. Happy Birthday!

It is better to study by self you made me realize that when I want to improve my hobbies as a talent. I am very thankful for your advice. Wish you all the best for your birthday, dear teacher.

birthday wish teacher

A guide and a friend I see in you. Wish you a bundle of joy and happiness on your birthday.

You are the most wonderful mentor anyone can have. I am lucky to have a coach like you. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

Dear Teacher, you cared for us, about our future, our life, when we were reckless. Thank you for your support. We wish you all the best for your future. Happy Birthday!

You are the best teacher in the world and you deserve the best birthday. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.


You made me realize the importance of punctuality and timeliness. You helped me become organized and more studious in my life. I am what I have become today is all because of your support. Happy Birthday! Dear Teacher.

Better than a thousand-day study with no guidance to one class with you, dear teacher. Happy Birthday!

May the best teacher and an amazing friend in the world have a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday, dear teacher.

Instead of looking at some movie hero, or celebrities, we look up to you as our ideal. You made us the toughest and the strongest kids in the world. We wish you all the best wishes on your special day, dear teacher. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday DEAR TEACHER

Dear teacher, thanks for learning how stubborn we are, and made us learn the power of stubbornness. You made me a better person and a stubborn for my dreams. Thank you. Wish you a happy birthday!

A friend and a teacher are what I found in you. You support me in the time I lost and made me a good human being. Wish you all the great wishes on your birthday! Dear Teacher.

Happy Birthday! professor

You are my favorite teacher. Your lessons made us a better student for life. I see you as my ideal and want to become just like you. Wish you a wonderful birthday and a happy year ahead.

Hope, you like these birthday quotes and messages for the teacher, for more such beautiful lines please take a look at our collection of birthday wishes.